Mango's and Nic-o's 13 pups born on March 16, 2022

F1B medium Goldendoodle pups from our Parti softy 50lb F1 Goldendoodle dam and our 55 lb stunning standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Mango's and Nic-o's F1B standard sized pups at 8 weeks old
May 12

Aberdeen is a softy. She quietly comes up to me to sit at my feet. This girl does not exude with confidence but she's gaining more daily! She's just a sweet companion who needs some time and patience. Aberdeen rates highly for a retired, less active person, or for folks who work -- as she entertains herself very well. She would also be good for a family with young kids. -- ADOPTED

Laddie is a human focused boy who's willing to work for his person. He has strong nerve strength, medium energy, loves cuddles, fetches, and is highly tender-hearted. This boy rates highly for an emotional support dog in a therapy sense. He's good for a retired active person but would also do well as a facility dog. -- ADOPTED

Hamish is a card! He loves loves toys! This guy comes running when you call and snuggles in for cuddles! He has a higher prey drive and loves to play! Hamish is rated good for kids over 10, a retired person, emotional support and/or a facility dog (one you can take to work). He could be used in highly emotional situations, like a funeral home dog, or as a high school mascot. Hamish loves all the snuggles but plays well on his own too. He's quite flat-coated, which means he'll have minimal coat care (but might shed). -- ADOPTED

Haggis has been a very timid boy up until he was 7 weeks old but now is nicely starting to blossom. He requires patience and time and would do best in a quieter home. Although he's now becoming more outgoing and playful, we'll see how he develops. This boy is presently rated good for a retired, less active person, or in a quieter home where people work. As he continues to gain confidence he may also do well with kids under 10. -- ADOPTED

Lassie is the smallest of her litter. She's sweet, has good nerve strength, loves cuddles, and fetches. This girl rates highly for therapy work and as an emotional support dog. She's good for an active, retired person, or for kids under 10. -- ADOPTED

Perth was feisty when she was tiny and now has mellowed out a lot, but she needs a little time to warm up to a new person. She plays well independently but also loves to snuggle. Perth is rated highly for being good for a family with kids, a less active retired person, and also for therapy work such as a comfort dog. -- ADOPTED

Mango's and Nic-o's F1B standard goldendoodle pups at 4 weeks
April 13

Four weeks has flown by so fast, it seems! These gorgeous pups are blossoming into some very sweet characters! They've started on softened food and are starting to wander out of their whelping box to bathroom. Some seem to have excess skin on them that they'll have to grow into, hence their furrowed brows. Lol.

The pups are stunning with their vibrant colours and white markings! Mango has always given me such nice tempered pups.

I have plenty of availability in this litter! I expect the pups will range from 45-65 lbs, although Laddie may be bigger! Lol.

Contact me if you're interested in this litter!

Aberdeen: female ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Laddie: male ~ green snowflake ribbon -- ADOPTED

Hamish: male ~ red plaid ribbon -- ADOPTED

Haggis: male ~ black ribbon -- ADOPTED

Lassie: female ~ flowered ribbon -- ADOPTED

Perth: female ~ apple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Edinburgh: male ~ keys ribbon -- ADOPTED

Rabbie: male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Scottie: male ~ red/blue/white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Bonnie: female ~ turquoise ribbon -- ADOPTED

Paisley: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Mango's and Nic-o's 13 F1B standard goldendoodles born March 16
March 23

Mango had a very quiet labour and delivery. She's often very tired and requires help at the end of her large litters, but this time she did well with very little help. After we went to bed she then delivered another on her own to make a baker's dozen! Unfortunately, Mac and Dundee didn't thrive past their third day.

The theme for this litter is Scottish, being born one day away from being Irish for St. Pats! lol

The boys are: Edinburgh, Haggis, Hamish, Laddie, Rabbie and Scottie.
The girls are: Aberdeen, Bonnie, Lassie, Paisley and Perth.

I expect the size range for these pups to be 45-65 lbs. They'll be able to go to their new homes after May 11.

I have lots of availability in this litter, please contact me if you'd like a pup from Mango's new litter!

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