Our Past K9s

This section is for remembering our buddies who have moved on.

Tula is a 75 lb sweet and very pretty golden retriever with English lineage. She is on the calmer side and loves to play and find treasures to bring to us.

Groovy is our charming, soft-natured, curious, 50 lb, F1 goldendoodle. Groove is so easy to have around. She wants to please, loves people and enjoys other dogs.

Polly is a delightful 42 lb F1 goldendoodle. She has some spunk and curiosity in her nature with a high desire to please.

Eliza Jane is an F1 medium goldendoodle. She weighs about 38 lbs. She's bright, inquisitive and a nice companion.

Mango is a 50lb F1 Goldendoodle. She's easy-going, enduring, a softy, and a family favourite. She comes from parti lines and we hope to see some parti pups with her throwing white/apricot spots.

Cotton is our fluffy "Cotton Ball".

She has a huge love for rolling in the snow and chilling out in a snow bank. Cotton has a warm and delightful nature and is about 52 lbs of F1 goldendoodle.

Jelly Bean is a 55 lb F1 goldendoodle. She's goofy, jovial and a very smart girly who loves to be the centre of attention getting all the cuddles.

Abe is our handsome moyen poodle sire who comes from the States. He has a parti gene in him, but more importantly he has the sweetest, attentive, endearing temperament. Abe is smart and eager to please.

This boy weighs about 32 lbs and is 18" at the shoulder. I'm delighted to have Abe in our Hearty K9s program.

Nicodemus, AKA Nic-o, is our stunning standard poodle stud. He carries some parti genes, which may add some extra splashes of white in his pups.

Nic-o is 55 lbs and 24" at the shoulder. His favourite place to be is by my side or sleeping at my feet. He's very intelligent and a fun dog to play and walk with.

Chicky is a 50 lb F1 goldendoodle. She's bright and clever and easy to train. Her favourite pastime is to play with other dogs, young and old, and she gets along with the meek and bold alike. Chicky loves running with the quad and our stops for a good rub and snuggle.

Darla is a 65 lb adorable golden retriever. She has a softer demeanour, but don't let that fool you for all the shenanigan stunts she can pull.

In all the years we've been breeding she's the 3rd dog to figure out our unique latch system, but the first to figure out how to reach through to open her neighbour's gate! Lol. Super smart and affectionate. We obviously get quite a kick out of her.

Annie is one of my happiest goldens who makes us laugh every morning with her acrobatic antics before she gets her food. Coming in at about 55 lbs, she has a softer temperament and is a super pretty girl!

Zola is a 20 lb F1 mini goldendoodle. She's a lovely, playful girl and enjoys a good snuggle. I really like her unique colour pattern around her face. She's quite a character!


Dolly is a sweet-natured golden retriever. She's a wonderful companion, active and obedient. Dolly loves to run with the quad, then jump into her pool of water to cool down.

Tess is a 75 lb stocky and stunning golden retriever. She's a very sweet golden who loves her runs with the quad and has the typical golden loving traits. Tess has a very sensitive sniffer and enjoys following a scent. We're so blessed to have her as part of our pack.


Kit is a shorter-statured golden retriever who is playful, loyal, and is great with other dogs. She weighs approximately 60 lbs and loves running through the fields with the quad.

Swede is our moyen apricot poodle stud. One of my favourite likes about Swede is his gentle nature. He is a good snuggler, is very attentive and is a very nice size at 37 lbs.

Penny is a sweet, cuddly, and athletic F1 mini goldendoodle. She weighs about 30 lbs.

Tetley is our 18 lb, 11" red and white Pembroke Corgi! She's very affectionate and jovial and super sweet! The Corgidoodles she will have will be sure to win hearts!

Biscuit is an F1 goldendoodle from Dayo's (one of our original legendary studs) last litter! She's a lot like her Dad; very loyal, obedient, goofy and gentle. Biscuit weighs around 55lbs, and has a mix of cream and apricot in her coat.

Fiddle is a 50 lb F1 goldendoodle girl, daughter of Dayo. "Fiddle Sticks" is a jovial, easy-going girl with a delightful temperament -- much like her father. She loves to run along with the quad, romp through the grain fields, is just content to play with any dog, and she loves a good snuggle.

JJ (Miss Jennifer Jones) is a 45 lb sweet F1 Goldendoodle. She's simply adorable inside and out. JJ is goofy in nature, and not dominant at all, as she gets along well with all of our K9 family. She is a real gem to us!

Yogi is a beautifully-tempered dark apricot standard poodle. He has a soft and goofy personality and weighs in at about 55 lbs. He has the most beautiful, curly fur and always looks good in either his long or short coat!! We're excited that Yogi is a part of our Hearty K9 family!!

