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Peter (mini/medium Goldendoodle), inset as himself at 6 weeks, from Sally's and Jag's December 2005 litter.

Hello Sonia,

I thought you would be happy to know Peter is celebrating his 18th birthday tomorrow (December 19). He's a little blind and deaf but otherwise still likes to go for short walks. Peter has been an amazing family dog.

Sometimes, I'll start chatting with people when I see they have a doodle. I love the look of shock and surprise when I tell them that Peter is turning 18.

Peter is from another social media era -- he was a classified ad dog! I remember calling you and talking to you about doodles. We got him when Ralph Klien was giving away $400 to every Albertan. The kids and I pooled our money and bought Peter. My kids boast that they still have their childhood dog.

Please feel free to share Pete on your social media. He is one of a kind.



Tuba (standard F1 Goldendoodle), inset as Finn at 4 weeks, from Kindle's and Dayo's June 2014 litter.

This is 9 year old Finn. He is such an amazing companion who loves his people deeply, incredibly smart and lives for the water!! We are grateful every day for having him in our lives!

Cathy and Dave

Pilot (mini/medium F1B North American Retriever doodle), inset as 5 at 4 weeks, from Georgia's and Kodiak's December 2014 litter, and Laddie (mini F1B Goldendoodle), inset as Zomer at 4 weeks, from Zola's and Simon's July 2021 litter.

Hello Sonia!

Pilot (8 years) and Laddie (2 years) are still going strong!! This is a very unusual photo, because they're both sitting so still. They are the “lights” of my life, and I hope their siblings are doing as well. I'd love to see photos of their brothers and sisters!!

Pilot is a very intelligent and affectionate dog - sometimes, too smart. She watches out for Laddie, but from a respectable distance. She's such an interesting personality and loves to set out on adventures at our cabin. Thank goodness her recall is good! She also loves our car rides; Laddie, unfortunately, does not - but he is usually happy with our destinations 🐕

Laddie stays very close to me, but has learned that I will return home when I have to leave him for a while. He's very curious and loves his people. He is also cautious of strangers and big dogs, but warms up once he feels safe. When we're at the cabin he'll often set out with Pilot, but he's very soon back at my side. I love that he wants to stay close.

Pilot and Laddie get along best when Laddie doesn't interrupt Pilot's naps, but he has devious ways to get her up to chase him, which he loves. Pilot 🐕‍🦺 can still outrun Laddie during the chase.

I sing your praises, often, Sonia! You have raised so many wonderful puppies and I'm so happy that I have been blessed with two of them. Just wish there was time for more!!

A very happy dog owner,


Scully (mini/medium F1B Goldendoodle), inset as Agatha at 4 weeks, from Groovy's and Simon's February 2023 litter.

Hi Sonia,

I hope you are well!

I was thinking of you. We took Scully for her first haircut as we are going camping next week. Our groomer sang her praises for being so good. She actually commented that Scully is not like other doodles. That actually both of our doodles have been exceptional. I told her it is because they both came from an exceptional breeder.

Scully is doing really well, definitely a crazy puppy at times. But such a good puppy, very intuitive, smart and cuddly! She is very people focused, just loves everyone.

I have attached a before and after haircut picture.

Hard to believe she is 5 months old already. We just love her! Thanks for all you do and for giving us such great dogs. Cooper was amazing and Scully is following in his foot steps. Such good dogs ❤️

Take care,


Mica (mini F1B Goldendoodle), inset as Nana at 4 weeks, from Eliza's and Marlo's September 2020 litter.

Hi Sonia.

Hope you and your family are doing well!

I'd like to share with you the pictures of Mika at 6 months and now. I noticed your flatter coat doodles take a longer time to find a home. Mika's coat was quite flat when she was younger but she's grown into this beautiful wavy hair doodle! She's 28lbs now and turning two by end of September.

She is so gentle and playful and very eager to please. With her wonderful temperament she makes lots of furry friends, and all of my neighbours and friends just love her.

Wish you the best and that all your beautiful pups find good homes very soon!



Revy (F1B Goldendoodle), inset as Ringer at 4 weeks, from Mango's and Abe's December 2020 litter.

Hi Sonia.

Just wanted to send you some photos of Revy (Ringer) at 10 months - he’s somewhere between 40-45 lbs and has the most wonderful personality. Can't imagine our family without him, we love him so very much!!!

He's super playful, extremely social and loves snuggles and running around in the dog park and mountains. He also loves food and is partial to fruits/vegetables. We get compliments on him constantly.

We think he smiles like his mom but has his dad's colouring! His daycare always tells us how well he plays with other dogs and puppies and works hard to get everyone involved and included.

Cheers and hope you are well,

Patty, Dorian & Revy.

Olive (F1 Goldendoodle), inset at 4 weeks, from Yankee's and Dayo's November 2008 litter.

