Meeka's and Kodiak's 3 pups born on February 19, 2016

F1 mini/medium North American Retriever doodle pups from our 65 lb Labrador Retriever X Golden Retriever dam and our 15" chocolate full Miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Miss Lucky Lou is looking for a new home ADOPTED!!
April 11

A family emergency has come up and they're not ready to take a pup at this time, so that means Miss Lucky is available! Lucky is a Retriever Doodle, (Lab/Golden X Poodle), currently with a coat that is curlier on her front and less on her back. She will likely shed somewhat. My guess weight for her is around 35-40 lbs.

Lucky Lou is a confident pup who is the first to come running when we call the litter to us. She's very smart and attentive, loves to be with people, but also plays well on her own. I would rate her energy level a 6/10 at this time.

If you're interested in adopting Lucky Lou, please read through our website, especially FAQ, and submit your application. She'll be ready to go home on April 14th.

Meeka's and Kodiak's pups at 4 weeks old
March 19

As many of you are wondering how the little guy who was not gaining weight is now doing, well... he's doing fantastic and continues to grow in stature and cuteness!! He also seems to have more of Kodiak's genes in size and coat.

All 3 pups are doing very well and Meeka is doing a very good job in caring for them. I have deposits for all 3 pups.

The choosing will occur on the April 9th weekend and the pups will be ready to go home the week after.

Dusty is the largest male. Gold collar. -- ADOPTED

Ned is the smallest of the bunch. Male, burgundy collar.-- ADOPTED

Lucky Lou is the girly girl and is in the middle for her size. Blue collar.-- ADOPTED

Meeka's and Kodiak's first litter arrives!!
February 25

Meeka and Kodiak are proud to announce the arrival of their '3 Amigos', Dusty, Ned and Lucky (2 boys and a girl), born February 19. This being Meeka's first litter she is very excited to show people her kids. Meeka has settled into her new role as Mama and is very attentive of her pups.

Dusty (gold collar) is the biggest, Ned (red ribbon) is the smallest and the Lucky girl, (blue ribbon) is in the middle of size range at this time. I'm not sure if they'll stay black -- in some lights I see tinges of brown.

At this time, the littlest guy is not progressively gaining as he should... We're keeping a close eye on him.

I'm going through my wait list to see who is interested in this litter. They'll likely be spoken for if the pups grow to be what the folks are looking for in size and temperament. If you're interested, call to check if a pup remains available from this litter then please submit your application.

The choosing process for this litter will likely happen on the April 8th weekend, and they will be ready to go home after April 14th.

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