Hazel's and Ryder's 7 pups born on November 2, 2019

F1B mini Goldendoodle pups from our soft-tempered and willing-to-please 65 lb F1 Goldendoodle dam and our fabulous small, miniature, red Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Hazel's and Ryder's F1B mini/medium goldendoodles at 4 weeks(ish)
November 30

Just look at these charming characters!! How could you not just love them!! Those eyes!!! (I do like my job by the way! Lol)

This is the darkest red F1B litter I'll have for a while. Both Hazel and Ryder had some pretty strong red genes, which do fade some in time.

These pups are doing fabulous. They live the luxury life of eating, sleeping, bathrooming -- and now they're starting to add clumsy play into their daily regime. Because Hazel has such an abundance of milk the pups have grown quite fast and are in good health.

I still feel this litter will range in weight between 20-45 lbs, but maybe up to 50? Their coats should be low to non-shedding. Choosing starts right after their vet visit on December 20. They can start going home at the very earliest on December 28.

I'm happy to keep the pups up to 12 weeks, or what works best for your family, as the chaos of Christmas festivities settle out. I start charging $50/week after pups are 10 weeks old and this fee includes their second shots.

I have 3 pups available in this litter. Please contact me for your last chance to include a Hazel and Ryder pup in your family!!

Hazel is retiring after this litter and I'll be looking for a home for her after her pups leave and she is spayed.

Swather: female ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Boss: male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Jack: male ~ black ribbon -- ADOPTED

Mechanic: male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Agronomist: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Combine Queen: female ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Trucker: female ~ purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Hazel's and Ryder's adorable F1B mini litter of 7 Goldendoodles born on November 2
November 4

Hazel's only sign she was in labour was that her appetite was low. When I saw her at 6 pm her demeanour was happy and her tail was a wagging. I'm convinced she had a plan to wait until chores were done as she knew I would not be hovering around her for a while. When I checked 3 hours later she was already done and her pups were dry and content.

There are 3 boys and 4 girls! Hazel's best attribute is being a great mama and she raises such confident and happy pups! This will be Hazel's fourth and last litter and we'll start to search for the perfect home for her after she's been spayed.

This litter should range between 20-45lbs and have a variety of wavy to curly, darker, apricot coats. The earliest these pups can go home is on December 28. I'm presently phoning folks on my wait list and waiting to hear back from them as they decide which litter they would like to choose a pup from. At this time I do believe I'll have availability in this litter.

Please contact me if you're interested in a pup from this litter, other litters which are due this month, or our upcoming litters.

The theme for this litter is "People and Skills needed to Harvest"

We often get a lot of questions as to what farming is like. There are not enough pups to name in this litter to entail all that happens here at harvest time, but here's a glimpse. It takes 2-6 people in a day to make things happen on our farm at harvest time. Many of us have several roles in a day.

First we have the Farmer "Boss" (Dean) who makes hundreds of decisions, organizes the team, and orchestrates the day. Our Agronomist (Robyn from COOP Ag) is an important part of our team who is a mentor and consultant in the many decisions we make in a day. We have a Swather, who cuts down our canola crops to help get them to cure and dry down in preparation to be combined (our neighbour Graeme did that for us this year, as our swather needs to be replaced).

I (Sonia) am the Combine Queen. This year we grew barley, wheat, peas and canola. We have Truckers and also grain cart operators (that includes Dean, our hired man John, and Dean's Dad Neil) whom I transfer my loads of grain from the combine to, and they haul them to the grain bins. Some years we make bales from the straw of the wheat or barley and we need a good baler (that man is Dean's dad, Neil).

Mechanic minded people need to be a part of this team (which includes everyone but myself! hence, that's why I call myself the Combine Queen -- I just know how to combine all sorts of crops in all sorts of conditions but just don't ask me to fix stuff ;) The last pup we'll call Jack, because we all need to be a Jack of all trades!

There are so many more roles each person has on our team like the grain dryer operator, fall field work operator, a sandwich chef, and someone of course to manage the dog chores when I'm on the combine! (I have the mornings to do all the main dog chores, exercising and socializing, before dew/frost is off the crops, but evening chores is either done by the truckers, a neighbour friend, and our kids when they're home from college!

Friendly neighbours are vitally important as well. We converse regularly on how wet grain has tested, the condition of the crops, ideas of what worked well and what didn't. They're an awesome source of knowledge and encouragement!

When one of us is finished combining before the others, most often we seek out someone to help who is not done yet. We've all been on the giving and receiving end of neighbours joining together to help. This year we were able to finish and then help out someone else down the road.

It was a very odd year with so much wet and cold weather. We combined over 5-6 weeks, but some weeks we were only able to combine 1-2 days because of the rain/snow and wet conditions. The shortest day we combined 4 hours, and the longest day was 24 hours straight! I can tell you, I was mighty glad that I didn't have any litters in October, but am so glad November is here now with combining done and pups on the way!

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