Kit's and Horton's 9 pups born on December 23, 2017

Medium F1 Goldendoodle pups from our shorter-statured 60 lb Golden Retriever dam and our 18", 22 lb moyen Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Kit's and Horton's F1 goldendoodle litter at 4 weeks
January 21

Kit and Horton are very proud parents of their 9 beautiful babies. We're also quite smitten with them! The pups are all growing and developing nicely. They started wandering outside of their whelping box earlier this week and are eating softened food.

Kit is a great mama and is enjoying her big family!! These pups are all spoken for and I have a couple people waiting if someone backs out. Their vet visit is February 1 and choosing will likely start happening right after that! They can go home starting on February 17.

I have one spot left in Tilly's litter, one spot in Penny's litter, 2 spots in Fiddle's litter and may have some availability in Tess' litter, depending on how many are born. Contact me if you're interested!

Charlie Brown: male ~ brown/blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Dr. Seuss: male ~ red checkered ribbon -- ADOPTED

Frosty: male ~ blue/white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Polar: male ~ white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Santa Claus: male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Elf: female ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Miracle: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Muppet: female ~ orange ribbon -- ADOPTED

Prancer: female ~ purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Kit's and Horton's 9 F1 Goldendoodle pups born on December 23
December 24

It was a busy morning on December 23 as we got Kit settled into being a Mom for the first time. She was a bit confused by the whole ordeal. With a little paw holding and reassurance she's now a great Mom and is very attentively caring for her litter of 9 big pups! There are 5 boys and 4 girls.

Kit's tummy was so big for so long that I thought I had the perfect theme in the 12 days of Christmas, but with 9 pups I had to go a different route. I checked what Christmas movies were on Netflix and came up with a Christmas Movies theme.

The boys are "Charlie Brown Christmas", Dr. Seuss with the "Grinch that Stole Christmas", "Frosty the Snowman", "Polar Express", and "The Santa Clause". The girls are "Elf", "Miracle on 34th Street", The "Muppet Christmas Carol", and "Prancer".

Updated photos will be posted when the pups are around 4 weeks old. Their vet check will be on February 3 and they can go home starting February 17.

All of these pups are spoken for at this time. If you're interested in a pup from this litter in case someone backs out, please contact me.

The next litter of F1s are expected from Tess/Winter due the end of January.

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