KD's and Dayo's 9 pups born on December 15, 2004

Standard Goldendoodle pups from an 80 lb red Golden Retriever dam and our 50 lb Standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

KD's pups have all been adopted
February 10

Wow, things happen so fast! I've been so impressed with KD's litter... they're going to make wonderful companions.

Update - KD's pups at 6 weeks old
January 28

The pups are growing and developing nicely. They're very social and love to play with visitors. I've found this bunch to be milder in temperament and it's probably because KD is such a quiet girl. They love the new K9 Family Room we set up in the barn complete with couch and TV. The kids like this way of socializing the pups... it works well.

Mary is the biggest girl, very curly, curious and smart. She has energy, drive and is ready to be snuggled at a moment's notice. -- ADOPTED

Joseph is a gentle, quiet, easy-going boy who gets to keep his name... Joey. -- ADOPTED

Angel is a quiet, relaxed, easy- going and laid-back girl. -- ADOPTED

Big King is molding into a brave good-hearted boy who also gets to keep his name. -- ADOPTED

Star is a very curly, photogenic little girl with a lot of heart. -- ADOPTED

Gabriel is a fun-loving, very curly boy who steals my heart. -- ADOPTED

Lamby is an energetic, happy and confident girl. -- ADOPTED

Beth is a gentle soul who is full of love and character. -- ADOPTED

Joy is outgoing, witty and loves a good snuggle. -- ADOPTED

KD and Dayo's pups
January 10

The pups are growing and are so adorable. Here's what I see after four weeks:

Angel, Joy and Mary.

Lamby, Star and Beth.

Joseph, King and Gabriel.

Another shot of Angel and Mary.

I'm really attached to this bunch and I'm not sure why. They've been a real joy to me in the midst of stress and busy-ness.

KD delivers our 1st Goldendoodle pups!!!
December 15

Today in a meager puppy nursery at a farm near Wetaskiwin, in the province of Alberta, were born to us today our first Goldendoodles. Snuggled warm in their whelping box, Mama KD and her 9 pups are doing well. Daddy Dayo is regal and relaxed issuing candy canes for everyone. Behold, there are 6 girls and 3 boys. They shall be called Mary, Joseph, Angel, Gabriel, Star, King, Beth, Joy (JJ) and Lamby.

Surrounding our puppy nursery was a host of curious pack mates wondering how things all worked out. Each will make their visits and bring their greetings to the new born pups in the next week.

KD snuggles with her new litter.

Star nuzzles her mom.

Joy (JJ) is weighed and checked.

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