Yankee's and Dayo's 13 pups born on January 21, 2010

Standard F1 Goldendoodle pups from a 70 lb dark Golden Retriever dam and our 50 lb white Standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Yankee's pups are ready for a home
April 10

I have a few happy pups ready to go to their new homes. Please contact me if you're interested in having one join your family.

Ribbon at 11 weeks... is a higher energy, more dominant girl. She learns very fast and is soaking up whatever I give her to learn, then seemingly wants more! If you want a dog who you can do a lot of tricks with, and perhaps flyball or agility, then this is the girl for you.

This girl would be suited best for a family who has experience in raising a smart, higher energy pup. My guess weight for her is around 65 lbs. -- CHOSEN

Roller is a quieter soul. He'll be a minimal shedder, but more likely a non- shedder. Roller is very good on-leash and follows right behind. This guy is not dominant, but very much a pleaser, and would be suited well for a family who wants a quieter, more easy-going dog.

My guess weight for him is around 60 lbs. -- CHOSEN

Stencil is a happy little guy. His coat is coming in well and it looks as if he will be a minimal to non-shedder. He follows readily and is taking to his leash. Stencil is quick to learn and is a friendly boy. My guess weight for him is around 55 lbs. -- CHOSEN

Yankee's Ribbon, Roller and Stencil
March 22

Ribbon is a jovial girl with a moderate/borderline type coat that will likely not shed. She has a higher energy level and is very keen and attentive. She's one of the first to come to say Hi and she loves attention.

Ribbon will be very easy to train but her new family must be prepared to have lesson plans in order, as she's ready to hit the books! Ribbon is a taller girl and will likely grow to be around 65 lbs. -- CHOSEN

Stencil is a friendly little boy with a borderline coat, that will likely not shed too much as an adult. He has a gentle spirit and loves attention and cuddling. Now that some of his siblings have left, we see that Stencil is coming out of his shell and gaining more confidence. My guess weight for him is 50-55 lbs. -- CHOSEN

Roller is a gentle spirited little boy with a borderline coat as well. He is easy going and not too assertive about life... until he gets used to things anyway. Roller is attentive and loving. He'll likely grow to be around the 60 lb mark. -- CHOSEN

Yankee's and Dayo's pups at 5 weeks
February 26

Yankee's and Dayo's pups are all a light apricot or cream in colour. In general Dayo's pups lighten up with time, but many keep the apricot highlights in their ears and back. There are a couple of smaller pups in this litter. They may stay smaller or they may take their time to grow up when they don't have the competition of all their siblings. Because this is such a big litter I believe both options will likely be factors.

The size range that I predict this litter to be is from 40-75 lbs. These pups will be 8 weeks old on March 18th and will be ready for their new homes then.

Please contact me if you're interested in one of these classic-looking goldendoodles.

Button: female, pink ribbon -- CHOSEN

Card: male, brown ribbon -- CHOSEN

Cleaner: male, black ribbon -- CHOSEN

Dotto: female, purple ribbon -- CHOSEN

Eyelet: female, aqua ribbon -- CHOSEN

Pastel: female, green ribbon (Pastel just finished diving into her food) -- CHOSEN

Ribbon: female, yellow ribbon -- CHOSEN

Rivet: male, dark blue ribbon -- CHOSEN

Roller: male, red ribbon -- CHOSEN

Scrap: male, green ribbon -- CHOSEN

Stamp: male, orange ribbon -- CHOSEN

Stencil: male, red ribbon -- CHOSEN

Stylus: male, light brown ribbon -- CHOSEN

Yankee's pups at 19 days old
February 9

I wish I could capture more moments of these wonderful little pups as they're growing. Yankee's and Becca's litter have their eyes wide open and are starting to walk on all fours. I thought I would share a few photos of the litters for your viewing pleasure.

Yankee's and Dayo's 13 pups born January 21st, 2010
January 24

Yankee and pups at 3 days old

Yankee was looking awfully big these last couple weeks and now we know why! She birthed 13 beautiful babes! They looked pretty scrawny when they were first born, but all are now thriving well (with some help from Becca who readily adopted 2 as her own).

They were born on the birthday of a good friend of mine who is a Stampin' Up distributor. Although I'm not that crafty, with a little bit of help from my friends who are it made a good theme to name the pups after. There are 8 boys named: Card, Cleaner, Rivet, Roller, Scrap, Stamp, Stencil and Stylus. The 5 girls are named: Button, Dotto, Eyelet, Pastel, and Ribbon.

These pups will likely range between 45-75 lbs when fully grown and their colours from apricot to cream.

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