Meeko's and Kodiak's 5 pups born on April 23, 2009

Mini F1B Labradoodle pups from a 30 lb mini chocolate Labradoodle dam and our 15" chocolate full Miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Kit Kat is looking out for her family
July 7

Kit Kat is a very smart little labradoodle. She has a lab coat that will likely wave up a bit as she gets older. She looks like a mini lab. Kit Kat has a great personality and is a lot of fun to play with, yet loves a good snuggle. I think she'll grow to be around the 20 lb mark. -- ADOPTED

Meeko's bite-size yummy chocolate pups
June 8

Also some of the smallest pups we've ever bred, Meeko's rare, bite-size mini F1B labradoodles are available for adoption.

KitKat is a very unique looking labradoodle. She looks like a mini lab with big wavy ears. She'll likely grow more of a wispy coat like her mom as she grows and will likely become a moderate shedder. KitKat is a real sweetheart; playful and snuggly. My guess weight for her is around the 20 lb mark. -- ADOPTED

Aero is a very small boy with a non-shedding type coat. He's a playful character and loves to cuddle. My guess weight for him is 15-18 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Oh Henry is the biggest of his litter. This handsome boy has a huge, curly non-shedding type coat. He has lots of spunk and enjoys a good snuggle... after he's done playing of course. My guess weight for Henry is around the 40 lb mark. -- ADOPTED

Meeko's pups will be able to go home after June 18th. Please contact me if you're interested in adopting one of these bite-size pups.

Meeko's pups at 4 weeks
May 21

Meeko's pups are already 4 weeks old and growing into a bunch of yummy chocolate puppies! I'll still take deposits for this litter and Ruby's as well.

Kit Kat is a perfect snack... oh... pet I mean (girl: yellow collar) -- ADOPTED

Aero; a bubbly boy (blue collar) -- ADOPTED

Oh Henry is the biggest boy... he always looks satisfied! (plaid collar) -- ADOPTED

Jersey is milk chocolate girl (pink collar) -- ADOPTED

Reese is the perfect combination of chocolate and cute (male: orange collar) -- ADOPTED

The choosing process will start the beginning of June (for both Ruby's and Meeko's litters) and they can go home after June 18th.

Meeko's pups born April 23rd
April 24

Did someone say Chocolate?

Meeko is a proud mommy of 5 beautiful F1B labradoodle babies. They're all a nice chocolate colour (some may fade to a caf´┐Ż') and look very happy and healthy. The theme for this litter is Chocolate Bars.

There are 3 boys and 2 girls. The boys are oh Henry, Reese and Aero. The girls are Jersey and Kit Kat. These pups will likely range in size from 25-45 lbs. They'll be ready to go home on June 18th.

I'll still take deposits on this litter.

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