Ripley's and Jag's 6 pups born on March 9, 2007

Mini/Medium F1 Labradoodle pups from a 55 lb Brindle Lab dam and our white 12" Miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Spartan now has a home!
June 8

Spartan has a new home and is moving to Sherwood Park. Thanks to all who have inquired... there will be more pups coming for the fall!

Spartan returns
June 4


Spartan's family learned they were allergic to the little guy. They fell in love with him as he settled into their home, then found it very difficult to give him up -- especially their 3 year old girl.

Spartan is a short and chunky guy. He's full of the dickens, loves to be with you, and is all puppy. Spartan has a wonderful personality and is a totally beautiful mini labradoodle.

He may shed a bit but he has a nice coat.

He is $1250 + GST. Call or email if you're interested.

"Look ma, I can fly!!!" Clear the air lanes Dumbo -- here comes Spartan!

ALL of the pups are adopted now
April 28

What a crazy week! I had 1-3 customers looking at pups every day this week (except Tuesday). The weather has been so nice we could look at them outside. It was great on the greening lawn. I had some great conversations... everyone fell in love with the puppies.

Ripley's 6 week update
April 20

Ripley's pups are such a delightful group. I believe Jag's calm genes are shining through as they seem easy-going and well-adjusted. They're ready for snuggles at a moment's notice. The pups are growing and developing well, and will be ready to go to their new homes the first weekend in May.

I'm still taking deposits on this litter.

Fuji is my favourite friendly, little guy. He has the darkest-coloured apricot coat which is straighter but soft. He's social, cuddly and playful. I estimate his weight will be 25-30 lbs full grown. -- ADOPTED

Gala is a cute sweety. She is a tiny, little girl with a good, soft, curly coat on her. I guess her adult weight will be around 20 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Granny is all black with a little curl in her coat. It's not as soft as some of her siblings, so she may shed somewhat. She plays well on her own but sure loves her snuggle time. My guessimated weight for her is 25-30 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Macintosh is a fuzzy little boy with a playful attitude and a fun loving character. You can see it in his eyes. He has a great coat and will likely grow to be around 25 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Smith is the biggest of the litter and is also the first to come and greet you. He has a wonderful disposition and would make an awesome companion dog. My best guess on his adult weight is around 35-40 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Spartan is a quiet fellow with a sweet, laid-back nature and is not overbearing. He has a fairly straight coat and he might grow to be around 25-30 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Ripley's pups at 3.5 weeks
April 4

Ripley has a wonderful little litter this year. Being a second time mom she has been a lot more relaxed with these pups. I see a difference in how much more relaxed the pups are too!

Fuji is the darkest male -- this little hunk is catching some spring rays for the first time. -- ADOPTED

Gala is the cream girl, the smallest little sweetie. -- ADOPTED

Granny is the black little girl, sooo cute. -- ADOPTED

Macintosh is a cream little boy with a gentle character. -- ADOPTED

Smith is one of the biggest boys and has the lightest colour. -- ADOPTED

Spartan is a sweet little boy who loves to cuddle. -- ADOPTED

Ripley has 6 pups while I'm away
March 9

Ripley has given birth to 4 cream boys, 1 cream girl and 1 black girl. They're named Granny, Smith, Gala, Spartan, Fuji, and Macintosh.

The pups were born Friday March 9th, when I was away, and Dean handled things very well.

I'm still taking deposits on this litter.


Sonia's photo art: "Finding Balance in Life" -- model: Spartan (look closely)

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