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Cola (F1B mini/medium North American Retriever doodle), and inset as Fraser at 4 weeks, from Georgia's and Kodiak's September 2013 litter.

Cola is quite simply a wonderful addition to our family. We are crazy about her and so happy that we were blessed with the perfect pet for us.


  • Is healthy - up to date on her vet visits and was spayed in March - no problems.
  • Weighs about 23 pounds, she's a good eater.
  • Is very smart. She learns whatever we try and teach her quite easily.
  • Was easy to house train. I would say at most she had 3 accidents in the house.
  • Is very social and gets along well with everyone - humans (little and big) and other furry friends.
  • Can easily be walked without a leash as she won't stray. She will even run beside us on our bicycles.
  • Has never shown any sign of aggression.
  • Is very loving and likes to sit close to us.
  • LOVES playing fetch!
  • Has a good energy level. She gets lots of walks and playtime outside, but she also sleeps through the night without issue.
  • Has free rein in the house while we are at work - but she still likes to sleep in her kennel at night. It's in our room.

If there is one negative it's that she barks at the door either when someone rings/knocks or just when a family member comes in. My son is a firefighter and comes in at all times and even when Cola is asleep she will wake up and bark. I should add - she has an ear piercing bark, haha. I'm not sure how or why that started - but I know it's less about her and more about something we did or didn't do to train her.

We look at your website often, thinking about getting a sister for her :)!

We adore Cola, thank you so very much.


Tinkerbell (standard Poodle), inset as Princess at 4 weeks, from Reese's and Dayo's May 2013 litter

My daughter Ada has found a true friend in Tinkerbell. She has had a rough time with severe anxiety and Tinkerbell has been a real comfort to her. Ada sleeps with her every night and has been learning training techniques so she can teach Tink.

My brother Aaron, who has brain damage, is home alone during part of the day and has taken much comfort in Tinkerbell's company. He walks her and cuddles with her daily. Our whole family has grown to love this friendly and sweet k9.

We would like to thank you for allowing us to bring Tinkerbell into our home. We promise to love and care for her the rest of our lives.


Ilisha, Ada, Aaron

Hugo-Jetski on the left (Mini/medium F1 Goldendoodle) from Beth's and Kodiak's April 2009 litter, and Guinness-Jack (Mini/medium F1 North American Retriever Doodle) from Sugar's and Rumbas's May 2010 litter.

Guinness is doing great and he adapted quite well to our little family unit. Right now he's about 20lbs and growing slowly, although his legs are quite long. He and Hugo get along great... looks like Guinness is the dominant one for most things, but he still follows Hugo around in new situations. They play all day too.

Thought I would send some pictures from our summer camping that you might enjoy!

Christine and Evan

Gus (Medium F1 North American Retriever Doodle), at 4 months, aka Spice from Sugar's and Rusty's April 2009 litter.

Just thought I'd provide you an update on the not so little fella. He's been "snipped", but we're still waiting for that settling down that is supposed to follow that procedure. If anything, he has become downright hyper since the operation. He has all his adult teeth, and seems to have lost pretty-much all his puppy fur - the shedding has really slowed down. The groomer tells us that once his adult teeth are all in he has likely stopped growing, so we figure he'll probably remain at 40 lbs or so (as of the last time he was weighed - about a month ago). His colour has remained mostly unchanged and his fur is mostly straight with a very slight wave in spots. To look at him you'd never know he has any poodle in him. He has a lab build, and looks very much like a cross between a golden retriever and lab. He still has the white swirl on his chest, but most of the white on his rear paws has faded.

House training was no problem at all - he had only a few puddles in the first week or so, nothing since, although he has decided the gravel pad beside the driveway is his spot, and not the woodchip area I created for him in the backyard. He is a member of the family and we treat him respecfully as such, so we had/have no intentions of teaching him pet tricks. On command he will drop-it, come, sit, stay, get down, go to bed, relax (we use "relax" as a command instead of lay down and to differentiate between lay down vs. just get down on all four paws) and that's all he needs for us.