Chevy is a 65 lb golden retriever. She loves to play in water and fetch. Her favourite place to be after a run is in the doggy pool. Chevy is a very sweet soul.


Ryder is a fabulous small miniature red poodle stud. He has the biggest brightest expressive eyes. He loves to be by your side, happily gathers crumbs you happen to drop, loves to fetch, and is very good with puppies.

He is a true and entertaining companion and great asset to Hearty K9s!

Hazel Grace is a soft-tempered, willing to please, F1 apricot goldendoodle. Her favourite thing to do is snow diving, which keeps us laughing. She weighs about 65 lbs.

Horton is our moyen stud poodle (a moyen is a miniature poodle X with a standard poodle). He's a fun-loving, goofy boy with a great sense of humour and is extremely smart. He makes a very showy poodle. Horton is approximately 18" tall and weighs 22 lbs.

This guy hails from the states and is a proven stud dog that raises a variety of sizes of pups! He throws apricot (yellow) according to the DNA tests and stats of his pups raised in the States. I guess we'll see what happens in Canada!

Winter is a jovial, social dog. He is very exuberant on the farm yet calms down when he visits at the senior's home. Winter is about 60 lbs. We sure enjoy his character and charm.


Dory is our first Corgi and she has been a pure delight. If all Corgis were like her we would have a lot more of them!! She is cuddly and sweet, loves belly rubs, aims to please and is a rule follower. When she gets what you're trying to teach her for boundaries... she gets it quickly and doesn't cross that line again.

Dory is bright, beautiful and endearing. We're so excited to see her litters of Dory-poos (Corgidoodles).

Chewy is a lovely black phantom miniature poodle. He's kind, sensitive and a great cuddler. Chewy is our neighbour's boy. He's about 14" at the shoulder and weighs 11 lbs.

Roxy is a beautiful 65 lb golden retriever. She has lots of spunk, loves to be with people, aims to please and is great fun! She's affectionately known as "Roxy Roller" ...at which call she comes running full force!!

Jam is a beautiful, cream, 65lb, F1 goldendoodle. She has a quieter spirit but is still active and likes her runs. A real gem in our midst.


Montana is a 65 lb beautiful, kindly, golden retriever. She has a soulful personality who is a good friend to 'under-dogs' and is loving to all ages of humans. Montana was named after her aged grandmother who was from that state...

We affectionately call her Monty.


Kodiak is a "full" miniature poodle (which means he is 15" tall.) He's a poodle that's full of character and a real joy to have around. Kodiak has a great sense of humour, a sweet disposition, and is truly an asset to our K9 family.

He is what you call a phantom chocolate. Kodiak's colour still may lighten, but for now, he is fairly dark brown with red phantom highlights. We look forward to seeing his pups; not only for their colour, but mostly to see his wonderful temperament pass on.

Kodiak's temperament is just what I love... fun-loving, smart, and cuddly!

Tilly is an F1 Goldendoodle and a delight to our family. She loves everyone, snuggles with anyone, is smart, playful, and very patient. She loves leaping through our fields, playing with other dogs, and laying at our feet at the end of the day. She is all of 45 lbs.

Clover is a 70 lb beautiful Golden Retriever. She has an adoring nature and is very smart. Clover has an ultra-soft coat, and we often find that more of the pups in a litter of F1s will shed less because of it. We think she's pretty great!!

Winnie is our mellow golden girl and weighs in at 45 lbs. Winnie, aka Pooh Bear is well mannered, social, and a gentle little beauty.

Ginger is a 30 lb F1 goldendoodle with a beautiful red hair coat. She has a soft temperament and loves her snuggles. We so enjoy this little angel as a part of our lives and breeding program!

Brixx is our new apricot standard poodle stud. He comes from the States and has an arm's length of health testing which was done before he arrived.

He has a goofy, fun-loving temperament and a bouncy, athletic nature all held in a 24", 50 lb frame. We look forward to some of the darker colours he can add to the standard-size litters.

Maci is our poster F1 goldendoodle girl. She's about 57 lbs and has a gentle congenial nature. Maci loves people and has the right qualities for a therapy dog. I know she's great therapy for us! lol

Meeka is a beautiful, black Labrador Retriever X Golden Retriever girl. When crossed with a poodle her pups will be known as "Double Doodles," "Retriever Doodles," or "North American Retriever Doodles". We're very pleased to have a black dog with our family again.

