Lilly's 5 pups born on June 21, 2004

Standard and Mini Labradoodle pups from a 60 lb dark Yellow Lab dam and a hired Toy Poodle k9 stud.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Lilly's pups are growing up
August 4

Littlefoot and Braun.

Summer days.

OK, hang on and pose!

Summer siesta.

The pups are doing great!
July 23

The pups are doing well and they're a joy to us. Littlefoot is the biggest pup, the Alpha male with tons of character. Petree and Shorty are exceptionally quiet pups, and don't fuss much over the early stimulation. Cera holds her own quite well with her bigger brothers. Braun is a handsome, gentle brute, the second biggest.

From left to right are Cera, Braun, Petree and Littlefoot with Shorty in the front.

Part of the daily routine
July 5

Petree receives early neurological stimulation...

... and then gets weighed.

The new mom lovin' her pups.
June 21

Lilly snuggles her new pups.

Chow time.

Lilly poses for a group shot.

The doting mother.

Lilly delivers on Father's Day!!!
June 21

With 16 people visiting for a Father's Day party, and another 7 who came to see the birth of Lilly's pups, we had a very busy day. The party still happened and the day went off without a hitch. We are exhausted, but happy. Lilly is snuggling tight with her pups and they're doing well. We'll post more details shortly.

Lilly and her litter of miniature Labradoodles due June 22nd
June 15

Lilly is getting big and her time is almost due. Her coming litter was sired by a toy poodle (who was last seen proudly handing out cigars). Lilly is our dark yellow lab and her litter of miniature Labradoodles will likely be apricot to cream in colour. We are still accepting deposits from those prospective owners who wish to reserve a pup from her litter.

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