He knows all the family members by name, and goes to get them when we ask him to. He also knows (and gets plenty excited when he hears) play, walk, ride, run, drink, food, outside, backyard, deck, and of course - treat, and does his business on command ("do your thing"). He's a sloppy drinker, but patiently waits when we tell him "wipe your mouth" and do so with a towel after drinking. He also knows the difference between many of his toys (ball vs. bone vs. chicken vs. tire, etc.). I still say he's part goat though, as he has destroyed every soft toy we've given him within hours, and has gone through a couple blankets we put out for him to lay on when we're away.

He has a great personality, we love him to death, and funny enough (as she was the one we had to convince to get him), Ann has clearly become his favourite. The feeling clearly seems to be mutual, as she has formed a very close bond with him too. He needs his play time in the morning and evening and seems to really cherish physical contact with us. The kids take him out for a quick walk in the morning before school and Ann and I take him for a long walk after dinner. He loves being outside spending a lot of time (when we're home) in the back yard (big pie-lot), and socializing through the chain-link fence with the neighbours' dogs (labradoodle on one side, chocolate on the other). We can trust him off-leash now, which is a big relief.

His first snow experience was fun to watch. He romped and frisked through the yard like a new pup for hours - we're looking forward to his reaction when there is a foot or two to play in.

Thank you again for providing us with such a great addition to the family. As I'm sure you hear all the time, we can't imagine life without him. We had planned on bringing him out to visit, but seem to have run out of time this summer with all the house renovations and other activities. We plan on bringing him out next year though, or maybe even for a quick visit sometime this winter.

Take care,

Kevin and the rest of the family

Willow-Brazil (Mini F1B Labradoodle), at 8 months, from Ruby's and Rumba's April 2009 litter.

Hello everyone;

Here's an update for you on Brazil. I kept her original name. She's from Rubys' and Rumba's litter, born April 2009. Had to add to it though. She is now Willow Brazil Aero, but Brazil is on her nametag. I'm so glad I found her, she's a wonderful girl. Brazil is just over 14 lbs now at 8 months old. She was fixed a couple of weeks ago.

Her coat is like velcro, but very soft. Brazil comes in loaded up with snow... lol. She is a cuddler, but very playful and curious. Anything dropped on the floor has to be immediately retrieved or it can be found either in her jaws or in her "spot". She stole a paint roller on a broom handle and dragged it into the living room. Luckily I hadn't dipped it in paint yet, but I drove myself crazy backtracking thru the house and garage looking for it.

Her favourite thing is stealing the toilet paper roll off the wall and tp'ing the living room. I had to hang it halfway up the wall. She'll also shred any paper she can find. She likes shoes as well, but doesn't chew anything that's not hers; except for one slip up. Brazil doesn't bark much, just the right amount. She's very well house trained and smart. She could break an olympic record for the broad jump and the high jump. She's fearless, it seems... she crash lands and does it again anyway. She is able to come to work with me and travels often. Since I work out of the truck, she hangs out and is great company. She is very well behaved in motels, so that is awesome. I don't need to worry that she's going to wreck anything.

Thanks for such a fine pet. I guess it was a match meant to be. Hope you are all well and have a very, merry Christmas.


Regina, SK

Sophie (Standard F1B Labradoodle), at about 9 months, aka Juliet from Nite Nite's and Dayo's February 2009 litter.

Hi there!

We had adopted Juliet in the spring from NiteNite and Dayo's Valentine's day litter. We just wanted to give you a quick little update that we have since renamed her Sophie and she is a wonderful dog! Her temperament fits in really well with our family. We are grateful that you took the time to help us pick a puppy that would suit our family so well.

I've attached a couple of pictures of Sophie. One is with our 2 year old son from the summer. She came back from the groomers with bows in her hair and we thought it was pretty funny! The other one is what happened when we asked Sophie to sit one day in our truck :)

Thanks again!


Amos (F1 Labradoodle) and Luigi (F1 Goldendoodle) at their last night of puppy class -- inset left, Amos as Fred, from Nite Nite's and Jag's November 2005 litter and inset right, Luigi as Brent, from Zoey's and Dayo's October 2005 litter.

