Reese's and Ryder's 9 pups born on May 19, 2014

Moyen Poodle pups from a 55 lb apricot Standard Poodle dam and our fabulous small, miniature, red Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Reese's remaining pups at 7 weeks old
July 9

We still have a few pups left from Reese's and Ryder's moyen/medium sized poodle pups. They're such a great crew of pups. A couple of the pups who have homes already will have a side job as therapy dogs, one in a trauma centre, and the other in a psychologist's office.

Poodles are non-shedding and I have left their tails natural. It's your choice for how you want to trim them. Some people give them a doodle cut and they end up looking like the curliest F1B goldendoodles, while others like the various poodle cuts. The fun thing with coats like these -- you can have a different looking dog every couple of months! lol

The pups will be ready to go to their new homes on July 12th. See how our choosing process works on FAQ and contact us if you're interested.

Heart is a sweet girl who loves a good toy and snuggle. My guess weight for her is 30 lbs. -- CHOSEN

Joker is a jovial, sweet girl. She loves a good cuddle but plays well on her own too -- guess weight: 25 lbs. -- CHOSEN

Queen is the smallest girl. She loves a good tummy rub and snuggles, and holds her own amongst her siblings. Guess weight is 18-20 lbs. -- CHOSEN

Spade is a lovely girl. She's a great snuggler, attentive, and plays well on her own too. Guess weight: 25-30 lbs. -- CHOSEN

King is the smallest male. He's a friendly, jovial boy who plays well on his own and with others. I guess his weight will be around 25 lbs. -- CHOSEN

Reese's and Ryder's Moyen Poodle pups at 4 weeks old
June 16

Ryder and Reese -- too happy for words

Reese and Ryder have lots to be proud of with their litter of moyen (medium) poodles. They're showing a lot of the wonderful personalities of their calm beautiful parents (just as I was hoping). With Reese weighing 55 lbs, and Ryder only 12 lbs, their smallest pups will range between 20 lbs up to the bigger ones at around 40 lbs (and then everything in between for the rest).

Poodles are smart, goofy, excellent companions and non-shedding. Reese has a nurturing side that has a real calming effect. Hearing back from Reese's litter last year with Dayo, their pups have turned out wonderful and a couple of families have said their growing pup is excellent for calming therapy for those who suffer from anxiety (see Yesterday's pups).

Those people with deposits for this litter will start to choose their pups after July 1st. The pups can go home after July 12th when they reach 8 weeks of age. See how our choosing process works on FAQ.

I'm still taking deposits for this litter. The pups are $1250 each. Please contact us for more information.

Heart: apricot female ~ pink ribbon -- CHOSEN

Joker: apricot female ~ plaid ribbon -- CHOSEN

Queen: apricot female ~ yellow ribbon -- CHOSEN

Spade: apricot female ~ green ribbon -- CHOSEN

King: apricot male ~ yellow/orange ribbon -- CHOSEN

Club: apricot male ~ brown ribbon -- CHOSEN

Jack: cream male (biggest boy) ~ red/green ribbon -- CHOSEN

Ace: apricot female ~ blue ribbon -- CHOSEN

Diamond: apricot female ~ cream/gold ribbon -- CHOSEN

Reese's and Ryder's litter came early on May 19, 2014
May 24

Reese surprised us all by having her pups a week early on May 19th!! They're doing amazingly well, and are growing nicely. These pups are medium-sized poodles, often referred to as Klein, or moyen poodles. With Ryder as their father only weighing 12 lbs, and with Reese at 55lbs, the smallest ones should stay around the 20 lb mark and the biggest will be around 40 to 45 lbs -- and then everything in between.

With both parents having such exceptional characters we look forward to seeing how this bunch of pups turn out. There are 3 boys and 6 girls. Our teens thought of this theme for naming them after playing a few card games: Club, King, Jack, and Joker, Ace, Diamonds, Hearts, Queen and Spade.

These pups will be ready to go home the July 12 weekend and choosing will happen during the first week in July. I'm still taking deposits on this beautiful litter. Contact me if you're interested or have any questions.

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