River's and Clark's 11 pups born on January 20, 2024

Standard F1 Goldendoodle pups from our 75 lb stunning Golden Retriever dam and our 55 lb charming standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Charming standard F1 Goldendoodles are looking for new families!
May 7

We have some amazing pups available from River's and Clark's F1 Goldendoodle litter. They have an added benefit of being socialized longer with their brothers -- and they're getting along great! We continue to socialize them by adding new things in their daily lives and by also continuing to work on their leash training and crate work.

Contact me if you're interested in one of these amazing boys!

Syd is a sweet lad with lots of smarts and is very personable. He is observant, confident and fun. He would do well in a home with kids, an active couple, emotional support or therapy work prospect, or to bring to work! Sydney has a low maintenance straighter coat that will likely shed some. Guess adult weight would be 70-75 lbs.

Spenser is the braveheart who is easily game to try new things. He's compliant and trusting. He would be great for therapy work, emotional support and with kids. My guess weight according to how he's presently growing is about 60-65 lbs.

Wagga is a big boy with loads of personality! He's silly and his tail seems to never stop wagging! He rates high for an emotional support dog, and I think with proper training and socializing he would bring much joy to shut ins: in hospitals or old folks homes for various therapeutic needs. My guess weight for Wagga is 70-75 lbs.

Werribee is a kind-hearted boy who is ready to snuggle and hang out. He's growing in confidence and would be a loyal friend. My guess weight for him is 60-65 lbs.

Brisbane is the chill boy and has a real sense of calm confidence about him. He takes things in stride and loves adventure but also plays well on his own. Brisbane would be great in a home where people work. He would be a great steady dog for kids or adults to come home to decompress with. My guess weight for him is 60-65 lbs.

River's and Clark's F1 standard Goldendoodle pups at 6 weeks old
March 6

This is another amazing litter. There are no overly shy pups, all are confident and curious. We're exposing them to new environments and new toys that are appropriate as they develop.

The pups are eating hard kibble as their teeth are in. They'll soon be toileting outside through a doggy door. Puppy evaluations and vet appointments will be March 11 and 12. Choosing will happen after that. I expect the majority of the litter to grow between 50-75 lbs. There's a good variety to choose from.

Contact me if you're interested in one of these great puppers!

Brisbane: male ~ blue ribbon

Sydney: male ~ red collar

Spenser: male ~ green collar

Wagga Wagga: male ~ brown collar

Werribee: male ~ lime collar

Victor: male ~ black collar -- ADOPTED

Auckland: male ~ orange collar -- ADOPTED

Melbourne: male ~ grey collar -- ADOPTED

Adelaide: female ~ pink collar -- ADOPTED

Canberra: female ~ burgundy collar -- ADOPTED

Millicent: female ~ purple collar -- ADOPTED

River's and Clark's F1 standard litter of 11 pups born January 20, 2024!
February 11

River is a natural and very attentive new mama. We were a bit surprised that she had so many pups as she had a smaller baby bump. Lol. Needless to say, I now have plenty of availability in this litter! They can go home starting on March 16.

I expect the pups will range in size from 45-75 lbs. The theme for this litter is from a variety of places in and around Australia and New Zealand.

The boys are named: Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Spenser, Victor, Wagga Wagga and Werribee.

The girls are Adelaide, Canberra, and Millicent.

If you're interested in this litter, please email me at deanandsonia@heartyk9s.ca.

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