Nite Nite's and Dayo's 10 pups born on September 6, 2006

Standard F1B Labradoodle pups from a 70 lb F1 Labradoodle dam and a white 50 lb Standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Skip has found his family!
December 14

Skip has found a home in Calgary with 4 boys... what fun they'll have!

Skipper is still available for adoption
November 29

Skip sure knows how to be cute!

Skip is a charming lad with a calm spirit. He's not overly-confident and likes to be by your side. Skip also plays well on his own and is very much enjoying the house life with us.

He is house training quickly and is a smart little boy. I don't believe he will be much of a shedder and my guess for size at this point is 65-70 lbs.

Skip, the blizzard pup, showing the huskies how it's done!! -- ADOPTED

Only 2 pups are left!
November 6

Dice's beauty shot: notice the soft glow all around her and the snow facial? -- ADOPTED

Skip's reaction to Dice: priceless!!! -- ADOPTED

It was 3 in the afternoon when I was taking these shots, yet it looks like it's dark out!!! Where's the light when you need it? Sigh...

The 2 remaining pups of our current litters are Dice and Skip. The biggest difference between them is that Dice is a black girl and Skip is a cream boy.

They're both goof balls. They play well on their own. They're sweet, charming and love a good, long snuggle.

Both show lots of smarts and potential, and they both are calmer when held. Their coats are not fluffy like some of their siblings. I still guess that they will shed some, but not a lot.

I guestimate Dice to be 55-60 lbs, and Skip to be 65-70 lbs, when mature.

6 week update
October 19

Time flies and Nite Nite's pups are already 6 weeks old. On November 1st they'll start heading to their new homes.

These certainly are Dayo's pups. They have his sense of humour and some even have his head-tilt questioning look! Very sweet.

The pups vary considerably in temperament. From very outgoing to more reserved and quiet. I would estimate these pups to range from 55 to 85 lbs when full grown. I suspect that most will be non-shedding, or very light shedding.

I took these photos under my bale shed since it's either raining or snowing... whatever happened to that sun???

Birdie: A real sweet girl. -- ADOPTED

Bounce is more reserved and quiet, a real nice cuddle. He has the curliest coat. -- ADOPTED

Checker is Mr. Social Butterfly. -- ADOPTED

Dice is a quieter pup, more reserved, but real sweet! She is one of the smaller ones. -- ADOPTED

Hoops is the biggest girl and is a mellow pup. -- ADOPTED

Kite is very playful and entertaining. -- ADOPTED

Lego is just like his Daddy. -- ADOPTED

Skip is a quieter guy but still has lots of goofiness up his sleeve. -- ADOPTED

Volley is active and social. -- ADOPTED

Yoyo is very interactive and social. -- ADOPTED

Five pups are adopted, five to go
October 15

Checker, Yoyo, Lego, Hoops and Birdie have been chosen for new homes. That leaves Bounce, Dice, Kite, Skip and Volley still waiting for homes.

New photos will be coming when the sun shines again!

26 day update!
October 2

I had the priviledge of babysitting my 4 year old niece Lyndy today. We had lots of fun with the pups. She was learning how to help me. At one point after taking some 300 pictures I asked if we should get more pups and take more photos. She said, "No, I think I'm full."
I replied, "You mean you had enough?"
"Yes." was her simple reply. How cute is that! :-)

And you know... by the time I was done taking a variety of pictures today I was pretty well fed up too! ;-)

My niece Lyndy with Yoyo, before she got full.

These pups of Nite Nite's and Dayo's are a strong, healthy bunch. They're already out of the whelping box, and wanting to climb outside. These pups are developing nice coats and a variety of personalities. Some are whiny right now, but in couple of days they will be over that and on to something else.

They like the extra cuddles and are starting to enjoy the neck nuzzling we do to calm them. They're getting more active and responsive every day. I'm amazed how every litter is so different from each other. This litter shows lots of potential for smarts and non-shedding qualities. I'm looking forward to see how they develop over the next 4 weeks...

Bounce is the smallest male -- curly-coated and sweet. -- ADOPTED

Birdie is a gentle soul and very lovable. She has a straighter coat, but so did Fred/Amos (Yesterday's Pups) from Nite Nite's litter last year. Imagine that kind of coat in black! -- ADOPTED

Checker is the biggest, black boy, curly and confident. -- ADOPTED

Dice is my sweet baby girl -- the smallest and sweet. -- ADOPTED

Hoops is a sweet, medium-sized girl with a wavy coat. -- ADOPTED

Kite is much like her sister Dice. Gentle and sweet. This girl is in the running for my favourite... (but for anyone who knows me they are all my favourites -- they all have something unique and wonderful about them!) -- ADOPTED

Lego loves to hear his voice at the moment. He is quite the boy. He's getting used to the snuggles but seems somewhat independent at this point in his life. Lego is getting more handling and soon he will blend in with the rest. -- ADOPTED

Skip is a gentle boy and he likes snuggles. -- ADOPTED

Volley is a big fluffy boy. -- ADOPTED

Yoyo is a sweet and adventuresome male! -- ADOPTED

Please remember -- these are all general statements about the pups. Their personalities (and coats) change and mold a lot while they are here.

Nite Nite has a perfect 10!
September 6

Nite Nite had 10 pups -- 6 boys and 4 girls. 4 boys are cream and the rest are black!

The theme for these pups names was inspired by the "Hoops and Yoyo" characters on Hallmark e-cards. We're big fans, so we continued on with a sports/game theme. The boys are Yoyo, Volley, Lego, Bounce, Skip and Checker. The girls are Hoops, Birdie, Kite and Dice.

We thought it so nice that Nite Nite had her pups a day early, and even mid-afternoon, so we didn't lose any sleep! The pups are all even in weight with no runts. They're all doing well and gaining weight.

Each has their own "stool" at the milk bar... that works out perfect ;-)

Nite Nite is handling the larger number of pups very well, even though she had over 3 times as many pups as last time.

I've been in contact with the families who adopted her last litter and none of those pups shed. They are all enjoying their pups. You can see one of them "Amos" (Fred) on Yesterday's pups.

I expect great things from these pups once again. Dayo passes on genes with great personalities and Nite Nite is just a sweetie. Dayo is 60 lbs and Nite NIte is 75 lbs, so I estimate these pups to be anywhere from 55-85 lbs when full grown. These pups will be ready to go home the first of November!

Hoops dreams of sinking a basket shot.

Lego tests his voice.

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