Orca's and Kodiak's 8 pups born on February 9, 2013

Mini F1B Bernedoodle pups from our 30 lb Miniature Bernedoodle dam and our 15" chocolate full Miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Orca's pups are all adopted!
March 27

I have 3 pups left for adoption from Orca's litter. They were all spoken for, but plans change. These pups can go home as early as April 5th.

Submit an adoption form and contact us if you are seriously interested in one of these pups.

Jane Blonde is a sweet cuddly girl. She's happy to play with others and on her own. Her coat looks like she will be a light to non-shedder. I believe that according to the size she is now, she'll grow to be about 30-35 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Maxwell is a uniquely-coloured boy with a very sweet and cuddly nature. His coat looks like he'll likely be a non-shedder and he should grow to be about 30 lbs, give or take. -- ADOPTED

Magnum PI is the biggest of the litter and will be the tallest. He's a jovial, sweet fun-loving character who will likely be non-shedding and may become a dark brown colour. I believe Magnum will grow to be 35 lbs or so. -- ADOPTED

Orca's pups at 4 weeks
March 7

Orca's and Kodiak's 'Spy' litter are growing and doing very well. They currently seem to be a more relaxed litter, but we'll see what the next few weeks hold.

These pups vary a lot in size, in colour -- and I'm sure in personality as the pups are just starting to bud. I believe the smallest ones may stay under 20 lbs, and the biggest ones may be upwards of 40 lbs or so. They'll be ready to go home April 6th.

These pups are spoken for unless someone has an unexpected change of plans. Our next mini bernedoodles will not be until next year this time... if things go as planned.

Jane Blond: female -- dark apricot with white markings ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Maxwell Smart: male -- dark brown/black markings with small white on chest ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Magnum PI: male -- blackish-brown with white chest ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Inspector Gadget: male -- dark brown with black markings and white on chest and toes ~ orange ribbon -- ADOPTED

James Bond: male -- dark apricot with white markings ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Sherlock Homes: male -- black with small white on chest ~ brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Agent 99: female -- black/brown phantom ~ purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Nancy Drew: female -- light apricot with white markings ~ flowered ribbon -- ADOPTED

Orca and Kodiak are very proud parents of 8 F1B mini bernedoodles!!
February 12

Orca gave birth on Saturday, February 9th to a very beautiful and large variety of pups. The pups not only vary in size and coat, but oh the colours!!! I didn't expect to behold this unique rainbow!! Then there are the masked ones...

I have as yet to find out if there's a name for their colour pattern! Kodiak carries apricot in him and so does Orca's dad, so that's where the apricot came from. The phantom girl looks just like Kodiak's mom!

There are 5 boys and 3 girls. The boys: 2 black/brownish, 1 apricot, and 2 unique dark brown with black mask and a strip down the back. Of the girls, two are apricot and one is a phantom (black with brown markings). All the pups have some white on the chest except the phantom.

Because of the unique mask on the 2 boys we came up with a spy theme. The boys are James Bond, Inspector Gadget, Maxwell Smart, Magnum PI, and Sherlock Homes. The girls are Jane Blonde, Nancy Drew and Agent 99.

I have yet to contact my wait list for this litter. I may still have an opening for a deposit if someone backs out. My next litter of mini bernedoodles will be approximately a year from now... if all goes well.

These pups will be ready to go home on April 6th.

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