Dolly's and Ryder's 9 pups born on December 24, 2018

F1 mini Goldendoodle pups from our sweet-natured and obedient Golden Retriever dam and our fabulous small, miniature, red Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Dolly's and Ryder's F1 mini/medium goldendoodle pups at 4 weeks old
January 22

Dolly is a fabulous mama and enjoys her pups, who are growing and developing very nicely. The pups are starting to exit their whelping box to toilet and they love their softened food. We look forward to see how these pups continue to develop and grow their personalities, since they already have their cuteness factor down pat.

Although it's too early to guess, I feel these pups may grow to weigh between 25-50 lbs. Their coats are starting to curl some, but it's still too early yet to know who will be low or heavier shedders.

The pups are scheduled to see the vet for their wellness check, vaccines and microchips on February 6. Choosing will begin on the February 8 weekend. They can go home after February 18, but I don’t mind holding a pup for an extra week or two.

I have a couple of spots left in this litter. Contact me if you're interested and check out our FAQ on how our adoption process works.

Dopp i Grytan : male ~ white crown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Herring: male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Lutefisk: male ~ blue striped ribbon -- ADOPTED

Meatball: male ~ brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Potato Sausage (Tater): male ~ plaid ribbon -- ADOPTED

Krum Kake (Krummy): female ~ purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Lefsa: female ~ lime flowered ribbon -- ADOPTED

Lingonberry: female ~ apple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Rice Puddin': female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Dolly's and Ryder's F1 mini goldendoodle pups born December 24
December 27

Dolly and Ryder are proud to announce their litter of F1 mini goldendoodle pups!

After 2 days of common progressive labour (loss of appetite and restlessness), the pups started to come at 7pm on Christmas Eve! Just as soon as the evening church service was over and I checked my phone, the first pup appeared. My surveillance camera was a real treasure this holiday season!

This is Dolly’s first litter and she sure is a natural! I wish I was that good my first round!! Lol. There are 9 pups, 5 boys and 4 girls. With the help of some #heartyk9s_home followers contributing their thoughts via Instagram and after much deliberation we came up with yet another different Christmas theme (as we have had so many over the years).

The pups are named after a Swedish Christmas dinner! The boys are: Dopp i Grytan (Doop-a greet-a), Herring, Lutefisk, Meatball and Potato Sausage. The girls are called: Krum Kake (croom caw caw), Lefsa, Lingonberry and Rice Pudding. Yes, some crazy names, and maybe why we didn’t have this theme before! No worries, Doop, Croomy and Puddin’ will have new names when they get to their new homes!

I expect these pups to grow to between 25-40 lbs on average. Some may get bigger (up to 55lbs) and sometimes there's a smaller one (about 20 lbs). The pups can go home the end of February. Choosing will happen between February 9-16, most likely.

I do have several people on my waitlist wanting this size, but their timing does not work well... so there's availability in this litter!! Contact me if you're interested.

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