First of all... Savy's puppies are so very cute. I want the one at the very top of your 2 week update picture!! The one with the very straight red coat!! I wish Jim was a little more understanding. lol

Amos had his very first day at "daycare" this week and totally had a ball with another puppy there, so I guess that takes a little guilt away for me. lol How lucky is he, that was the first day since his arrival that there has no one home for him!!

Anyway... the reason for my note today... I know you are slightly busy. Last night was Amos and Luigi's last night at puppy class and I took a couple of pictures.

By the way you can be proud because your two dogs kicked butt in the class... and I am not kidding!

Ronin (Medium F1 Labradoodle), aka Taz, from Darma's and Kodiak's January 2008 litter.

Just thought I would send you a current picture of our Ronin (Taz from Darma and Kodiaks litter 2008).

He has been an amazing addition to the family. We never had any problems with Maverick (our Beagle) and Ronin: they became best friends right away. Ronin was a dream to train in comparison to our beagle and does great off-leash. He loves playing catch and swimming and is obsessed with both like most labs. When we head to the dog park people are baffled - and usually think he has some sort of terrier in him with his wirey coat.

He is around 40 lbs and does shed some, but most of it comes out when I am brushing him or when the dogs are wrestling. Ronin has been great with our new baby and I never have to worry about him.

Once someone spends a few days with Ronin we usually have to worry about them wanting to steal him, cause they just fall in love with him. He is a great snuggler too and can never get enough!



Toby (Mini/Medium F1B Labradoodle), aka Marly, from Savy's and Rusty's December 2008 litter.

How are you? I see you will be busy very soon. Just want to update you about Toby.

He is a handful at times. I'm taking him to obedience shool at Sherwood Park. He is doing very well. He related well with his classmates.

I was going to send you a video of him, somehow it didn't go but we put him in youtube (embedded above).

Talk to you later! Po

On the left is Hazel (F1 Goldendoodle), at 3 years, and inset, as Lacey at 4 weeks, from Zoey's and Dayo's October 2005 litter, and on the right is Maude (F1B Labradoodle), at 1 year, and inset, as Moxie at 4 weeks, from Nite Nite and Dayo's August 2007 litter.

This is an excellent photograph of Hazel (aka Lacey - Corner Gas litter) taken by her instructor Tracey at Clever Canines dog class this fall. The other photograph is Maude [aka Moxie - Restaurant Litter] balancing on a cement sphere at Stephen Avenue Mall during another session of the same Clever Canines dog class.

Hazel and Maude have the same "Bio-Dad" (Dayo) and get along famously.


Duff (F1B Labradoodle), 15 months, and inset, as Volley at 4 weeks, from Nite Nite's and Dayo's September 2006 litter. Duff, is that a stogie you have in your mouth??

We brought home Duff (Volley from Nite Nite and Dayo's September 2006 litter) and are just madly in love.

We are thinking he may need a brother or sister. Is there an age at which you recommend waiting until you add another pup to the family?


Jill and Justin

I recommend waiting at least a year before you bring a second pup into your family. Then ask yourself, "Is my present dog trained the way I want him/her to be trained? Can my present dog positively influence a pup?"

If your answer is an unwavering YES... then I would say OK, lets try to find a good match for you and your present K9. -- Sonia

Luna (F1B Labradoodle) at 11 months, and inset as Kite at 4 weeks, from Nite Nite's and Dayo's September 2006 litter.

I apologize for taking so long to respond to you. Busy summer times and I'm just getting used to digital photography and e-mailing the photos. I hope you and all of your animals are doing well! We often go on the heartyk9s website to see what's going on and were excited when we heard about Nite Nite and Dayo's recent litter.