Meeka is a very well-mannered and gentle girl who loves to play fetch, run with the quad, and snuggle in by your feet. She weighs about 65 lbs. We have had a "Retriever Doodle" in the past (Sugar) and have loved the result of this combination.

We rehomed Sierra. She miscarried twice and is now living a fun life on a farm in BC with 5 kids in the family.

Sierra is an athletic, happy golden retriever who loves to fetch, run with the quad, and snuggle in close for a hug. She's very clever. Sierra weighs in at about 55 lbs.

Dayo is our 50 lb Standard Poodle stud. He's a gentle, loving soul with lots of character and goofiness. He fathers the most beautiful pups and we're proud of our big snuggle bug.

Molly is a 55 lb red and very sweet golden retriever. She is your typical golden, an "I love to be by your side" kinda girl. She's jovial, very smart and never too busy for a tummy rub.

Josey is an F1 mini-goldendoodle. She is a jovial little girl and loves to snuggle and be with Sara my youngest daughter. Josey is only 12" tall at the shoulder and weighs about 20 lbs.


Reese is our 55 lb female apricot standard poodle. She's a quiet, relaxed girl who is very obedient and keen. Reese loves to run with the quad but is best at snuggling with me (Sonia) at the end of the day on the couch.

Shae is a beautiful 68 lb medium-energy golden retriever who is such a sweet, tender-hearted soul. She has a taller, slimmer set, is athletic, and has a well-balanced temperament.


Georgia is a 42lb North American Retriever Doodle (labXgolden mom, and poodle dad). She's a shorter, stocky girl with a non-shedding coat. Georgia has a soft, but goofy nature, and loves to hang out with Sara and her horse (see sidebar).


Skittles is a beautiful 50 lb F1 goldendoodle. She is medium-energy and a real love. Her hair coat requires little maintenance, and when crossing her with a poodle we should get a good variety of coats from her pups.

Kindle is a stunning 75 lb medium-energy golden retriever. She has a slim, and taller athletic build, and a very endearing, sweet, golden nature -- the typical golden who loves to be close and who gives lots of snuggles.


Orca is a 30 lb miniature bernedoodle and seemingly part clown, as she loves to dance on her back legs. Her idea of going for a run with the dogs is coming to snuggle beside me on the quad seat and watching the others get tired out. She's a ball of goofy energy who knows how to get serious and how to be obedient too.

Liesl is our 60 lb Bernese Mountain Dog,(BMD). She has a jovial spirit, playful attitude, but soft heart. Happy just to romp in the yard, she also loves to run with the quad.

Liesl excelled as a pup when she took obedience classes (whenever she decided she didn't have to be the class clown). Originally from the Ozark Mountains, she loves the cooler Canada to call her home.


Teddy Bear is our 60 lb café-white parti poodle. He is a tall (26") slender boy, with a clown type character. He loves to give hugs, retrieve, romp and play with the best of them. Many poodles love their family and are leery of strangers, but he is unique and is everyone's friend.

Teddy is not the most atheltic (he doesn't enjoy long distance running) but he can jump high in the air to catch a toy. I think he actually tries to find ways to make us laugh... he seems half human some days.


Kazzi is a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog who weighs in at about 75 lbs. She has come from Czechoslovakian lines and passed her health tests with flying colours. A happy character with a goofy side, Kazzi initially comes across timid with strangers.

Kazzi was a great mama for a previous litter she had before she came to us and we look forward to our future Bernedoodle pups with her!

Autumn is our classic golden retriever. She has a gentle, easy-going temperament and is jovial as well. She's not overly tall, but weighs in at a solid 75 lbs.

Juno is an F1 goldendoodle. She has a somewhat bashful personality, but still has a goofy character. Juno gets along with everyone and loves to go for runs with the quad. She's a small, standard size at 45 lbs.

Marta is our 90 lb foot warmer, Bernese Mountain Dog. She's our friendly greeter when anyone comes to visit. She happily turns around, sits on your feet, looks up, and talks about her day with moans and whines - believing there is no such thing as too much lovin'.

Her jovial spirit and her "happy to see you" dance makes anyone smile. She came from a dairy farm not too far from us but her descendants are straight from Holland.

Brio is a beautiful red golden. She has the typically friendly, more quiet, golden features. Brio loves her snuggles and just being with you, but she also enjoys her runs with the quad. She weighs around 60 lbs.

Bella is a café-coloured F1, 50 lb goldendoodle. She has a curly, coarse coat and is not a shedder. She has a soft personality and is very respectful.

Beth is a beautiful red golden retriever. She is a gentle, loyal girl and loves to go for her runs. She weighs around the 60 lb mark.

