Maci's and Ryder's 11 pups born on September 4, 2014

Mini/medium F1B pups from our 57 lb poster F1 goldendoodle dam and our fabulous small, miniature, red Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Rush is available!!
November 19


Rush is a delightful, intelligent, social and calmer boy. My guess weight for him is around 40 lbs according to his size now. His coat is curling up nicely and I think he will be a low/ minimal shedder. He is already doing very well on leash.

Rush is ready to go. Be prepared to do the required readings on FAQ under Preparing for your Puppy.

Contact me if you're interested. Have your application ready to be sent, (emailed or faxed)!

3 pups remain from Maci's litter
October 20

Because of timing, size, and new US regulations we have some puppies available from Maci's litter. The pups that remain seem to take on the size of Maci and not so much Ryder at all. They're beautiful, well-adjusted pups, and so much fun!

Please see how our choosing process works on FAQ and submit your application if you're interested in one of these charming pups. See also the required reading on FAQ under Preparing for your puppy.

Cheerleader is an adventurous, energetic girl. She's very smart, jovial, and loves a good snuggle. My guess weight for her is around 50 lbs. She has a low to non-shedding type coat. -- CHOSEN

Punter has a more relaxed, wavy, apricot coat and is also pretty easy-going in nature. He's fun-loving and jovial. My guess weight for him is 60ish pounds. -- CHOSEN

Quarterback is a big ,curly, reddish boy with a non-shedding type coat. He is a mellow but happy boy, likes to play and be by your side. My guess weight for him is around 65 lbs. -- CHOSEN

Maci's and Ryder's medium F1B pups at 4 weeks old
October 3

The football team is on their game and doing great! There are quite a variety of sizes in this litter and it made it challenging at first for the smaller ones to fight their way to the milk bar. With some extra feedings and strategic feeding plans the smallest ones started to thrive well on their own after a couple of weeks. The pups are now eating softened kibble and certainly enjoying that variety in their diet.

At this time these pups are all spoken for, unless some people on this list decide to choose from Ginger's litter instead. The pups will be ready to be viewed and chosen after their 6 week vaccinations, from October 16th on.

They will be ready to go to their new homes by October 30th. I would gladly keep the pups here until November 1st... as Halloween visitors would be too scary of an introduction to their new homes.

Rush: apricot male ~ dark green collar -- CHOSEN

Coach: apricot male ~ plaid collar -- CHOSEN

Defense: apricot male ~ brown lace collar -- CHOSEN

Punter: apricot male ~ pear collar -- CHOSEN

Quarterback: apricot male ~ lime green collar -- CHOSEN

Rookie: apricot male ~ red/green collar -- CHOSEN

Tackle: apricot male ~ dark blue collar -- CHOSEN

Touchdown: apricot male ~ orange collar -- CHOSEN

Cheerleader: apricot female ~ pink collar -- CHOSEN

Victory: apricot female ~ cream lace collar -- CHOSEN

Veer: apricot female ~ pink/purple collar -- CHOSEN

Maci's and Ryder's pups born September 4, 2014
September 6

Maci and Ryder proudly welcome a huge litter of 11 F1B mini/medium goldendoodle pups born September 4, 2014. The pups are a huge range of sizes at this time... we'll wait until they're closer to six weeks old to guess their adult weights.

There are 8 boys and 3 girls. The theme is football terms, as football season is upon us! The boys are named: Coach, Defense, Punter, Quarterback, Rookie, Rush, Tackle, and Touchdown. The girls are: Cheerleader, Victory and Veer.

These pups will be chosen after October 17th and will be able to go home around Halloween! At this time I'm calling the people on the mini/medium wait list. If all choose from this litter then they're all spoken for, but if someone backs out one pup may be available.

The next litter due is from Ginger, but she's not showing any signs of pregnancy. No other dogs are bred yet and no one else will be ready this year... we just keep waiting!!

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