Luna is doing great. We have a little birthday celebration planned for her this week! Here are some thoughts at random:

  • she is a healthy 40 pounds... the vet thought she would probably not get over 45 pounds
  • she was spayed about 6 1/2 months and all went well
  • excellent with kids - she lets ours do pretty much anything to her!
  • she is very intelligent and picks up on commands easily
  • she has Dayo's funny 'head-cock', especially when she is listening
  • she loves the dog parks and socializing with other dogs - no problems at all
  • she rarely barks - when we are on walks in the neighborhood, she does not respond to other dog's barks
  • you will notice the progression in the change in her fur colour and I know you were curious about how it would turn out...the silver/grey in her face progressed and as you look at the most recent photos you will be amazed at how her colouring has changed

She was such a cute puppy... we crate trained her with no problem at all. She continues to sleep in her crate at night. I think this was a good move as we can bring the crate travelling and she has no problem whatsoever (however, even though the crate is not in our bedrooms at home, she does best when she is in the same bedroom as us when we are travelling).

These photos are of Luna in May at 8 months. They provide a good picture of what we were mostly used to her looking like before she got a clip in late June. We really liked her shaggy look but learned some things along the way about grooming. She ended up getting a few too many mats in her fur. When I took her to the groomer for the first time they said she would pretty much need a shave.

Attached are pictures of Luna taken in August and up to yesterday.

  • The haircut/shave she got in late June was probably good for her as she had a cool summer. It took us a while to get used to though as she looked so different. The groomer didn't have the heart to shave her head.
  • I think we will make approximately 3 trips a year to the groomer for her upkeep and then will not have to do as close a shave in the future. The fur seems to be growing back black so it will be interesting to see how it looks in a month or 2. I'll send another photo then.
  • Luna sometimes gets mistaken for a Portugese Waterdog or one other type (I forget the name now).
  • She does not shed at all.

We would LOVE to receive any info or pics you have on Luna's siblings... I guess especially Skip and Dice as we remember them the most, but any would be great!

I hope I've provided you with some helpful information.

Good luck with all the new puppies!


You'll find some photos of Luna on the right, under the menu, showing her transition to silver.

Axel (F1B Labradoodle), ready to frolic in the snow, and inset as Wallace, from Savy's and Radar's March 2006 litter.

I'm finally sending you an update on Axel. After seeing Gromit's picture on your website I was in disbelief as I could have sworn that it was Axel. I recall you mentioning that one of the pups looked exactly like Axel but I'm not sure if it was Gromit or not.

Axel has been a dream come true for our family. I never thought that he would bring so much joy. From the day we brought him home he stole our hearts. His gentle nature and calm demeanor make him such a wonderful family dog.

He's almost 9 months old now. He weighs around 25 lbs and he does shed slightly. Everywhere we go we always get comments on how cute he is. We had him in puppy classes when he was just 3 months old and he passed with flying colours. We're thinking of putting him in agility classes in the spring because he's so smart and easy to train. He even rings a bell when he wants to go outside. And if he really wants out he just keeps on ringing!

Axel loves to frolic in the snow, although, when it's really cold, he's not so sure. He also loves to play with rocks. Axel always tries to sneak them inside and if he succeeds he is sure to let us know (it's quite comical). We have a basket for all of his toys and we're constantly putting everything back. Then he just tips it all over and takes his toys from room to room -- the louder the toy the happier he is. He has got the softest ears you have ever felt.

I was sad to hear about Radar's retirement. I feel so fortunate that we have some of the wonderful genes in Axel... his gentleness from Radar, and his goofiness from Savy... a perfect mix!!

Thank you Sonia for allowing us to adopt Axel and for all your support (since we are first time dog owners). The girls want to come and visit with Axel one day, so we may go for a long car drive and show up at your door!


Murphy (F1B Labradoodle), saying, "I'd rather be outside", and inset as Wilma, from Nite Nite's and Jag's November 2005 litter.

Murphy (alias Wilma) turned 1 year old this past November 7 and I thought you might like to see pictures of her. She weighs about 35 pounds.

As well, in these pictures she has just had her hair groomed and cut -- she was a total curl ball before.

She's quite a cutie!


