Hearty K9s Sales Agreement - The Way We Do Business

PLEASE NOTE: Until further notice our deposit waitlist is closed!

I'm starting to call folks at the top of my waitlist (for my deposit waitlist) so I can plan future pairings. If you're on my second (non-deposit) waitlist and have found a dog elsewhere please let me know as a courtesy so I won't spend time trying to track you down when I have a potential pup for you!

I'll continue to accept adoption forms and interview applicants, numbering your applications as they're accepted to preserve your spot in the waitlist queue. When I reopen my official waitlist I'll call/email those people in queue order. At that time you'll be able to decide if you would like to submit a non-refundable deposit. If you don't respond within 48 hours I won't be able to hold your spot. The folks who do submit their adoption form (for the no deposit waitlist queue) will be called first before I make public that my waitlist is open (and that I'm accepting deposits again).

If your previous application was approved, but you have not yet submitted your deposit, please contact me to get on the no-deposit waitlist.

In this time of the puppy shortage I suggest to folks to simply do your research and find a breeder you trust and want to work with. Then go through their adoption process to get on their waitlist and be prepared to wait; which will give you time to read, plan and prepare for your puppy.

We thank you for your understanding. I'll continue to do my best to provide quality, well-started, puppies to those who are patiently waiting!

We make every effort to assess your personality and your needs for a lifelong companion with the unique characteristics of the Goldendoodle cross breed. You will need to fill out an adoption form as the first stage of adopting your new pup.

  1. Your pup will have a health check at 7 weeks of age, shots updated, dewormed, and micro-chipped.
  2. Your pup will be socialized, and will graduate from our puppy program.
  3. We provide a two year health and hip dysplasia guarantee. If there are any congenital or genetic problems which will inhibit the pup from being a quality companion dog, we will accept the pup back for a full refund or exchange. A letter explaining the pup's defect from a certified vet must be faxed to us prior to the exchange. A phone call is also satisfactory with a follow-up letter from the certified vet. Vet charges and transportation costs will remain the responsibility of the client.
  4. Once your application has been submitted, it will be screened to determine if a Goldendoodle is a good fit for you. You will be contacted whether we accept your application or not. When it is determined that you would make a good fit with the Goldendoodle cross breed, we will require a non-refundable deposit of $250 CAN. This deposit will hold your place on the waiting list until we acquire a good match to your list of wants and lifestyle. We normally take 5 deposits before a litter is born, then wait to see how many there are before accepting more.
  5. When a pup is born and is determined to be a potentially good fit for what you are looking for you will be contacted. Choosing from the litter happens starting after their vet visit at 7 weeks of age. We require the remaining amount owing on the pup to be paid at least 2 weeks prior to pick up or delivery if paying by personal cheque. Final payment can be paid by cash or certified cheque on pick up day, or by e-transfer the day before. If an unforeseen event happens to your pup your final payment will be returned to you and your deposit will be held for another pup. If you want to keep the pup here with their mother up until they are 12 weeks of age there is a $50/week charge which starts after they turn 10 weeks old.
  6. Hearty K9s reserves the right to choose the first pup in any litter for the use of their breeding program, or as special needs arise for someone who requires an official service dog who has their certified trainer involved in the process of choosing.
  7. Our price is now $3600 including GST (revised April 15, 2021). Folks who made a deposit before our waitlist closed in October 2020 will still have the old price honoured until October 15, 2021.
    What sets us apart?
    • A Puppy Program which is detailed and deliberate that grows a pup with huge potential. Our goal is to provide service and therapy dog quality pups in each litter who can fill those roles if and when the need arises.
    • Training and seasoned advice. Sonia has taken multiple puppy rearing and dog training courses. A two hour training session of theory and practical advice is given around the time of pick up (now via Zoom with Covid-19 restrictions).
    • A second 2 hour training session is offered as well, but with Covid-19 measures has not been feasible in person. Videos of these sessions are in the making.
    • Our experience in breeding doodles since 2004, and our multiple repeat customers, speaks for itself.
    Also included:
    • An updated website, with loads of information and enjoyable regular Instagram updates @ #heartyk9s_home.
    • Pups who are vet checked and whose parents (with great temperaments) have general health, hip, elbow and eye clearances.
    • At the time of pick up you receive a 'goodie bag' that includes a collar and slip line/leash, a stuffy that has been rubbed on Mom and siblings, vet certificate of health, microchip info and a sample of the dog food they've been eating.
    • One month of free health insurance for your pup.
    • Ongoing support.
  8. You have the option to pick up your pup between 8-12 weeks. Anyone who is considering their dog for service or therapy work, is a novice, or has small children, is encouraged to leave their pup with mom and/or siblings longer so they can learn from each other about structure and boundaries. The pup may then learn to be less nippy as well. The cost to keep your puppy here longer depends on how much and what kind of things you would like me to be working on with your puppy (i.e. house training, crate training, leash work etc). That will also depend on how much time I have to do extra work with them. So, pricing and options are determined on a case-by-case basis. Special arrangements must be made ahead of time with me (Sonia) in order to keep your pup here longer than 8 weeks.
    If you can not pick up your puppy by 9 weeks of age, (or 2 weeks after committing to an older pup) there will be a flat boarding fee of $20/day. This cost includes minimal leash and/or crate work. If you would like more extensive training while your pup is here, I do accept limited spots based on my workload and ability to do so at the requested time. More advanced leash work and basic house manners would start at $50/day. House training that includes sleeping in a crate by my bed at night, or making trips to town into welcoming businesses, would be $200/day. For days that I am not able to put in the extra training, the daily rate will be back down to $20/day for board. Training prices include boarding. I will provide photos and videos of your pup's progress during their extra stay here. Please contact me if you have questions.
  9. We're here for the life of your dog and are committed to helping you have an awesome experience with your Hearty K9!
  10. We strongly suggest that you pick up the puppy from us yourself. If this is not possible we must receive funds to cover shipping and crate expenses two weeks prior to the shipping date.
  11. We hold a special place in our hearts for our pups and we want to know how they are doing. We gladly receive and encourage updates and family pictures.
  12. Please make all cheques payable to Dean and/or Sonia Nelson.

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