Brio's and Ryder's 9 pups born on November 6, 2011

Mini/Medium F1 Goldendoodle pups from our beautiful red 60 lb Golden Retriever dam and our fabulous small, miniature, red Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Brio's Maxine is available and ready to go!
January 26

Maxine is a sweetheart who is progressing towards coming out of her shyness. We've been working with her, and she's learning to be more bold, much more quickly. She's generally easy-going and a good cuddler. My guess weight for her is 30 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Brio's pups at 7.5 weeks
December 28

Maxine is the lightest coloured girl in her litter. She has a sweet, playful personality. Her adult weight may be around 25 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Nancy is a social butterfly. She loves to play and be with people. Her adult guess weight is about 25 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Gwen is the smallest girl we have available and may not quite make the 20 lb mark. She has a sweet and spunky personality, with the biggest expressive eyes... ADOPTED

Mavis is the straightest-coated pup left in her litter. She is a real nice, easy, puppy and is a gentle soul. Her adult weight... 30 lbs? -- ADOPTED

Yuma is the big boy left in Brio's litter. A soft personality, and a bit shy, he's coming out of his shell. My guess weight for him is 40ish lbs. -- ADOPTED

Please contact us if you're interested in a pup from one of these litters!

Brio's lovely pups at 4 weeks old
December 3

Brio's and Ryder's pups are doing great! What a cute bunch of pups!! Some of these will be smaller than Beth's, as Brio and Ryder are slightly smaller dogs than Beth and Kodiak. They should range from 20- 40 lbs.

These lovely pups will be ready to go home on January 1, 2012 -- bringing in the New Year!!

If you're interested in a mini/medium F1 goldendoodle, please contact us. We're taking more deposits on both Beth's and Brio's litters.

Here are Yuma and friends!!

Maxine: apricot female ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Gwen: apricot female ~ brown/pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Nancy: apricot female ~ burgundy ribbon -- ADOPTED

Yuma: apricot male ~ green/white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Mavis: apricot female ~ purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Neil: apricot male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Stan: apricot male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Lawrence: apricot male ~ brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Dave: apricot male ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Brio and Ryder birth 9 beautiful mini/medium F1 goldendoodle pups
November 8

Brio labored all day Saturday, then nicely waited to have her pups after midnight on November 6. She gave birth to 9 beautiful apricot babies. There are 5 boys and 4 girls.

They were born on Dean's parents' 46th wedding anniversary (who are presently vactioning down in Yuma, Arizona, enjoying the warmth and sun with their friends), and we decided that we would name the pups after them and some of their Yuma friends.

So, we have: Neil & Mavis, Stan & Maxine, Dave & Nancy, Lawrence & Gwen, and for the last pup (with no partner)... we'll call him Yuma. The size range of these pups as adults will likely be 20-40 lbs, give or take some. They'll be ready to go home January 1, 2012!

We're now taking more deposits on these litters, now that we know how many there are to choose from!! Contact us if you're interested in starting your New Year with a puppy from Brio's or Beth's litters.

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