Penny's and Horton's 8 pups born on December 29, 2017

Medium F1B Goldendoodle pups from our sweet, cuddly 30 lb F1 Goldendoodle dam and our 18", 22 lb moyen Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Penny's and Horton's F1B mini/medium goldendoodle pups at 4 weeks
January 26

Penny's pups are a cute bunch. There's a nice variety of bigger and smaller sizes with curly and straighter coats. Their personalities are just starting to bud and they're toddling out of their whelping box to investigate their nursery rooms to toilet and eat.

I do have one spot left in this litter that's not spoken for. Choosing for this litter will start after February 9 and they can start going home February 23.

Contact me if you're interested in a pup from Penny’s litter.

Arctic: male ~ black ribbon -- ADOPTED

Frigid: male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Siberian: male ~ brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Windchill: male ~ white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Brisk: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Glacier: female ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Icicle: female ~ purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Wintry: female ~ green flowered ribbon -- ADOPTED

Penny's and Horton's F1B medium goldendoodles born December 29
December 31

Penny's and Horton's pups were born a couple of days early. I was happy to see this because it gave me fewer days of getting up during the night to check if her signs of labour were true or false! Lol.

This is Penny’s second litter and she is such a good mama! She's a pro now and is doing a great job of caring for her litter of 4 boys and 4 girls!

Since the pups were born during the time when Canada was on the world news for being the coldest place on earth it inspired our theme. The boys are named: Arctic, Frigid, Siberian and Windchill; the girls: Brisk, Glacier, Icicle and Wintry.

The pups vary in colour from light to dark apricot. I assume they'll grow to weigh between 25-45lbs, give or take! I'll be posting updated photos around 4 weeks old and their vet visit will be February 9. They can start going home February 23.

I do have availability in this litter... 2 spots!

If you're interested, please contact me! You can submit your application to get started. See FAQ on how our adoption process works.

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