Juno's and Brixx' 8 pups born on June 2, 2011

Standard F1B Goldendoodle pups from a 45 lb small standard Goldendoodle dam and our fun-loving and bouncy 50 lb apricot Standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Juno's and Brixx' four pups
July 20

Juno's pups are absolutely stunning!! They are a range of characters and sizes so there is a variety to choose from. They'll be ready to go home July 28th, just in time for August long weekend!!

Accent is the lightest apricot with a lovely, thick non-shedding type of coat. She's a sweetheart and ready to play and learn. My guess adult weight for her is 55-60 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Forte is the biggest of his litter and very handsome indeed. He sports a beautiful non-shedding like dark apricot coat, has lots of smarts and a sense of calmness about him. My guess weight for him is 65 lbs or so. -- ADOPTED

Mezzo is a very curious girl who loves to find a stick and carry it. She has a naturally, flat-coated retriever nose which makes her unique as well. She'll likely grow to be about 45 lbs and likely be non-shedding. -- ADOPTED

Piano is Miss Social and loves to be the first to greet folks. She's playful and a lot of fun. Piano will likely grow to be around the 40-45 lb mark and likely be non-shedding. -- ADOPTED

Juno's 4 week pup photos
June 30

Juno's pups are a delightful crew at 4 weeks of age. They're just nicely starting to adventure out from their whelping box and explore just outside their doggy door.

I believe they'll grow to be 40-60 lbs. All of their coats look like they'll be non-shedding on the most part. They'll be ready to go to their new homes on July 28th.

I do have a few more spots available. Please contact me if you're interested in adopting a pup from this litter.

Accent: apricot female ~ orange/gold ribbon -- ADOPTED

Forte: apricot male ~ black and white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Mezzo: apricot female ~ green/silver ribbon -- ADOPTED

Piano: apricot female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Crescendo: apricot female ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Staccato: apricot female ~ pink polka dot ribbon -- ADOPTED

Tempo: apricot male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Treble: apricot male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Juno's and Brixx' pups born June 2
June 2

Juno's and Brixx' pups were a day overdue when we welcomed 8 precious little ones on Thursday morning. Juno is a very attentive and loving mama. The pups are doing great and are a very content bunch. They have varying shades of dark apricot but may lighten as they age. These are F1B goldendoodles and have a low likelihood of shedding. I expect their weights will vary from 40-65 lbs as adults.

They're named after musical terms since my daughters will be writing their piano exams this next week. The boys are called: Forte, Tempo, and Treble. The girls are: Staccato, Piano, Mezzo, Crescendo, and Accent.

They'll be ready to go home just before August Long Weekend on July 28th. If you're interested in one of our pups, please contact us.



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