Murphy's and Dayo's 10 pups born on September 6, 2004

Standard Labradoodle pups from a 75 lb light Yellow Lab dam and our 50 lb Standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

It's SNOW!!!
October 22

Murphy's pups have a chance to test out the slide hills...

...and they love playing king of the castle!

Here are more pics of the pups from Murphy's litter lined up for their mug shots. Their personalities and socialization are developing very well. Malachi, Connie K. and Jenny have all found new homes.

Bernard is a snuggler and loves lots of hugs. -- ADOPTED

Connie K. is a quiet and laid-back girl. -- ADOPTED

Eugene is a quiet, fun guy who hates the camera. -- ADOPTED

Timmy is a special guy who has a way of winning your heart. -- ADOPTED

Tom loves people and is the wooliest of the litter. -- ADOPTED

Wit is one fun loving, independent pup who doesn't mind spending some quiet time alone. -- ADOPTED

Jenny is full of fun and quite the little character. -- ADOPTED

Malachi, our messenger, loves people and will do well in his new home being trained as a service dog. -- ADOPTED

Mayor Fay is outgoing, loves to be with you and will be the first to come say hi. -- ADOPTED

Katrina is a heartbreaker with her big expressive eyes and playful personality. -- ADOPTED

Harvest Season UPDATE
October 2

It's harvest, 2 breakdowns already. We hope to have the canola in today, and the wheat is still left. Ah yes, and then there are the pups.

4 weeks old.

The pups personalities are developing and growing and changing. We expect to see even more development in the next 3 weeks. Now that harvest has passed we have more time to spend with visitors. You're welcome to drop in.

Malachi is very social, he likes to quietly come to be by your side and waits for attention.
Bernard is gentle, likes to hide in the crowd and is scoring well with the puppy program.
Eugene is a bit more adventuresome, responding well with adaptation in our puppy program.
Tom is a big brute, Ben's favourite, and is sure to be a great bosom friend.
Timmy is curious, gentle, and a real love.
Wit is full of energy, adventure and fun.
Jenny is a quiet, gentle girl and Emily's favourite. She is presently the smallest.
Mayor Fay stands out from the crowd. She speaks her mind, loves attention and is sure to be the first to greet you. She often has us laughing with her funny antics.
Connie K. is Sara's favourite, and is sure to get spoiled. She is gentle and compliant.
Katrina is quiet and likes to hide in the crowd, but by the look in her eye we're sure that will change within the next week.

Malachi is speaking again. -- ADOPTED

Bernard -- ADOPTED

Eugene -- ADOPTED


Timmy -- ADOPTED


Jenny -- ADOPTED

Mayor Fay -- ADOPTED

Connie K. -- ADOPTED

Katrina -- ADOPTED

...and some fun shots

Ben and Tom.

Bernard with his head buried.


...poking out of the leaves.

Murphy delivers ... and delivers ... and delivers
September 6

The long awaited night arrived! A few days beforehand we realized Murphy was not overdue but I had just miscalculated! She was actually due September 8. Murphy still wanted to play fetch just 6 hours before she gave birth. She gave us a new meaning for the term "active labour" :-)

We were glad to see the first pup arrive just before midnight. We call him Malachi because he was the messenger sent to tell us to stay up, "the time has come!!" All of his other siblings arrived in timely fashion. Murphy was understandably exhausted and "Grandma" Sonia here got to bed by 5 am. Our kids have decided to name this litter after the characters in the series of "Adventures in Odyssey".

Murphy is a wonderful new mom. She is a bit overwhelmed with 10 pups but is settling in to be a natural, easy-going mother. Altogether there are 6 boys and 4 girls weighing in at .75 to .9 lbs. They're all varying shades of cream. Dayo is a very proud papa.

Murphy playing 6 hours before giving birth.

Malachi - our messenger.

Murphy is a wonderful new mom...

...with 6 new boys and 4 new girls.

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