Georgia's and Kodiak's 9 pups born on December 11, 2014

F1B mini/medium North American Retriever doodle pups from our 42 lb North American Retriever doodle dam and our 15" chocolate full Miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Available puppies! -- Saturday, February 21st
February 21

I also have available Georgia's Two.

Two is a confident and smart boy. He will grow to be 40-45 lbs and may shed a bit, but likely not at all. -- CHOSEN

My next litter of medium and larger sized F1 Goldendoodles from Winnie and Horton are confirmed pregnant and are due March 12. I'm now taking deposits on their litter.

We have pups available!!
January 25

Sometimes folks wonder just who is available. Normally I have people with deposits choose from a litter when the pups are 6 weeks old, and after that is when I know who exactly is left.

As of today, (January 25th), I have:

See details for each litter on the side bar under "Current litters". All of Jam's and Tilly's pups are spoken for.

We have 4 delightful and uniquely coloured pups available in Georgia's and Kodiak's litter. They all have low to non-shedding type coats. This litter is able to go home after February 6th.

Please contact us if you're interested in any of the litters!

Two is the biggest boy. He has a nice curly, non-shedding type coat. He is energetic and playful, with a sweet personality. My guess weight for him is 45 lbs give or take. -- CHOSEN

Six is the smallest girl. She has no fear and is a higher energy, curly, non-shedding type coated puppy. Yet she is ready for a nice calm snuggle when you pick her up. My guess weight for her is 20-25 lbs. -- CHOSEN

Seven is the biggest girl. She's more middle of the road energy-wise, plays well on her own and with others. She has a non-shedding type, curly, coat. My guess weight for her is 30-40lbs. -- CHOSEN

Three is the smallest boy. He has a more shaggy type coat. Three has a soft and gentle, but playful, personality. My guess weight for him is 30-35 lbs. -- CHOSEN

Georgia's/Kodiak's F1B Medium/Mini North American Retriever Doodles at 4 weeks -- AKA Lab/Golden/ Poodle cross, or AKA Double Doodle
January 9

What a sweet little litter this is!! The pups have a huge range of coats and colours. They're starting to discover the world outside of the whelping box and ready to take on softened food. Very soon they'll be crunching at kibble!

I believe these pups will range in weight from 25-45 lbs. They'll be ready to go home after February 5th. Folks will come to choose their pup the January 23/24th weekend.

I do have a couple of spots open for this gorgeous litter. Please contact me if you're interested! See how our choosing process works and the books we require reading on FAQ.

Two: black male ~ green ribbon -- CHOSEN

One: black male ~ red ribbon -- CHOSEN

Three: black male ~ blue ribbon -- CHOSEN

Four: apricot male ~ green/red ribbon -- CHOSEN

Five: black female ~ pink ribbon -- CHOSEN

Six: black and tan female ~ orange ribbon -- CHOSEN

Seven: black and tan female ~ pink/purple ribbon -- CHOSEN

Eight: apricot female ~ blue dot ribbon -- CHOSEN

Nine: apricot female ~ white/flowered ribbon -- CHOSEN

Georgia's and Kodiak's Bonus litter!!
December 15

Georgia's and Kodiak's mini/medium F1B North American Retriever Doodle litter, (lab/golden retriever cross poodle) born December 11, 2014. 9 weeks ago it was the end of harvest season on our farm. I had been watching Georgia and thought she may be coming into season. I bred her only once, (artificial insemination) but she didn't seem to be acting properly, nor was Kodiak, to believe she was in full season. So I waited and nothing changed, so I thought she didn't have a full cycle this round.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed Georgia had a weight problem happening... and much to our surprise she was pregnant. I now believe that Georgia and Kodiak had a tiff and that's why they were at odds. If they were on Facebook they may have changed their relationship status to, "It's complicated". lol

Georgia is our childrens' dog and they're thrilled to have a litter from her this year! Georgia and Kodiak are proud to announce the arrival of 9 beautiful pups! (amazing with only one breeding!) There are 4 boys, and 5 girls. The boys' colours are 3 blacks and 1 apricot. The girls' are 1 black, 2 phantom (black and tan), and 2 apricots. They're absolutely gorgeous and it is the one of the few litters I get darker colours with! My guess weight for these pups is around 20-45 lbs.

Georgia is an amazing and attentive mama. My teens have the choice to name them. My oldest in college, Emily, has been asking to name a litter after numbers for a while and I had said that numbers are not creative enough. They think that's funny, so being that this is their litter... the boys are named: One, Two, Three, and Four. The girls are: Five, Six, Seven, Eight and Nine! lol

These pups can go home after February 5th. The choosing process for the pups will happen most likely around the January 24th weekend. I have lots of room for this litter for deposits since it wasn't planned just yet! This is a great chance to get in on a sweet litter of minis/mediums. If you're looking for gift for Christmas, put the required reading books under the tree, (see homework on FAQ) instead of a puppy... all the better to prepare for your new family member!

Because these are our children's pups, there will be no GST. They are $1715.00 (instead of $1800).

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