Beth's and Kodiak's 9 pups born on April 4, 2009

Mini/Medium F1 Goldendoodle pups from our beautiful red 60 lb Golden Retriever dam and our 15" chocolate full Miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Beth's pups at one month old
May 6

Beth and Kodiak sure make some cute pups. These little F1 goldendoodles look like they'll likely be more medium than mini sized. Because Beth would have enough milk to feed a second litter, these pups have grown quite quickly. Once they're weaned their weights will even out again. It will be hard for me to determine what size these pups will end up, so because of this we'll just wait and see... I guess.

I have deposits for all of these pups. The choosing process will start in mid May and they will be ready to go home the first part of June.

Diver is a handsome red boy! -- ADOPTED

Jetski is Sara's favourite boy. He is a very nice apricot. -- ADOPTED

Kayak is a beautiful dark apricot girl. -- ADOPTED

Rafter is an endearing black boy. He makes great eye contact. -- ADOPTED

Rowena is a beautiful apricot girl. -- ADOPTED

Sailor looks like he just came off the boat! (he's listing a bit) -- ADOPTED

Scuba is the lightest apricot boy. -- ADOPTED

Snorkel is a fantastic black boy. -- ADOPTED

Surf is the little black girl. -- ADOPTED

The horses had to see what the fuss was about during the photo shoot and came over to investigate.

Snorkel has his first whiff of a horse!

Beth's and Kodiak's Pups arrive early!
April 5

We're pleased to announce the early arrival of Beth's and Kodiak's litter born April 4, 2009. They're all doing well and already gaining weight the first day. Beth is a wonderful mama and I so look forward to raising these beautiful pups. There are 9 in total; 6 boys and 3 girls -- 4 are blacks and 5 are in various shades of apricot.

Our family just finished the winter season of swimming and they thought a water sports theme would be neat... so here is what we came up with. The boys are Snorkel, Diver, Rafter, Jet Ski, Scuba and Sailor. The girls are Surf, Kayak and Row(ena).

I have deposits for most or all of these pups (but maybe not all the black ones). I'll have more details once my other litters are born and after I receive confirmation from the families as to which litter they'll choose from. This litter will be able to go home the first week in June.

Cool colours, eh?

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