Callie's 9 pups born on March 19, 2004

Standard Labradoodle pups from a 90 lb black Lab dam and a hired white Standard Poodle k9 stud.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Is it so soon?
April 28

It's been just a little over 5 weeks since the pups were born but it seems much less. Soon our pups will be gone, but not out of our hearts.

We have 5 pups left. They are:

Arron -- ADOPTED


Gramatto -- ADOPTED

Jamie -- ADOPTED

Sharla -- ADOPTED

The pups are growing up
April 11

The pups are growing up. Personalities change a lot in the early weeks, but this is what I've found so far:

Oh my! whatever will I do with all these puppies?

Callie is a great mom

The apricots; Savanah (ADOPTED), Mac (ADOPTED), Gramotto

The creams; Sharla, Cory, Arron

The blacks; Jamie, Dustin (ADOPTED), Travis

Cory in a pensive mood

Jamie and that pesky wabbit!

Hearty K9s' Latest Arrival of First Generation Labradoodles
March 19

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Callie's pups. They came a week earlier than expected but our pups are here! They were born between 4 pm to 2 am (into March 20).

Sired by a white standard poodle and a black lab mother we ended up with 3 colours of pups. Their names and ribbon colours are:

Apricots: Savanah (yellow), Mac (green), and Gramotto (red)
Creams: Sharla (pink), Cory (black), and Arron (none)
Blacks: Dustin (red), Jamie (pink) and Travis (green)

Callie cleans the new pups

Chow time

Warm and cozy

Just a little more

More eating

Puppy siesta

"Ohhhhh, give me a home...."

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