Peachy Keen is a 55 lb red golden retriever with lots of zest for life. Her favourite pastime is to play with her 1/2 sister, Sugar. She has a kind personality and loves to outsmart her sister, Yankee.

Sugar is our "LaGolden", (LabXGolden). She does look all lab except for the odd little trait. She's a real sweetheart and is as smart as a whip. When crossing her with a poodle, the official term for her pups will be "North American Retriever Doodle". She should have her first pups in Spring of '09.


Yankee is a 70 lb dark golden retriever girl with excellent confirmation; some would pick her for a dog centerfold. She likes to boss her little sister around, but inside she's a real softy.

Lorelie is an F1 mini goldendoodle. She weighs in at 28 lbs and presents herself as a red head... but underneath that hair coat is actually apricot. She has a very sweet nature and is easy to train. We assume that her pups will average 20 lbs when we breed her to a mini poodle.

She has never been trimmed, so once the weather is consistently warmer, I'll trim her and see what's underneath that coat which is longer than 6" in some places.


Becca is a mild-mannered 50 lb golden retriever. She has a lovely, happy disposition with a stunning light golden-coloured flowing coat.

Shelby is a lovely golden retriever with a great playful personality. She is medium energy and loves to fetch and cuddle with her stuffy. She weighs about 55 lbs.

Carter is our beloved little miniature poodle. He has a calm and loving nature and gets along great with everyone. While he is quite relaxed around the house he still loves his daily runs.

At approximately 12.5 inches tall and 13 lbs he is a cute and handsome pooch all wrapped up in one!

Lacy is an apricot F1, 50 lb goldendoodle. She has a soft, wavy coat and is not a shedder. Lacy has a more comical side to her and is adventurous.

Rumba is our new mini brown and white Parti Poodle. He's about 14" tall and only 12 lbs. Most of the brown is on his face, with a couple of spots on his back and a few speckles on his legs. Best of all, Rumba has a nice, gentle temperament.

He loves to snuggle and has the most expressive eyes. Rumba is sporting a very short hair cut right right now so he lives with a coat on and quite likes it.

Maple is a 55 lb Golden Retriever. I call her my joker as she has a goofy nature and can make some very funny faces. She is athletic but not hyper.

Because of her background she is a bit timid with strangers, but is a real sweety when she knows she can trust you.


Meeko is an F1 labradoodle prodigy of our beloved Callie and our French poodle Toby; both retired. All of her 30 lbs is amazing, smart, and comical. She has a wonderful range of chocolate to tan browns in her coat.

We'll cross her back to a mini poodle so her F1B pups' coats will have a lower likelihood of shedding. She should have pups early in 2008.

Rusty is a 14", 14 lb, miniature apricot poodle. He has a quiet, sweet temperament. He loves to go for long walks and bike with the kids. He has energy to run, but is a mellow man in the house.

We love this guy and look forward to raising some great pups from him.


Misty is "one of our own" -- an F1 mini goldendoodle and a prodigy of Becca's and Jag's first litter. She's only 12" tall, about 18-20 lbs and has a cream-coloured, fleecy coat. She has loads of personality like her father, yet we can still see that soulful character of her mom... but to us, she is all "Misty".

With a determination to run easily for a couple of miles, even through deep snow with her short little legs, she still loves to cuddle and just hang out in the house. Misty will make some fine smaller pups who will likely have non-shedding qualities.


Peanut is our 60 lb red gold(en) mine. She has a wonderful personality and has passed her health tests with flying colours. Trained to hunt, she has lots of energy, but loves to be with people and is very affectionate.

Peanut is a good mama and has raised some wonderful pups.

Ruby is a mini red labradoodle and is only 22 lbs. She has a soft personality, but also can be goofy and is certainly smart. She loves her snuggles and the miniature poodles are all goo goo over her... someone else close to their own size!


Nite Nite is our precious 70 lb F1 Labradoodle. She is amazingly smart, fun, and full of personality. She is also turning into a very pretty girl. Nite Nite's first litter arrived November 2005.

Savy is our pick of the litter from our first litter of Labradoodles. With Callie as her mom, she's a 75 lb apricot F1 who is brilliant, very attentive and yet goofy.

Savy is a moderate to minimal shedder so when we breed her back with a Poodle her F1Bs pups will be less likely to shed. Savy had her first litter in March 2006.


Jag is our marvelous white 12" Miniature Poodle. He's very social and easy-going and has become a loving part of our family. Jag loves to hang out with us. It doesn't matter to him where he goes... just as long as there is a lap to snuggle on.

