Beth's and Kodiak's 13 pups born on November 3, 2011

Mini/Medium F1 Goldendoodle pups from our beautiful red 60 lb Golden Retriever dam and our 15" chocolate full Miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Beth's pups are ready to go!
January 26

If you're interested in one of these pups, please contact us.

Coal is a jolly happy soul. He will not be as curly as his siblings, and may end up with a shaggy or lose-curled coat. I expect him to likely be a minimal shedder. Coal is very keen and loves to play... and then snuggles in for a good cuddle on the couch. He'll likely grow to around 40 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Soul is a sweet, athletic girl. She has a great soft curly coat and will likely be a minimal to non-shedder. Soul is a playful girl, and loves her snuggles too. My guess adult weight for her is around 30lbs. -- ADOPTED

Magic is a soulful, easy going character. He has a soft side to him and although he is playful, he is a bit quieter and enjoys his snuggles. He has quite a curly coat, and will likely not shed as an adult. Adult guess weight for him is 35-40 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Beth's pups at 8 weeks old
December 28

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday and all the best for 2012!! We're back from our Christmas family celebrations and look forward to seeing what the New Year will hold.

We do have pups available from Beth's and Brio's litters. Now that it's after Christmas and we'll soon get back to normal routines, we look forward to hearing from folks who are interested in these mini/medium sized F1 goldendoodles.

Coal is a nice, quiet, lower energy boy. He's inquisitive and enjoys exploring in the snow mounts outside. My adult guess weight for him is 35 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Soul is a sweet little girl. She is very middle of the road, a great little personality, and not dominant or shy. My guess weight for her is 20-25 lbs as an adult. -- ADOPTED

Magic is the smallest boy with a nice broad face and fun personality. He's very personable and likes to be with people. My guess adult weight for Magic is 25 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Jolly is a sweet, playful, and very smart girl. She has shown some dominant tendencies when boundaries are not clear to her. With good, consistent, training this girl will go places. She's very intuitive and is a thinker. My guess weight for her is 25-30 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Piper is the biggest boy. He plays very well on his own, but is also interactive when playing one on one. He may grow to be 50 lbs, which is how big the biggest boy from Beth's/Kodiak's last litter became! -- ADOPTED

Beth's big (as in 13), bouncy, beautiful litter at 4 weeks
December 3

Beth and all of her 13 pups are growing and doing very well. They're a sweet bunch of pups that are a joy to snuggle with. It's fun to see their personalities just budding.

There are a large variety of pup sizes in this litter and they'll likely range from 20-50 lbs. The biggest boy from Beth's/Kodiak's litter from last year grew to be 50lbs! and I believe there are a couple of boys with potential this year too!

I'm still taking deposits on this litter. The folks with deposits will start choosing which pup they'll take starting the December 17 weekend. The pups will be ready to go to their new homes on December 29.

Please contact me if you're interested in a pup from Beth's or Brio's litters.

Coal: black male ~ royal blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Soul: black female ~ green/gold ribbon -- ADOPTED

Magic: black male ~ green/silver ribbon -- ADOPTED

Jolly: apricot female ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Pipe(r): black male ~ orange ribbon -- ADOPTED

Button: black female ~ light blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Cop: black male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Dance: apricot female ~ blue/white flowered ribbon -- ADOPTED

Fairytale: apricot female ~ pink/green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Frosty: black male- ~ white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Silk: black female ~ light green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Snowman: apricot male ~ black ribbon -- ADOPTED

Thumpity: apricot female ~ brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Beth and Kodiak are proud parents of a wonderful litter
November 8

Beth thinks she has it all under control...

New birth is always so exciting! After 3 days of labouring on and off, Beth finally started giving birth to her beautiful puppies on the afternoon of November 3rd. Beth was finished before midnight when she finally delivered her 13 mini/medium F1 goldendoodle pups!!! During her labour we had our first snowfall, so we decided that naming the pups after the lyrics of "Frosty the Snowman" would be fun!!

There are 6 boys, 5 black and 1 apricot. The guys are called: Frosty, Pipe, Coal, Magic, Cop and Snowman.

Then there are the 7 girls, 3 black and 4 apricots. They're named: Silk, Soul, Button, Dance, Jolly, Fairytale, and Thumpity!

Beth always has a lot of rich milk and all 13 of the pups are doing very well from it. We're very thankful!! The adult weights of these pups will likely range from 20-45 lbs. We'll be able to determine a more accurate guess of their size when they're around 6-7 weeks of age. The pups will be 8 weeks old on December 29 and will be able to go home after that.*

Please contact me if you're interested in a pup from either Beth's or Brio's litters.

Thumpity finally enjoys a stretch out of the womb!

* A note on Pups as Christmas gifts. I do not recommend a pup be a gift for Christmas. It is highly recommended that when you take a puppy home that it comes to a quiet, relaxed environment to help with the transition into their new home. It is very exciting to get a new pup, and it takes preparation and discipline from all your family members to be able to give your puppy a stable quiet environment.

What I suggest is to wrap the crate, bowls, leash, poop bags, and puppy rearing books, etc under the tree... and when life settles again after the Christmas celebrations, then come and pick up your puppy. It is important that a family is together on board with a game plan on how to live life together with a puppy, before the puppy is brought home. So therefore I discourage surprises... especially for adults.

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