Amos (F1B Labradoodle), the birthday boy turns one, and inset as Fred, from Nite Nite's and Jag's November 2005 litter.

Believe it or not our boy turned one today!!

I can't believe it myself. I weighed him on his birthday. He was 39 pounds and he stands 22 inches at the back. He's totally non-shedding... yahoo!

Amos is absolutely beautiful both on the outside and the inside. I can honestly say I have never seen him mad. He has enough love for everyone!! He is excellent off-leash when we go walking or when Jim takes him fishing... he does like to swim through the fishing holes though!!

Amos is good with all dogs that we meet and... if you can believe it... even likes cats! He's the perfect addition to our family!!


Gromit (F1B Labradoodle) poses nicely for the camera, and inset at 4 weeks, from Savy's and Radar's March 2006 litter.

We love Gromit!! He is all that we could have asked for in a family dog. You were so helpful in helping us determine which puppy would be right for us. It was a tough decision because the pups were all so cute, but Gromit was the perfect pick.

As you know, we really wanted a smaller dog but one that was big enough to run with. We were also hoping for one that wouldn't shed and would have a coat that was easy to take care of.

Gromit is all of these things and more. He is about 25 lbs, does not shed, and he is a fabulous running partner (in fact it is hard to keep up to him most of the time). He has definitely inherited Savy's expressive eyes and her fun personality, Radar's gorgeous colour and size, and he has the softest ears imaginable.

It is amazing how smart Gromit is! Although he still has his puppy moments (he loves to steal socks!) he is very playful and is a wonderful companion. He just finished his first puppy class last night and was far ahead of some of the other dogs in the class. He has learned to stay, lie down (place), come, sit and fetch. We are enrolling him in agility in the next couple of weeks and are looking forward to a bright future with our new little friend.

Thank you so much for your advice and support. We will definitely be recommending your dogs to family and friends.

Katie Flesher and Family

Coba (F1B Labradoodle) enjoying the shade at 5 months old, 2 months (right inset), and as Hutch at 4 weeks (inset left), from Savy's and Radar's March 2006 litter.

I just had to write and tell you how thrilled we are with Coba. As you know it took the kids 2 years to convince me to get another dog after our cocker spaniel died. I had fears of getting a terror that destroyed the house and garden.

Coba has turned out to be a fantastic dog. He is calm, rarely barks, loves everyone, is social with other dogs and is cuter than anything. People constantly ask what he is, where I got him and are so surprised that he is just 5 months old. He has been very easy to train and is well behaved so people think he is much older than he is.

I took him to kindergarten puppy school a week after bringing him home, so this helped in socializing him from the beginning. He is walked off-leash twice a day and regularly meets his 8 other buddies on the hill near our home. He answers to come, sit, lie down, heal, shake a paw, off and leave it. He's going back to obedience school in the fall where he has to master, stay, and we're working on roll over and shaking the other paw! He has been such an easy dog to train, incredibly smart and willing to please.

I can't express the joy he has brought into my life. I hope you enjoy the pictures I have attached. Thanks again for the world's best dog.

Anita and family.

Amos (F1B Labradoodle) and Luigi (F1 Goldendoodle) at their last night of puppy class -- inset left, Amos as Fred, from Nite Nite's and Jag's November 2005 litter and inset right, Luigi as Brent, from Zoey's and Dayo's October 2005 litter.

First of all... Savy's puppies are so very cute. I want the one at the very top of your 2 week update picture!! The one with the very straight red coat!! I wish Jim was a little more understanding. lol

Amos had his very first day at "daycare" this week and totally had a ball with another puppy there, so I guess that takes a little guilt away for me. lol How lucky is he, that was the first day since his arrival that there has no one home for him!!

Anyway... the reason for my note today... I know you are slightly busy. Last night was Amos and Luigi's last night at puppy class and I took a couple of pictures.

By the way you can be proud because your two dogs kicked butt in the class... and I am not kidding!

Emma (F1 Labradoodle) looking like a mini lab, and inset as Flipper, from Darma's and Radar's July 2006 litter.

