Brio's and Carter's 8 pups born on October 25, 2010

Mini/Medium F1 Goldendoodle pups from our beautiful red 60 lb Golden Retriever dam and our 12½", 13lb Miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Brio's 4 week update
November 24

Here are some 4 week old photos of Brio's pups. They're as cute as can be! The pups are starting to chew on softened kibble and are just stepping out of their whelping box into their nursery room to explore.

On a sad note, Frosty didn't live to make it to this photo deput. He was likely laid on by his mom, as the post mortum was inconclusive. We've taken it pretty hard here, but our Sara, even through her tears, made us smile... "he must have lost his hat!"

All of Brio's pups have deposits on them. Please check Tomorrow's Pups to see what we have planned in future litters.

Bell: silver/green ribbon ~ female -- ADOPTED

Gloria: purple ribbon ~ female -- ADOPTED

Herald: green ribbon ~ male -- ADOPTED

Jingle: green floral ribbon ~ female -- ADOPTED

Merry: brown and pink ribbon ~ female -- ADOPTED

Noel: light green ribbon ~ female -- ADOPTED

Shep: red ribbon ~ male -- ADOPTED

Brio's pups are born October 25
October 28

Brio had her pups in the wee hours of October 25. It was a delight to help her through and settle into her new role as mama. The whole thing was a bit overwhelming for her but she's settling in well and getting accustomed to her new job. She dotes over her little ones and is most proud of them. Carter is the man... he's struttin' his stuff and handing out doggy treats to celebrate! :-)

Eight pups were born to Brio and Carter: 3 boys and 5 girls in varying shades of apricot. It's too early to tell, but my guess is that they'll range from 25-40 lbs. They'll be 8 weeks old on December 20th... just in time for Christmas. I'm willing to hold the pups here until the week after Christmas if that suits schedules better or for when the chaos has settled down.

The first snow of the season was coming down as these pups were born and songs of Christmas rang through our house. We thought that naming them after a few Christmas carols would be fun.

The boys are: Herald, Frosty and Shep (Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Frosty the Snowman, and While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night).

The girls are: Jingle, Merry, Bell, Gloria and Noel (Jingle Bells, We Wish you a Merry Christmas, Silver Bells, Angels We Have Heard on High, Gloria, [Glooooooooria] and The First Noel!)

I've had a lot of inquires about these pups and most are now spoken for. I may have room for one more deposit, or you can be put on a wait list in case someone has to back out.

Contact me if you're interested in this litter or any upcoming litters.

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