Savy's and Radar's 8 pups born on March 17, 2006

Mini/Medium F1B Labradoodle pups from an apricot 75 lb F1 Labradoodle dam and our red Toy Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Lady Rabbit has a new home!
May 11

Savy's pups are starting to head to their new homes this weekend. I feel like my puppy family will never be the same again and it makes me sad. But then again I do need to see them go because all these pups are too much work!!! Kind of like empty nest, or empty whelping box/puppy nursery syndrome. ;-}

Lady Rabbit is waiting for you!!
April 29

Lady Rabbit has a very calm nature and she'll make someone a very nice companion pup. We guess her adult size will be around 25 lbs.

Lady Rabbit waits patiently for her new family to choose her. -- ADOPTED

Savy's pups at 4 weeks
April 13

Savy's pups are doing amazingly well. What a variety of coats and colors!!! This has been a very popular litter for people with allergies... we are hoping all works out well with everyone!

Their personalities are all budding and changing. In general they are a relaxed group of pups just like their parents, Savy and Radar. We still have a couple of pups left in this litter that need homes.

Philip is the smallest boy, quiet and good natured. -- ADOPTED

Hutch is my favorite boy -- his colour is stunning and he has a calm nature. -- ADOPTED

I love Gromit's soft wavy coat -- he's a bigger boy with a gentle nature. -- ADOPTED

Wallace is a charming little guy with quite the curly coat! -- ADOPTED

Victor is another great guy... full of personality and humour (although he wasn't willing to show this side of him on camera). -- ADOPTED

Totty is the smallest girl with lots of curl!!! Sweet Sweet Sweet -- ADOPTED

What a face!!! She is still almost poker straight... I am very curious to know if she will shed or not! Little Rabby is amazing and ready to steal anyone's heart. -- ADOPTED

Crackers has a coat like Gromit's: long, soft waves. She has a laid-back personality so far... but lets wait to see what next week brings. :-) -- ADOPTED

Savy's 2 week update
March 31

Here are the 2 week pictures of Savy's pups.

Victor persists on getting on with scheming the next rabbit hunt... Hutch and Gromit need their sleep.

Philip and Wallace discuss plans for the latest invention for catching rodents, the Anti Pesto machine!

The girls; Crackers, Rabby and Totty. Rabby wakes up Crackers thinking she heard someone in her garden!

Quite the extreme of coats; Totty is very curly, Rabby (Lady Rabbit) is very straight, and Crackers is somewhere in between.

Savy's 1st Delivery
March 17

Twas the night before Savy's labour day,
and all through the dog house,
every creature sensed new life coming,
even the mouse!

Savy was anxious,
not knowing what was going on.
Her panting and nesting,
said there'd be puppies before dawn.

She was comforted with my presence,
and rested her head on my pillow.
For I made my bed in her nursery,
as her contractions continued to billow.

The poor girl had her first pup,
which made her anxiety heightened.
As she huddled in the corner,
little Wallace had made her frightened!

I cleaned him up and,
gently introduced them to each other.
A prayer went up hoping,
she would be a good mother.

Then along came Gromit,
who she welcomed with a kiss.
Then suddenly my worries,
became all amiss.

Then there was Toty,
and shortly after Hutch.
I could see she was wondering...
isn't this a little much!

But as each pup came,
she did all the right things.
And welcomed each one under,
the protection of her so-called wings.

It was the day after,
when one went astray.
We grieved as did she,
for it was on her she lay.

But now all looks well,
the eight that remain,
are growing and healthy,
and enjoy the milk bar train.

So keep in touch,
when on the internet you roam,
as each baby grows up,
and gets matched to a new home.

Savy has 8 pups! They range from light apricot to red -- you can definitely tell that Radar's genes have won out!

Callie is a proud grandma. She's come to visit the little grandchildren and encourage Savy in this dynamic, new state of motherhood.

After seeing the movie Wallace and Gromit the kids just had to name the pups after them. The boy's names are Wallace, Gromit, Hutch, Philip and Victor. Toty, Lady Rabbit and Crackers are the girls (crackers about cheese!!!).

Gromit doses on mom.

Savy settles into her new role as a mom.

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