Jelly Bean's and Nic-o's 11 pups born on September 18, 2021

F1B standard Goldendoodle pups from our 55 lb jovial and cuddly F1 Goldendoodle dam and our 55 lb stunning standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Jelly Bean's and Nic-o's F1B standard goldendoodle litter at 4 weeks
October 19

These little beauties are growing and getting cuter every day. We're very pleased with this bunch. There's a big variety of sizes, coats and colours. We'll now enjoy watching their characters develop!

The pups' vet visit is on November 4. We'll do their puppy evaluations on November 6, which we'll video and send to the folks who have deposits for this litter.

Choosing will happen starting on the 7th, most likely over the phone. They can start going home on November 13.

I still have a couple of spots available in this litter. Contact me if you're interested.

Angus: male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Bishop: male ~ blue collar -- ADOPTED

Chief: male ~ green/red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Granville: male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Humber: male ~ black/white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Icelandic: male ~ black ribbon -- ADOPTED

Confederation: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

DehCho: female ~ turquoise ribbon -- ADOPTED

Malone: female ~ purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Reconciliation: female ~ flowered ribbon -- ADOPTED

Victoria: female ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Jelly Bean's & Nic-o's litter of 11 F1B standard goldendoodle pups born on September 18
September 20

Jelly Bean was huge and getting uncomfortable. But she was still able to go for a good long run on Thursday, keeping up with the rest of us very well!

We had a very busy day of puppy evaluations and puppy pick ups along with combining on Saturday. Extra help was on hand that day, which was a God send, but at the end of the day I parked the combine at 10pm and went to check on the doggies before I headed to bed. Low and behold, I heard newborn cries! Here was Miss Jelly having pups! She was a real trooper and did everything textbook style, without reading up on how to be a mama!

There are 6 boys and 5 girls. Often times I'll name a litter by what's going on in our lives and this time I thought the theme of bridges would be appropriate. With so much division in this world bridges bring people together and unite (a little deep for naming a litter, I know).

I decided to name the pups after a bridge from each province. The boys are: Angus (NS), Bishop Falls (NFL), Chief Mistawis (SK), Granville (BC), Humber Bay (ON) and Icelandic (MB). The girls are: Confederation (PEI), DehCho (NWT), Malone (NB), Reconciliation (AB) and Victoria (QC).

This litter should grow to weigh 50-60 lbs average. There may be some smaller than that and some bigger. They'll be ready to go home starting the 13th of November!

I have 6 deposits for this litter and now I can start accepting more applications. Contact me if you're interested.

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