Peanut's and Brixx' 12 pups born on January 28, 2010

Standard F1 Goldendoodle pups from a 60 lb red Golden Retriever dam and our fun-loving and bouncy 50 lb apricot Standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Peanut's Curling is looking for a home
April 10

Curling is 10 weeks old in this photo. She is more middle of the road in energy and not overly dominant. Curling will likely be a minimal shedder. She has a sweet enduring nature like her mom and aims to please. -- CHOSEN

If you would like to give a home to Curling, please contact me.

Peanut's Curling, Ski Jump and Torch
March 22

Curling is a moderate high energy girl. She sports a non-shedding type coat. This girl plays well on her own and still comes when you call her. My guess weight for her is 60-65 lbs. -- CHOSEN

Ski Jump is a big curly boy! Ski has a quieter nature about him and is very people orientated. When taking these photos he focused more on me than the distractions around him. He has some good qualities of a potential service dog. Ski will likely grow to be closer to 75-80 lbs. -- CHOSEN

Torch is full of energy and fun. He has a curly non-shedding type coat. Torch loves to play with sticks and is very interactive. He would do great in agility. My guess weight for this boy is 60-65 lbs. -- CHOSEN

Peanut's and Brixx' pups by the dozen -- at 4 weeks old
February 26

The pups are all dark apricot and some red. They'll likely stay the darkest out of all the other litters, but some may fade as they age. My guess weight ranges for this litter are between 45-75 lbs.

These pups will be 8 weeks old on March 25th and will be right and ready to be in their very own homes.

Please contact me if you're interested in one of these stunning standard goldendoodles.

Biathalon: female, green collar -- CHOSEN

Bobsled: male, grey collar -- CHOSEN

Curling: female, crochet collar -- CHOSEN

Flame: female, red collar -- CHOSEN

Freestyle: female, yellow collar -- CHOSEN

Hockey: male, red collar -- CHOSEN

Nordic: male, brown collar -- CHOSEN

Olympia: female, rainbow collar -- CHOSEN

Ski Jump: male, black collar -- CHOSEN

Slalom: female, burgundy/yellow collar -- CHOSEN

Speed Skate: male, blue collar -- CHOSEN

Torch: male, orange/white collar -- CHOSEN

Peanut's pups at 12 days old
February 9

I wish I could capture more moments of these wonderful little pups as they're growing. Peanut's pups are just starting to open their eyes and all are doing well! I thought I would share a few photos of the litters for your viewing pleasure.

Peanut's Olympic Team
January 31

Peanut had 12 beautiful red and dark apricot pups on January 28th. So far the pups are all thriving and Peanut is a very attentive mama. Brixx is a mighty proud papa too! These pups will range in size from 50-80 lbs at my guess. Their colours will either stay red or some will fade to a darker apricot.

We decided that Peanut's and Brixx's 12 pups would be named after the Winter Olympics. The boys are Bobsled, Hockey, Speed Skate, Nordic, Torch and Ski Jump. The girls are Curling, Slalom, Biathlon, Flame, Olympia, and Freestyle.

They will be 8 weeks old on March 25th and will be ready to go to their new homes at that time. I'm now taking more deposits for Standard Goldendoodles. Approximatley 1/2 of my present litters are spoken for.

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