Nia's and Dayo's 8 pups born on March 13, 2007

Standard F1 Goldendoodle pups from a 75 lb Golden Retriever dam and our 50 lb white Standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

All of the pups are adopted now
April 28

What a crazy week! I had 1-3 customers looking at pups every day this week (except Tuesday). The weather has been so nice we could look at them outside. It was great on the greening lawn. I had some great conversations... everyone fell in love with the puppies.

Mr. E. is still looking for a home -- ADOPTED
April 24

Buddy has been adopted and Rosey's adoption is pending. With the pups looking forward to their new homes only the Incredible Mr. E. is still available.

Nia's pups are going strong at 6 weeks!
April 22

Nia's pups are already 6 weeks, and my, how time flies! I am not in a hurry to have these guys go home as I know I won't have pups around for a while... and they'll be missed by everyone here.

Nia and Dayo make great pups together and this litter is amazing once again. I have had people here for hours not knowing who they will pick, as their options are such that they can't go wrong with any one of them.

As it turns out I may still have a pup available. Someone was allergic and another's new house will not be finished in time. I will know shortly which pups will be available.

Beth... a sweet little girl with a kind personality and a great coat to boot! -- ADOPTED

Buddy.. the quiet little "runt" who loves to cuddle. Nice dark-coloured coat but may shed some because his coat is shorter and not as soft. I guess his grown size to be around 50 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Ian... moving to Fort McMurray to be a young couple's "hairy kid". -- ADOPTED

Incredible Mr. E... is a fine little pup with lots of enthusiasm and energy. He is very social and wants to hang out with people. He plays well, and will make a great companion dog. I expect his grown weight to be around 70 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Jisel... is a lovely doodle with a kind eye. She's fun and a joy to be around. -- ADOPTED

McSquizzee... is a little gentleman who plays independently and still loves a good cuddle. -- ADOPTED

Mr. Dinkelmen... the cuddly teddybear gets to go North to Fort Smith, NT. -- ADOPTED

Rosey... another sweetheart full of play and humour... but still gentle and cuddly. A very nice coat and she may grow to be about 65 lbs -- ADOPTED.

Nia's pups at 3 weeks
April 4

All of Nia's pups have been spoken for. They are growing nicely and we look forward to see how their personalities will bloom over the next few weeks. The pups are beautiful and healthy looking.

The Girls


Jisel -- ADOPTED

Rosey -- ADOPTED

The Boys

Buddy is the smallest, darkest-coloured boy (although he's largest in the photos). -- ADOPTED

Incredible Mr. E -- ADOPTED

McSquizzee -- ADOPTED


Mr. Dinkelmen -- ADOPTED

Nia's pups have all found homes!
April 2

Nia's litter has all been spoken for. These pups are happy to have been chosen for homes.

Nia has her pups while I'm at work!
March 13

Today, while I was at work, Nia had her pups. I think she is done at 8: 5 boys and 3 girls... all varying shades of apricot/cream.

You can guess by the pups names that the kids picked them. I asked if they could keep them simple... but to them, these are simple. They are from the movie, "Open Season."

The boys are Buddy, Mr. Dinklemen, McSquizzee, Ian and the Incredible Mr. E. The girls are Beth, Jisel, and Rosey.

I'm still taking deposits on this litter.

Beth finds comfort in the palm of my hand.

The Incredible Mr E checkin' things

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