Hey Sonia.

We love watching the new pups on your Instagram and felt compelled to share for pics and stories from our Olive.

Olive (November 2008, Yankee and Dayo) recently passed after a wonderful 12½ years with our family. I remember searching out breeders back then, when websites weren't as good and social media really wasn’t a thing. But getting recommended to HeartyK9s and seeing your kids involved with the dogs sealed the deal. She (Olive) was small and shy, the last one in the litter, but grew into the most obedient and loving dog for our family. She had a tendency to eat what was left out on the counter and take shoes from the back door and hide them all over the house.

We had our first of 3 kids when Olive was three and she was so patient with them. Never any issues with them crawling, poking, hitting her. She was just always by their side. Her love for swimming and being out camping was evident right when we got her. Olive's favourite thing to do was to play fetch in the lake, go sleep by the fire, then bark to get let into the trailer for her 8:30 bed time -- like clockwork.

I guess we just really want to say thank you. You are breeding more than just puppies, but family members. Dogs who shape kids lives, dogs who create lasting memories, and dogs who are loved and love just as hard back. Sometimes I can imagine it may seem like a job, but please know that what you do to bring smart, healthy, family members into our lives is greatly appreciated.


Ashley, Adam, Bennett, Miles and Briar Pattison.

Mikko (F1B Goldendoodle), and inset as Fendt at 4 weeks, from Zola's and Horton's September 2018 litter.

Hello / Bonjour Sonia!

How are you? Just want to share with you some great news! Mikko (Fendt, 16 months mini goldendoodle from Zola/Horton) is now officially a Certified St. John Ambulance Therapy dog! We are super excited to get started. This is a volunteer program that will help people coping with stress and anxiety.

We should hear soon where we will be going to volunteer once or twice a month. We're hoping for a placement in an urgent care facility and/or public library!

The 2h30min test was... something! We both came back exhausted but so proud of the result! Let's say that the amount of courses, training and time that we invested did paid off!!!

Wishing you a wonderful week end!!

Annie Desrochers

Hi Sonia, we are Edith's family.

I'm sure I've mentioned before how much everyone loves our girl. She has the amazing ability to make you think you are totally awesome. It's been too long since she saw you last.

Today, we lost my mother-in-law. During the last couple weeks, while speech has been more than difficult for her, she said "Edith is good" to me. When healthy she always expressed what a special dog Edith was -- and Carol had bred Bichon dogs.

So, thank you. Edith is my sidekick and best friend. She has the most awesome personality and is why more than a couple of friends have gotten dogs themselves. I am so thankful to have a dog who a woman that was leaving us had wanted to let us know how wonderful she thought Edith was.

On the other hand the stinker does love to shred Kleenex and napkins and then is thoroughly ashamed of herself, lol.

Stella (F1 Goldendoodle), and inset as Gift at 4 weeks, from Becca's and Brixx' January 2010 litter.

Hello Sonia,

Today is the 9th birthday of the golden doodle we got from you (from Brixx and Becca) and I wanted you to know what a complete delight Stella has been.

For the last 5 years she's been a certified "wellness" dog, relieving stress at Edmonton's universities, schools, corporate events and the Norwood hospice. Here is a picture of her in action.

Thanks for your excellent breeding work.


LassieLou (F1 Goldendoodle), and inset as Lassie at 4 weeks, from Beth's and Kodiak's August 2010 litter.

"Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?"

Hi Sonia,

I thought I would share a few photos of Lassie at work with me. After she passed her Therapy Dog training with CAAWLS (Chimo Animal Assisted Wellness Learning Society) she now accompanies me 1-3 times a week to the Special Needs class I work in.

The kids love reading to her, taking her for walks, and cuddling. We have a certain time of day where they choose how they want to read (it can be listening to a story online, reading out loud, or reading to someone), but 9 times out of 10 they choose "read to someone" and that someone is always Lassie.

She truly is a blessing to our family and to many kids at school!


Joey (F1 Goldendoodle), at 14 years from KD's and Dayo's December 2004 litter, inset with a big head, from a previous Yesterday's Pups post.

Happy Birthday Joey!!

Hi Dean and Sonia

Seasons Greetings!! We've been bragging about Joey’s age to anyone we meet on our daily walks. Mind you, they're a little slower (despacito style) but he's still a willing participant.

Joey has no major heath issues but his eyes are really cloudy and navigates very carefully when entering vehicles and using stairs. He still performs the odd "zoomies" and grabs toys to initiate play time.

Bottom line, he is doing great at 98.

I hope this note finds you and your family well.

Ian, Laura, James and JOEY

Bushel (mini F1B Goldendoodle), inset bottom left at 4 weeks, from Lorelie's and Rusty's June 2009 litter, and, Millie (mini F1B Goldendoodle), inset bottom right as Pal at 4 weeks, from Josey's and Ryder's August 2011 litter.

