Ginger's and Ryder's 9 pups born on October 4, 2014

F1B medium Goldendoodle pups from our 30 lb red Goldendoodle dam and our fabulous small, miniature, red Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Austin is on the lookout for a home
November 19

The look on Austin's face in this photo tells how he feels about the snow I think, lol... too cute!! :) -- CHOSEN

Austin is an apricot, happy, medium to lower energy boy. He's social, loves people and is a good snuggler. My guess weight for him is for around 25 lbs and his coat should be light to non-shedding.

Austin will be ready to go home November 29. If you're interested in him, please submit your application and be ready to do the required readings on FAQ under Preparing for your Puppy.

Ginger's and Ryder's F1B mini goldendoodle pups at 4 weeks old
November 3

What an overdose of sweetness this litter is. Ginger is such a good mama and has very rich milk. She's only 30 lbs, but while feeding this litter she eats over a gallon of puppy kibble, and drinks close to 2 gallons of water, a day... and, get this girls, remains thin while her pups are plump!

The pups are just starting to develop their personalities and we wonder how much they'll be like the college students they were named after! lol :P Pretty sure they'll all turn out to be great friends/family members!!

At this time all of these pups are spoken for, unless someone has to back out for various reasons (this happens more often than not it seems). So if you're interested in being on a backup list for this litter, please contact me and send in your application.

Choosing will start for this litter after their 6 week shots on the weekend of November 15th and the pups will be ready to go home on the November 29th weekend.

Austin: male ~ brown ribbon -- CHOSEN

Anthony: male ~ blue ribbon -- CHOSEN

Chris: male ~ lime green ribbon -- CHOSEN

Jon: male ~ orange strips ribbon -- CHOSEN

Matthew: male ~ orange leaf ribbon -- CHOSEN

Nathaniel: male ~ black ribbon -- CHOSEN

Ryan: male ~ red checkered ribbon -- CHOSEN

Alisia: female ~ pink flowered ribbon -- CHOSEN

Rosalie: female ~ purple ribbon -- CHOSEN

Ginger's and Ryder's pups are born on October 4th!
October 6

Ginger and Ryder are proud parents of 9 darling mini F1B goldendoodles! They were born Saturday morning without incident. Ginger was very happy to show off her pups. It seems Ryder has been producing more boy pups lately -- or something is in our water! There are 7 boys and 2 girls!

I expect these pups to range from 12-30 lbs full grown. If the pups turn out like their parents, they'll be full of personality but on the calmer side.

I sent a photo text of the litter to Emily, my daughter (who goes to Millar College of the Bible in southern Saskatchewan), and she was thrilled to hear the news. We had considered previously the possibility to name a litter after some of her friends, but the ratios of boys to girls were never right and the numbers in each litter are never big enough to include all of her friends. We'll need to wait for a big litter of girls to use more of her female friend's names. These are the names of some of her good college friends (listed in alphabetical order, so as not to show our preferences for anyone... lol)

Emily's best female friends this year are Alicia and Rosalie. We get to hear a lot about these 2 friends all the time and look forward to seeing them at Thanksgiving when they'll be celebrating with us. The boys, whom we hear less about (as parents we remain curious but patient to hear more), are Anthony, Austin, Chris, Jon, Matthew, Nathaniel, and Ryan.

Emily looks forward to hearing stories of the pups as they grow, as she wonders if the pups will be anything like who they have been named after. Right now there is not much to say except who pooped on me, that the girls are smaller than the boys right now, and that they're all breathtakingly cute!! Their personalities will really start to bloom at 4 weeks and then we'll have a better idea about them after 6 weeks when the choosing process happens.

The choosing for this litter will be on the November 15th weekend and they'll be ready to go home on the November 29th weekend. I'm now accepting more deposits for this litter.

See how our choosing process works on FAQ and contact me if you're interested in one of these little ones!

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