Zoey's and Dayo's 9 pups born on October 13, 2005

Standard Goldendoodle pups from a 55 lb reddish Golden Retriever dam and our 50 lb Standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Luigi has a home!
January 15

Thank you for all of your inquiries. Luigi has now found a new home with a great family!

Luigi (Brent) needs a new home
January 2

Luigi's last family called him "the perfect pup," but due to a member in his last family showing asthma complications Luigi is now available for adoption. Luigi comes when called, is polite, sits next to whomever called him and waits to be petted. He's an outgoing, loving, smart pup who loves kids, has amazing potential and will make someone an wonderful companion.

Although Luigi is still getting used to the kennel he sleeps throughout the night. He enjoys hanging out with his mom but really needs to be in his own home.

"Awwwh... my mom loves me!" -- ADOPTED

"I can do imitations... this is my jester look."

"Please... can I have a tummy rub!"

All of Zoey's pups are now adopted
December 5

"Hey did ya hear?" "No, what?" "What, what?" "No, this... we're all adopted!" "Yayyy!" "Do ya know what this means?" "No, what?" "Doggie treats for Christmas." "Yeah, and lots of hugs and snuggles!" "Yeah? And warm fireplaces, and a tree in the house, and..." "maybe kids??" "Sure, kids, of course..." "And a funny guy in a red suit." "All right!" "Who-hoo!!!"

As of this morning all of Zoey's pups are adopted... AND they will all be in their new homes before Christmas!

4 week update
November 11

Zoey's pups' personalities are still evolving and generally not one pup really stands out yet as being super hyper or shy. Both parents have sound personalities and have a great sense of humour. These pups have great potential.

The pups are now starting on a diet of solid food -- soft puppy food and raw meat. This week's raw meat special is venison. They are doing well in our puppy program and are getting aquainted with our daily routines... and now they've also discovered that shoe laces are such amazing little forms of entertainment!

Hank is a big boy with a fun personality, now named Turner. -- ADOPTED

Oscar is wavier and has no problem going to play on his own. -- ADOPTED

Davis is playful and handsome -- kind of looks like a cop eh? -- ADOPTED

Brent is the waviest boy and humourous... kind of like Brent Butt :-)... now he's Luigi. -- ADOPTED

K. Pelly is a big boy and is friendly and quiet. -- ADOPTED

River is the smallest boy, playful, but soft spoken. -- ADOPTED

Emma is the biggest, waviest girl and is mellow. -- ADOPTED

Lacey, the smallest, is very pretty and a little sweetheart: now called Hazel. -- ADOPTED

Wanda is playful and fun; she has the most red tones in her coat. -- ADOPTED

Zoey's nine pups arrive
October 13

Four days early 9 seemingly healthy, happy pups and a very, very good mom are doing well.

Zoey is a natural at motherhood (she had most of them on her own). I'm always amazed when the new moms know extactly what to do and are so careful and loving towards their little litter of pups.

The pups are named after one of our favorite sitcoms on Monday night - "CornerGas":

Those are the main characters' names. The last pup is named after the fictional town's name, "Dog River"... so he is "River".

Zoey - a great mom!

K. Pelly gets a kiss

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