Hi Sonia!

Hope you’re well!! I saw you're on Instagram now so it inspired me to send in a pic!

Bushel (in the back of the pic): He's the cuddliest dog ever! And afraid of pretty much everything. He's also a total Mama's boy, I swear he counts down the seconds till she's back home. Look at his pup pictures on the website, he looks a lot like his mom! He loves walks, opening the closet door where we keep the dog food, and sleeping till noon.

Millie: She doesn't love the cuddles so much but is always down to play. She's feisty as ever and definitely bosses Bushel around. I remember she was such a quick adoption -- saw her on the website on Friday and she was home with us on the Sunday! She loves long sleeve t-shirts she can pull on, Cheerios, and waking us up early when she wants to play.

The Woulds Family

Churro (F1 Goldendoodle), and inset as Rose (with Everett) at 4 weeks, from Tess' and Winter's November 2016 litter.

Hi there Dean and Sonia,
How are you and your family doing? I hope all is well and you are enjoying the turn of the season! Brr it’s a chilly one today!

Well, if you remember us, we are the family that took Rose (name changed to Churro). She is not quite at a year as of yet, but she has grown!! She is the largest doodle at her doggy daycare and every day people are amazed at her size and beauty. Last time I had her weighed was about a month ago and she was at 60 pounds. She has grown since then. I am constantly being asked where she came from and she always receives compliments on her temperament. She has grown into a calm, sweet, silly, yet tricky, adolescent.

She is the best dog! She is so sweet and loving. Her favourite things in the world are belly rubs, swimming, bully sticks, and socks... she has gotten over 50 socks since we brought her home, and destroyed them! I honestly don’t even know how she finds them! We have had to put laundry basket lids on every basket in the house. She has been known to even open up backpacks because of a rogue sock inside. I don’t know how she does it. It has become one of her quirks! She continues to come to work with me every day, except one day a week she attends Doggie Daycare to play and run off some energy. We go to the dog park in the mornings and the kids walk her at night. Churro is also somewhat "instafamous" as she has her own Instagram account with over 200 followers, @churro_the_doodle.

You were 100% correct in the issues that we would have with her. She has kept us on our toes and is incredibly smart. She always tries to take advantage of the weakest link and she struggled a bit with "mouthing" at first. Every once in a while she does revert back to that, but it is a quick correction. Once we taught the youngest one in the family to be more dominant with her, she fell right in line. But still to this day, when a "new" person comes along, she is up trying to jump on them and forgets her manners. She has been referred to as a "horse", and indeed, my youngest daughter is allowed (by Churro) to climb on and go for a ride.


Stella (F1 Goldendoodle), and inset as Camaro at 4 weeks, from Chevy's and Horton's October 2015 litter.

Hi Sonia,
I can't believe it's been a year already! It's hard to believe this time last year we were just looking at photos on your website, and now we are home with Stella.

It's been an awesome year with her. She has a great outgoing personality and is unbelievably happy and friendly. It's hard to believe but she has become even more social than she was in your initial videos when we chose her. Stella is incredibly smart and we have enjoyed doing extensive training classes with her. She is happier when we have something new to work on, so we have been in classes for a few months straight now. Once we finish the next two classes, we are planning on enrolling in rally obedience with her. I think she will really enjoy it!

As for how she grew up, we can't get over how much she has grown! When we took her home she was roughly seven pounds. Now, she is 65lbs! We couldn't be happier with her size, and were very pleasantly surprised when her hair turned red and curlier about six months in. I would call her a light to moderate shedder. As for energy, she is definitely a 7/10 like you said. She is easy to manage though with a combo of two short walks and four mini training sessions every day. We have also started to introduce some group play sessions and dog daycare to increase her socialization.

We honestly can't imagine life without her. We take her everywhere, and enjoy her thoroughly. She is sweet and friendly and affectionate. Most of our time is now spent playing with her and taking her places. Her favourite thing in the whole world is water. Stella recently learned how to close the drain in our bath tub, and will commonly sit in there hoping that someone will fill it up. Needless to say, she has really enjoyed the lake this summer. She really is the perfect addition to our family.

I've attached a ton of photos (sorry I couldn't decide!) to show how much she has grown, and how much she enjoys mud (is this a goldendoodle thing?).

We wanted to say thank you again. Stella is perfect, and we think it's a testament to how great your breeding program is.

Thank you,
Matt and Sarah

Annie, "Anniversary", (F1B medium Goldendoodle), inset as Annie at 4 weeks, from Ginger's and Ryder's October 2015 litter.

Hi Sonia,
I hope you are doing well! It's hard to believe that our sweet little Annie is about to have her first birthday. Boy, that year went by quickly! As you may remember, Anniversary aka "Annie", was born last October (to Mom Ginger and Dad Ryder). She was the smallest one of the litter. As of today, she weighs 15 pounds; she is exactly the size that we were hoping she would be.

