Ruby's and Rumba's 7 pups born on April 14, 2009

Mini F1B Labradoodle pups from a 22 lb mini red Labradoodle dam and our 14", 12 lb mini brown Parti Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Cashew goes a little nuts waiting for a home
July 7

Cashew is a handsome young lad. He has a playful and endearing personality. He likes to snuggle and also plays well on his own. He'll likely grow to be around the 30 lb mark. Cashew's coat is a bit curlier than Kit Kat's and will likely be a moderate shedder with a caf´┐Ż colour. -- ADOPTED

Updated photos of Ruby's precious pups
June 8

We have a few rare, petite (quite small) mini F1B labradoodles available for adoption. These pups are some of the smallest we've ever bred.

Cashew is the biggest in this litter. He has long legs, a goofy personality and loves to hang out and relax in your arms. He has the lab looks and character, as he loves to carry things in his mouth. Cashew will be a shedder and I believe he will look similar to what Meeko looks like when he is grown. My guess weight for him is around the 30 lb mark. -- ADOPTED

Almond is a very unique little girl. She has a wiry type coat and is sort of terrier looking. My guess for her adult weight would be 18 lbs and she'll likely become a moderate or light shedder. Her coat will not require as much work as a non-shedder. Almond is a playful and gentle character and loves a good snuggle. -- ADOPTED

Brazil is a spunky, little black girl with a fun personality who loves to cuddle. Her coat is likely going to become little to non-shedding. My guess weight for her is 20 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Peanut is the smallest doodle we've ever raised. Her eyes are so expressive... they just melt your heart. She has a non-shedding type coat and my guess for now is she'll likely stay around the 12-15 lb mark. Peanut has a very sweet personality, gentle and loving -- this little girl is a real treasure. -- ADOPTED

Ruby's pups are ready to go home. Please contact me if you're interested in adopting one of these precious pups.

Ruby's litter at 4 weeks
May 11

Ruby's pups are doing great! They're growing and developing nicely and there is a huge difference between the smallest to the biggest! I'll still take a few deposits on this litter.

The choosing process on these pups will start the beginning of June and then I'll know who is left. They'll be ready to go home the middle of June.

The size of these pups will likely range from 12-30 lbs. They're the smallest doodles we've ever raised... and their eyes are amazing!

Cashew is the biggest brown boy.

Almond is a cream girl. -- ADOPTED

Brazil is a little black girl... check out those eyes! -- ADOPTED

Peanut is the smallest brown girl. -- ADOPTED

Pecan is the cute apricot girl. -- ADOPTED

Hazelnut is a sweet brown girl. -- ADOPTED

Pistashio is the only black boy. -- ADOPTED

Ruby's a first time mama!!
April 15

Ruby had her first litter of pups on Tuesday, April 14th. She's doing well and is adjusting to motherhood. It always amazes me how a new canine mom can manage all those pups and know just what to do.

She gave us quite a colourful bunch of pups, 7 in all -- 2 blacks, 3 chocolates, an apricot and a cream! There is 1 black boy, 1 chocolate boy and the rest are girls.

The theme for this litter is "Mixed Nuts". The boys are Cashew and Pistashio, the girls are Pecan, Peanut, Hazelnut, Brazil and Almond.

I'm now taking a few more deposits for this litter. They'll be able to go home after June 9th.

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