Tetley's and Marlo's 5 pups born on February 21, 2019

Mini F1 Corgidoodle pups from our affectionate and jovial, red and white Pembroke Gorgi dam and our 14", 17 lb adoring and cuddly miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Tetley's and Marlo's F1 mini Corgidoodle pups born February 21
February 27

Tetley was somewhat perplexed by little Mr. Reef when he made his entrance! She had never birthed a toy that was so interactive! Lol. I sat with her to help settle her down, and once Mr. Ya-Man appeared she was getting the hang of things and her maternal instincts took over. The girls came next and we named them Montego, Snorkel and Reggae! (Dean and I had a wonderful get-away in Jamaica in January, hence the Jamaican flavoured theme!)

The pups got a slow start as it took a while for Tetley’s milk to all come in but now they're well on their way and gaining daily! We were a might surprised with the colours that arrived on-scene from 2 apricot parents, but as it turns out there are phantom genes in both parents from 2 generations back! Lol.

These pups should range in size from 15-25 lbs. We'll see how their coats turn out. They'll likely shed some, if they're at all like our last litter of corgidoodles. These guys could start going home as early as April 18 but I'm willing to hold them for a of couple weeks to help accommodate people’s schedules.

Pricing for these pups are:

I have 3 spots currently available in this litter. If you're interested, please submit your adoption form.

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