Fiddle's and Yogi's 9 pups born on March 27, 2019

Standard F1B Goldendoodle pups from our jovial and easy-going 50 lb F1 Goldendoodle dam and our beautifully-tempered dark apricot standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Fiddle's and Yogi's Standard F1B litter born March 27
March 29

Fiddle and Yogi are proud to announce another beautiful litter together! Fiddle had her first girl, Dixie, at 4:10pm and then proceeded to have 7 boys whom we called Chesney, Clay, Jones, Conway, Kane, Urban and Waylon. Then Fiddle ended with a sister for Dixie, whom we're calling Patsy.

Being born on my friend’s birthday (who loves Country music) we thought a good theme would be Country music artists and it would be a good match for "Fiddle." Lol!

What an awesome range of colours from dark apricot to cream in this litter of 9! At this point there's also a large range of sizes, which I believe will result in grown weights between 50-80 lb. There's lots of curl in this litter already and there should be many low/non-shedders to choose from.

I have availability in this litter. The pups can start going home the beginning of June. If you're interested, please see how our adoption process works on FAQ and contact me!

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