Sally's and Toby's 7 pups born on January 7, 2007

Mini/Medium Goldendoodle pups from a 55 lb reddish Golden Retriever dam and our cinnamon-coloured 12" Miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Memphis needs a home
February 26

Memphis giving a paw! -- ADOPTED

Memphis is an active, social character. He's out to play hard and ready to learn. Memphis has a great coat that looks like he will not be a shedder. My guess for his size is about 35lbs.

4 weeks and small change for Sally's pups
February 14

The date was supposed to say February 5, however... sigh! What can I say, it's flu season! How about an almost 6 week update? Ray the web guy sends his regrets.

All of these pups have very nice coats, typical of Sally's pups. As I have mentioned before, these pups personalities are just budding and I expect lots of changes in the next few weeks.

I do have a home for all these pups but one is dependent on whether he/she causes an allergic reaction.

Gloria is a little social creature. She is adventuresome and has a sweet, budding nature. -- ADOPTED

Happy Feet is the bigger of the 3 girls. She has a tinge of brown to her coat and loves her snuggles. -- ADOPTED

LoveLace is a funny guy, a good snuggler, and one of the smaller boys. -- ADOPTED

Memphis a quite a character and has a very handsome face. -- ADOPTED

Mumble is Sara's favourite. He is a confident fellow. -- ADOPTED

Norma Jean is a sweet little girl. What a cutie! -- ADOPTED

Raul is a fun character in the making. He is the smallest boy at this time. -- ADOPTED

7 pups a snorin'

Sally brings in the new year with 7 pups!
January 10

Sally is a great mama and all the pups are doing well.

Sally's pups were warmly welcomed into the world 2 days early -- on Sunday morning, January 7, 2007.

The pups were born in a 3 hour period starting around 6 am. Sally is an old pro and we had no concerns. She was taking it all in stride and is a wonderful Mom. Sally was not even phased when she gave us our first black goldendoodle pups! I guess Toby, the proud papa, has some black genes in him as well!

There are 3 girls and 4 boys. Two of the girls are black and the rest vary in shades of apricot. The kids have decided to name these pups after the movie we saw last weekend, "Happy Feet". Sooo the boys are called, Mumble, Memphis, Raul, and Lovelace. The girls are Norma Jean, Gloria, and one named after the movie itself, Happy Feet.

These are mini/medium goldendoodle pups.

pile o' pups.

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