Molly's and Ryder's 9 pups born on April 28, 2013

Mini/Medium F1 Goldendoodle pups from our very sweet 55 lb Golden Retriever dam and our fabulous small, miniature, red Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Molly's pups at 4 weeks
May 28

Molly's pups are certainly hearty and healthy!! Molly has rich milk and her pups sure show it! They're quite a relaxed bunch at this point. The pups are enjoying softened kibble but will be crunching the hard stuff in a few days.

These pups are all spoken for and I have a long wait list for pups of this size. The next litters of this size are expected in the fall but they are not bred yet.

I am not taking any more deposits for mini/medium goldendoodles until we have more litters born.

Razzle Dazzle (Raz): male ~ with red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Dodger: male ~ with blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Fame: male ~ with orange ribbon -- ADOPTED

Cedar: male ~ with green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Cosmo: male ~ with checkered ribbon -- ADOPTED

Bella: female ~ with purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Shasta: female ~ with green/red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Kiowa: female ~ with purple/silver ribbon -- ADOPTED

Charlie: male ~ with brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

9 beautiful mini/medium F1 goldendoodle pups born to Molly
April 30

Molly and Ryder gave birth to 6 boys and 3 girls on Sunday evening, April 28th. The pups range in shades of apricot and all score pretty high in the cuteness factor!!

Molly was in labour during our daughter Sara's Light Horse 4H achievement day... so the theme we chose were some of the horse's names in the 4H club.

The boys are: Cosmo, Raz, Charlie, Dodger, Cedar and Fame. The girls are Shasta, Bella and Kiowa. These pups will be ready to go home the weekend of June 23rd.

All of these pups are spoken for and I have a long wait list at this time if anyone backs out. I plan to have more mini and/or medium goldendoodle litters (20-45 lbs) this fall with Winnie/Horton (F1 mediums), Juno/Ryder (F1B minis/mediums), and Georgia/Kodiak(F1B minis, mediums).

I take 5 deposits per litter before the pups are born. I'll take only 2 more deposits for fall mini/medium litters at this time. Please read through Tomorrow's pups for more details.

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