She also has the personality that we were hoping for -- she is gentle, full of life, smart, cuddly, sweet, faithful and very easy going. She is a joy in our family; she is fantastic with our kids (who are almost 3 and 6). We all love her to bits!! Her hair is beautiful -- it's soft and easy to comb through; she does not shed at all. I have attached a few photos to this email so you can see what she looks like. Unfortunately, her hair is quite long around her eyes right now -- we need to trim it a bit. She had a bath this morning so we decided to do her "birthday" photo today (a few days early).

She still enjoys being in her crate. Just recently, we started to leave her crate door open at night time and she quickly learned that this means that she can cuddle on our bed with us (which of course, we were thrilled with!!!).

She attracts attention whenever we go -- people are always asking what kind of dog she is and who the breeder is. We have shared your information with many people over the last several months.

She thoroughly enjoys being around us and as much as possible, we take her with us wherever we go. She loves going to my parents' cabin where she has the freedom to run free... it's a dog's paradise there.

As I type this, she is cuddled up beside Brian on the couch -- her favourite place to be. She would cuddle all day long if we let her!

Thank you so much for breeding such a fantastic dog!

Take good care,
The Murphy Family (Brian, Stephanie, Makena & Dylan)... and of course, Annie J

Penny (F1 mini/medium Goldendoodle), inset as Waikiki at 4 weeks, from Montana's and Ryder's April 2015 litter.

Hi Sonia,
This is Lyndsay. I adopted Penny (formerly Waikiki) back in April 2015. I started my new job back in August -- I'm now teaching at-risk youth in a high school program here in Calgary. Penny comes to work with me pretty much everyday! She is absolutely amazing. The kids just love her so much! She spends her days snuggling on their laps listening to their problems, sleeping on their feet while they do their work, and playing fetch when they need a motor break. They actually get mad at me on the rare occasions I don't bring her (as do the other staff members and my principal! Apparently she's not just for the kids. Haha)

Penny is especially helpful with our students who struggle with severe anxiety. She's surprisingly intuitive and seems to just know when they need her. I'm working on setting up her therapy assessment with St. John's ambulance for early this winter, and the kids love taking part in her training!

It's hard to get pictures because I can't take any with their faces in them, sorry! I think these ones should be okay though:

Timber (F1 standard Goldendoodle), inset (left) as Bob at 4 weeks, from Kindle's and Brixx' November 2012 litter, Skye (F1 standard Goldendoodle), inset (centre) as Apple at 4 weeks, from Shae's and Brixx' January 2015 litter, and Rosie (F1B medium Goldendoodle), inset (right) as Shirley at 4 weeks, from Ginger's and Horton's October 2013 litter.

Timber is a 75 lb rock star! He has excelled in several obedience, agility and scent training courses. As well, we have been told that he is often used to help in the training of new recruits and puppies at the daycare he attends because of his well-mannered, laid-back and confident personality. We affectionately refer to Timber as an "old soul" but he definitely has a goofy side as well and likes to make us laugh. His favorite activities are playing fetch (on land or in water), lounging in his la-z-boy chair, and spending quality time with his family.

Skye is a 55 lb firecracker with a tall, thin and athletic build. Despite being somewhat shy in nature, she has a real enthusiasm for life. Skye is very smart, mischievous and playful. Her favorite activities are running, swimming and playing with Timber. But at the end of the day, when all her energy is finally burnt, she is quite content to lay down and receive endless snuggles.

Rosie is 30 lbs of sweetness. She is shy around new people & dogs, but loves to play or cuddle up with those she knows. She is very smart, calm, obedient and loyal. She loves her daily walks & runs, playing fetch and wrestling with my boys. Her quiet time is spent cuddled into a blanket on one of the kids' beds. She has become an important part of our family.

Thank you for providing us with such awesome family members!

photo courtesy of A piece of Lisa photography

Farley Williams (F1 standard Goldendoodle), inset as Allan at 7 weeks, from Molly's and Dayo's December 2014 litter.

Getting set up for mini sessions is always a fun task. I will sit in front of the drops for hours, testing out different props, fabrics, and lighting techniques (true story...OCD bad right here!) until I get what I need.

Sometimes, this requires a model. Well any photog will tell you that some times, our children are a bit reluctant when it comes to getting photos again...and again...and again....but then this happens...

Farley Williams sneeks downtstairs to say "Hi mom" and just like that, he goes from dog to guinea pig. Seriously, I can get this boy to do almost anything if it's followed with a quick snuggle ❤

Love this guy to the moon and back. Now if I could only get my Delillah Lou to cooperate, lol!!

*-) and just so you all know, he is this cool *-)

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