Our Girls

All of our girls have been health screened. With their excellent temperaments they are a joy to spend time with.

Basil is a jovial 75 lb golden retriever. She loves everyone and is exuberant about life. Basil has a way to make anyone smile. She's obedient and loves to fetch.

Reena is a 50 lb golden retriever. She's a softy and loves all the snuggles and attention.

Groovy is our charming, soft-natured, curious, 50 lb, F1 goldendoodle. Groove is so easy to have around. She wants to please, loves people and enjoys other dogs.

Munchkin, AKA Munchie, is a 43 lb F1 goldendoodle. She's a happy dog who can't get enough pets, enjoys runs, and is a real pal.

Jelly Bean is a 55 lb F1 goldendoodle. She's goofy, jovial and a very smart girly who loves to be the centre of attention getting all the cuddles.

Polly is a delightful 42 lb F1 goldendoodle. She has some spunk and curiosity in her nature with a high desire to please.

Cotton is our fluffy "Cotton Ball".

She has a huge love for rolling in the snow and chilling out in a snow bank. Cotton has a warm and delightful nature and is about 52 lbs of F1 goldendoodle.

Eliza Jane is an F1 medium goldendoodle. She weighs about 38 lbs. She's bright, inquisitive and a nice companion.

Mango is a 50lb F1 Goldendoodle. She's easy-going, enduring, a softy, and a family favourite. She comes from parti lines and we hope to see some parti pups with her throwing white/apricot spots.

Our Boys

All of our boys have health clearances. We pride ourselves on choosing such excellent temperaments and good looks.

Derby is a 12 lb miniature poodle boy. He's a sweetie who knows when someone needs extra love and snuggles right in. He does love being out with the other dogs and thinks he's as big as they are. His endearing stud name is Derbalicious! LOL!

Simon is a small moyen/medium poodle. He is 16" at the shoulder and just under 20 lbs. Simon is a friendly, jovial boy and loves his career of smoozing with the girls at Hearty K9s.

Abe is our handsome moyen poodle sire who comes from the States. He has a parti gene in him, but more importantly he has the sweetest, attentive, endearing temperament. Abe is smart and eager to please.

This boy weighs about 32 lbs and is 18" at the shoulder. I'm delighted to have Abe in our Hearty K9s program.

Marlo is a miniature poodle stud. He's 14" at the shoulder and about 17 lbs. Marlo is a jovial boy who is full of character and adoring cuddles... and always seems to know how to make us smile :)

See Our Past K9s for our buddies who have moved on.

Georgia with Sara

More photos

Horton being very showy

Misty goes for a kiss

Wanna dance?

The running of the dogs

Mouse! Somebody get it!

The race is on

Jag orders at A&W

Nite Nite's clip

Emily and Nite Nite

Nite Nite's prize

Kodiak... just a happy guy!

Peanut -- on the lookout

Sara and Rusty

Dayo in his winter coat

Did someone say haircut?

Bella and Lacy -- sisters

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