Emma just finished her 12 weeks obedience classes last week, and passed with flying colours. She is smart as a whip and caught on to everything taught immediately! The instuctor even used her as an example a couple of times! That made me a proud Momma!

Everyone thinks she is a 2 month old lab! When I tell them she is actually 9 months, they are astounded! Even though her coat is pin straight, it is very, very soft, not wiry, and isn't really a big shedder. I notice the hair on her blankets and when I sweep the floor, but if you pick her up, you don't end up with hair all over your clothes, which is great! And she is only 21 lbs.

She is a big chewer though - initially I got her the regular chew toys and she would have them destroyed within minutes, so we now have to buy the "indestructible" 90 lb dog toys! The cashiers at the pet store always give us funny looks when we buy these toys and they see 21 lb Emma!

Anyways, we are off to see if any work has been done to the new house! We take Emma there every day to hopefully ease the transition for her. I'm not sure if she thinks its the same place as it looks slightly different every day!

Take care, Natasha

Dave (F1 Labradoodle) takes a break from tp-ing the yard, and inset as Levi (as a newborn), from Ripley's and Dayo's March 2006 litter.

I just wanted to give you guys an update on Dave/Levi.

He is so lovely. Dave is now definitely a part of our family. He is SO playful and friendly and cute and has turned out looking EXACTLY how i wanted him to... shaggy and blonde. Dave has lovely dark honey patches and eyes that will break your heart.

He is very smart... and is prone to being a spaz. Dave just started with a trainer last week and seems to be picking up on things quickly, but he REALLY needed some training because he is now so BIG and still very goofy. One of his favorite activities is stealing our toilet paper and tp-ing our yard. It's like Halloween every day! ;0

And, because he is SO friendly and loves to play SO much, he sometimes scares our kid's friends because he's very much like a great big tigger. But his personality, paired with some training, is going to make a dream dog... and he's well on his way to that.

I wish we lived closer to you so you could meet him... I think you'd be proud.

So thanks again for ALL your help before we got him... you really were a joy to deal with and ultimately gave us the perfect dog for us. I check your website all the time to see your new little guys.


Blake and Hopper (F1 Labradoodle) in a very nice studio shot. Hopper is Archie from Callie's and Dude's October 2004 litter.

Here are Hopper and I: a happy 80 pound Labradoodle, very smart, sweet, gentle and affectionate. A great swimmer and a wonderful animal.

Hopper's a dream. We are having so much fun with him.

Lillian (F1 Labradoodle) relaxes, and inset as Connie K, from Murphy's and Dayo's September 2004 litter.

Lillian is a wonderful, devoted addition to our family... always humble and laid-back. She is very patient with small children and yet very protective of our family. I love the fact that our kids can walk down to the corner store now at night for a Slurpee and I can feel they are safe with Lilly by their side.

There was a time when my teen daughter was carrying a load of laundry down the stairs to the washer. Lillian followed behind, and when Megan dropped a few articles of clothing, Lillian picked them up with her teeth. She followed Megan to the washer and dropped them at her feet. She is an amazing dog and we are so proud of her.

Lillian is a light shedder, has a slightly wiry, curly coat and loves her baths. She lays down in the tub and enjoys! We love her to bits!!

Maddux (F1 Labradoodle) enjoying the great outdoors at 1 year old -- insets, bottom, at home, and top as Cousin, from Murphy's and Dayo's February 2005 litter.

I adopted Cousin from you almost a year ago now. While on your website I noticed that some people have sent in some pics and updates on their new family member.

Well I am happy to say that Cousin, now Maddux, is doing great. He has grown to be a fantastic dog. Full of energy and friendly as can be. He has yet to realize his own strength but hopefully that will come. He hikes with us and loves the outdoors. We also rescued a cat from the shelter and both he and Maddux are the best of friends. Life is good.

Thanks for everything. I have recommended you to many of my friends.

Ted (F1 Labradoodle) at work as a seizure alert service dog -- insets, taking a rest and as Qwerty, from Callies' and Dude's October 2004 litter.

