Liesl's and Teddy's 9 pups born on September 10, 2013

Standard F1 Bernedoodle pups from a 60 lb jovial and playful Bernese Mountain Dog dam and our goofy natured, 60 lb caf´┐Ż-white Parti Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Liesl's and Teddy's 4 week update
October 7

Liesl's and Teddy's pups are F1 standard bernedoodles. They'll likely range in weight between 60-90 lbs. The pups are all tri-coloured to different degrees and the brown colouring is becoming more dominant as they get older... although it's very difficult to capture it on the camera.

These pups are so very different than what I'm used to with goldendoodles. They were crawling out of the whelping box as soon as their eyes opened at around 2 weeks (we normally see this at 4 weeks with goldendoodles). Then they found their ways to the coolest parts of their nursery. Even if the lid was opened, and with the light off in their whelping box, they prefered to be cooler no matter how many times I put them back in the whelping box! lol

The pups started on softened food at 3 weeks and were in there with all 4's! They're chunky, solid, beautiful babies. I have no pups available at this time. They'll be ready to go to their new homes on November 5th.

Hobbit: male ~ tri-colour with brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Sunny: male ~ tri-colour with golden ribbon -- ADOPTED

Autumn: female ~ tri-colour with leaves on ribbon -- ADOPTED

Becka: female ~ tri-colour with blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Cherry Rose: female ~ tri-colour with red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Florenza: female ~ tri-colour with flowered ribbon -- ADOPTED

Munchkin: female ~ tri-colour with green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Solara: female ~ tri-colour with yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Stella: female ~ tri-colour with purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Liesl's and Teddy's pups are born September 10th
September 11

Liesl could not leave the prop alone! lol

We are very happy to announce the arrival of Liesl's and Teddy's 2013 litter of 9 beautiful pups. There are 7 girls and 2 boys. Most of them have tri-colouring of different degrees (it gets more noticeable as they get older). They all have white on their face/chest/toes and on the tips of their tails. All but one has a blaze on her face.

These pups are gorgeous! I expect they'll all grow to be 65-85 lbs. The pups will be ready to go home after November 5th.

The theme for this litter is 'Varieties of Sunflowers' as this is certainly one of my favourite flowers this time of year. The boys are Sunny and Hobbit and the girls are named Autumn, Solara, Florenza, Cherry Rose, Munchkin, Stella and Becka.

This litter is all spoken for. The next planned litter of bernedoodles is with Kazzi/Teddy, but I won't take deposits until their pups are born.

Sara has already fallen in love with Munchkin, the only one without a blaze (but definitely tri-coloured).

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