Becca's and Jag's 8 pups born on January 1, 2008

Mini F1 Goldendoodle pups from a mild-mannered 50 lb Golden Retriever dam and our marvelous white 12" Miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

4 weeks and counting for Becca's pups
January 30

What a sweet bunch of pups. I can see traits from both Becca and Jag in their personalities -- they're more relaxed and gentle. The pups are different shades of cream and light apricot.

All these pups have homes. Those people with deposits are anxiously waiting for the updated photos.

Becca's pups will be ready to go home the last week in February. Time will go quickly.

Breezy is a beautiful little apricot girl. -- ADOPTED

Chinook, or "Nooky", is a gentle little photogenic girl. -- ADOPTED

Dawn is a beautiful little apricot girl... a little sunshine! -- ADOPTED

Drift is a playful little apricot boy. -- ADOPTED

Echo is a sweet little girl, a sweet little girl. -- ADOPTED

Frosty is cool cream boy. -- ADOPTED

Gust is easily swayed.  :-)   He's a friendly little going concern. -- ADOPTED

Misty is the smallest girl. -- ADOPTED

Becca and Jag bring in the New Year with 8 mini Goldendoodles!!
January 5

Congratulations to Becca and Jag on 8 New Year's day baby F1 Mini Goldendoodles!!!

Becca gave birth the evening of New Year's day at the rate of 2 pups per hour. This being her first litter she was overwhelmed, but she is now settling in on being a good mama and is caring well for her 3 boys and 5 girls.

The weather took a change the last few days so we thought a "weather" theme would be in order.

We've named the pups: Drift, Gust and Frosty (the boys) and Breezy, Chinook, Dawn, Echo and Misty (the girls).

These pups have all been spoken for at this time.

Breezy enjoys the warmth.

Misty sings a song of joy.

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