Sally's and Jag's 10 pups born on June 14, 2005

Mini/Medium Goldendoodle pups from a very small (40 lb) Golden Retriever dam and our white Miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

The "pup days" of summer update
Aug 5

All of Sally's and Jag's pups are now adopted. We had many more prospective adoptive families than Sally and Jag had pups, but the proud parents think that's the way it should be.

Here are a few more photos of the pups in the summer of 2005.

Spring's summer snooooooze!! -- ADOPTED

Happy conducts Beethoven's Ninth Symphony to the laid-back pups.

Hey Fetch! wanna play fetch? yeah? -- ADOPTED

Chip watches the sun go down on another summers' lazy day. -- ADOPTED

Lucy is such a sweetheart!!! -- ADOPTED

Kirby takes the photo session in stride - he's a cool character! -- ADOPTED

Kicks has been out having fun in the puddles. -- ADOPTED

The ever-inquisitive Peanut. -- ADOPTED

Luke, with the adorable eyes! -- ADOPTED

Those of you who follow these pages closely have noticed Amber isn't here. Amber didn't make it. Even the kids are accepting the facts about life and death on the farm... they've taken it better than me, once again.

25 day update
July 9

The pups huddle while the kids take a snack break in the K9 living room.

The pups are doing well. They're growing, but not like any other litter we've had. My guess is that they'll range from 15-45 lbs. But, again, it's all guessing.

The kids take them into the cool K9 living room to play and snuggle with them. They love these puppies. The kids are so much help now... I love summer holidays.

People are coming out to choose the pups and I'll give you more details as to which ones are choosen later. We have inquiries almost daily but we still have one or two left to find homes for.

Sara's favourites -- Luke, Fetch and Chip.

Luke is the smallest boy and a real sweety. Fetch is curious and smart. He's starting to really enjoy our snuggles. Chip is the biggest boy... quiet and relaxed.

The girls -- Amber, Spring and Lucy.

Amber is the runt and she may stay very small. She's Emily's favourite. Spring is full of the dickens and loves a good snuggle. Lucy is the biggest girl. She's gentle and loving and is Ben's favourite.

My favourites -- Kirby and Kicks.

The Green (ribbon) team... Kirby is a medium size from this litter. He is a little character. Kicks is another of Ben's favorites. He seems well rounded and fun-loving.

Everyone loves these two!! -- Happy and Peanut.

Happy is easy going and quiet. Peanut was the smallest boy when born but he's growing fast and full of character.

Both of these boys are special to all of our hearts... there is just something about them.

Sally's and Jag's litter
June 14

Our new mini Goldendoodles. All are healthy, snuggled close up to Mom and doing what they do best - eating and sleeping. The kids have named the 7 boys and 3 girls after their favourite Beanie Babies - Lucy, Spring, Amber, Luke, Kirby, Kicks, Chip, Peanut, Happy and Fetch.

We still have a couple of openings for deposits for the boys. If you're interested please contact us.

Dean has taken on a new role of mid-wifery, mid-man, AKA, Doggy Dula!! This is Dean's first litter he was able to help with delivery and he and Sally did a great job. The pups started to appear about 1:30 am on June 14th and Sally was totally exhausted after having 10 pups by 5:30 am!! Sally is a natural, and we are so proud of her. Personally, I'm very proud of Dean.

Sally's and Jag's litter
June 14

The pups snuggled up to Mom

Sally is a great Mom!

"Ahhh, not behind the ears!"

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