If you have a pup from Jag you'll know they're his if they love snuggles, are faithful to their family, adore their master and will do anything to please. He loved to snuggle his head on my chest and listen to my heart beat (Dean said it could have made any man jealous). He was the perfect house pet. We miss our dear boy who died December 2008 of complications due to a dog fight.

Nia is our 75lb beautiful, athletic, Golden Retriever. She's not hyper but has great agility. Nia would do well pulling the kids on a sled... if ever we got enough snow!

She has raised such beautiful goldendoodles. We'll miss her outstanding litters.

Zoey is our 55 lb happy, reddish, Golden Retriever girl who loves snuggles and attention. She has lots of energy and is very smart. Zoey had her first litter October 2005.

Zoey was hard to retire; she always raised my "blocky" goldendoodles which were very unique to her.

Chloe is a red golden retriever with a gentle approach to life. She loves kids and is very mindful of people. Chloe is a low energy dog but enjoys her exercise for her weight loss program.

She is presently 80 lbs, but ideally she should be around 70 lbs.

Chloe was such a sweetie but just was not getting pregant. She is now happy to be in a family where she's the center of attention.

Sheena is a big asset to Hearty K9s. Her quiet nature is my preference in a dog and her size is perfect for our miniature/medium pups. She is 45 lbs and approximately 18" tall.

She has the typical golden retriever enduring characteristics of friendliness and wanting to be by your side.


Reba is a beautiful 60 lb red golden retriever. She is Sheena's full sister... can you tell? Reba is a gentle creature with lots of love to give. She gets along well with the other dogs and has a submissive nature.

Ripley is our new Brindle Lab. She has a rare coat that is black with brown undertones -- hence her name "Butterscotch Ripple". Ripley has a sweet nature and loves to fetch. She weighs 55lbs and has a soft coat.


Darma is our strawberry-chocolate Lab. We've had her since she was a pup. She's gentle, wonderful with children and is easy to train. Although Darma is timid around new people she warms up quickly. She's 80 lbs of beauty!


Reddy is a gentle boy and full of personality. He stands 12" and weighs about 10 lbs. His coat is a wonderful, curly, deep red.

We were very sad to announce that Reddy was just not cut out to be a stud (low sperm count). He's moving on to be a full-time pet where he can get more attention than we can currently give him. This is a hard business on the heart!

Toby is a cinnamon-coloured 12" Miniature Poodle. We call him our "French" Poodle because he originated from Quebec. He is sweet, goofy and really quite a romantic Frenchman... la woof!!

Our Toby is getting old, so he's on the freedom 55 program. He has made some fabulous pups for us but now he will have to move over for the next generation of stud muffins.


Callie gave us lots of love and wonderful pups. She is greatly missed around here... Callie has now retired and moved to Yorkton, SK to be a farm dog with people she already knew.

Sally is also retired from our program. She has raised some brilliant pups and now she gets to use her energy in being a full time companion!

KD is a very lovable 3 year old, 80 lb red Golden Retriever. She is gentle, easy going and loves to be with us in the house. She has a great smile, and her favourite pastime is getting her tummy rubbed.

After her two last incomplete pregnancies we've chosen an early retirement for KD. We are so disappointed. She has raised some beautiful pups and was a true asset to our program. Most of all her mere existence on our farm has always brought us joy with her awesome personality. We'll miss her greatly.

Radar is our pretty boy - a red Toy poodle. He's such a quiet dog... except around the girls. He loves his life in the house and follows me everywhere. Radar is an easy guy to have around.

We sadly retired our sweet, gentle, Radar because the vet could not determine if his enlarged heart was a genetic problem or not. His parents lived long healthy lives, and the vet expects Radar to as well, with the help of heart medications.

Radar never did have a heart murmur, this problem was discovered by an x-ray, and confirmed through an EKG and ultrasound. Within days of this news, I had 2 people wanting him. When we're ready to let him go he will be living a spoiled life in Edmonton.

Lilly is a quiet and relaxed soft-coated, dark Yellow 60 lb. Lab. Her puppies have lots of personality and charm. Lilly's coat is soft so most of her Labradoodle pups' coats are curlier and softer.

She is now retired and has the easy life of being a companion to a great neighbouring family and a friend for their other dog. We still get to see her and she seems to be adjusting well.


Murphy is a gentle-natured, 75 lb light Yellow Lab. She was retired and given to a home where she's the only dog. Murphy is getting lots of attention from 2 teenage boys. Her new name is Mercy.

Dude was our 10 lb apricot Miniature Poodle stud muffin. Dude was sadly killed on the farm and we miss him dearly. He was a perfect stud for our program but mostly a wonderful pet ...what a sweetie.

A hired k9 mystery stud.

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