Ted is a miracle living on earth with me. He is my heart beat and dearest friend. His skills are developing every day. Today he carried books, laundry, and whatever he could upstairs for me and still waits to help me up the stairs. Thanks to the breeding program that you are doing I have a wonderful fully-bonded labradoodle. Ted is a dream come true, he is very sensitive and learns fast.

The people in our small district love Ted but know he is a working dog. They try very hard not to pat him (but I know that is very hard for them) as he has grown into a beautiful dog. Teddy Bear is his affectionate name. I hope the people that come to have the good fortune of having a puppy from your litters will realize that they are the best, well-adjusted, smartest "fur persons" I have had the pleasure to own.

Ted is a service dog for seizure alert and aids me in my daily tasks. From my heart thank you for such a wonder dog and a chance to live.


Jake (F1 Labradoodle) at 1 year -- insets, at 7 months, and as a much younger Bob the Tomato, from Callies' and Dude's October 2004 litter.

Just thought you should see a couple pics of Jake. We got him 1 year ago today! He is still the wonderful dog we wanted. The kids can do anything to him and he doesn't complain. He sleeps by their bed at night and follows them everywhere!

He is 78 pounds now, so a little bigger than we expected. The shedding hasn't stopped so we have clipped him to about half his normal length. But we've left his scruffy face because it is just too cute!

Jake certainly is a beautiful dog. Callie sure didn't throw small pups even when bred with a mini. Some of her standard cross pups are 120 lbs! Her new litter with Toby are growing quickly.

There is a solution to put in a dog's diet called Shed Stop. It has the same herbal ingredients they give for men who want to keep their hair! You can get it at pet stores if you're interested. We've discovered Callie's pups in general have all shed to some degree. Her thick wirey coat must take over the genetics. One thing about Callie's pups -- their temperaments are all awesome!

Abby (F1 Labradoodle), just loving a dog's life! -- inset, Abby as Queenie at 6 weeks, from Callie's and Dude's October 2004 litter.

Heres Abby (formerly Queenie). She turned a year at the end of October. She's a great dog, very friendly, very calm and well behaved. She likes playing with other dogs, travels really well, and her and I go fishing together when we can. She also gets to spend a lot of time at the off-leash puppy park hanging out with her buddies, and spends many of her days at puppy day-care when everyone else has to work. Its a dog's life!

Rachel and Oliver (F1 Labradoodle) on vacation in Victoria, BC -- insets, Oliver relaxing, and Oliver as Jimmy at 7 weeks, from Callies' and Dude's October 2004 litter.

Behavior-wise he is doing well. He rarely barks except to try to get the cats to play with him (unsuccessfully!). He goes to doggie daycare on Wed to burn off some of his energy and to play. He is VERY social, loves dogs and people. It's not a bad problem to have! We are doing obedience classes now, which will help as he is occasionally stubborn and given his size he will need to be obedient!! Obviously helps me a lot as well... first dog and all...

Brawn (F1 Labradoodle) at 1 year old -- inset as Braun (on the right) with Littlefoot, from Lilly's June 2004 litter.

Brawn is a noble sweetie. He stayed with us a bit this summer and he was really an easy boarder. Brawn is very gentle with children, tall and lanky, smart, very loved and has an extremely sweet nature. He lives in Yellowknife with a wonderful family of 5.

Diddy (F1 Labradoodle) is just loving the Calgary rain -- inset as Gramatto at 5 weeks, from Callie's March 2004 litter.

Diddy is a great companion for a family with 3 boys. How can ya tell?

Benny (F1 Labradoodle) and his birthday pork chop -- inset as Shorty, from Lilly's June 2004 litter.

Here's the happy little one year old ready to get his birthday pork chop... no he's not spoiled at all!!

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More Photos

Luna in her crate - 2 months

Luna, 3 months

Luna, 4 months

Luna, 8 months

Luna, 11 months - clipped

Luna, 11 months - clipped

Murphy on a stroll


Lexie (Cera, Lilly June 2004)


Savy our baby - before...

and after the clip

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