Shae's and Ryder's 3 pups born on August 8, 2012

Mini/Medium F1 Goldendoodle pups from our athletic, tender-hearted 68 lb Golden Retriever dam and our fabulous small, miniature, red Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Shae's pups at 4½ weeks
September 8

Shae`s litter of 3 pups are growing and doing very well. Silver is the curliest and smallest sister. Gold is the big sister, but is slimming down now that she can use her legs to get around. Bronze is right in the middle of them for weight and the darkest coat of the 3.

Both Gold and Bronze will likely have a more shaggy look when grown and Silver will have a curly doo. It's hard to judge just how big these pups will get at this time as they have been pigging out on a huge milk bar all to themselves :)

These pups are spoken for and they'll be ready to go to their new homes by October 3rd. Our next litter of F1 mini-mediums are planned for late this year and will be ready to go early next year.

Contact us if you're interested.

Shae's and Ryder's pups are born August 8, 2012
August 11

Shae's and Ryder's 3 baby girl pups were born during the late afternoon of August the 8th.

Shae is such an attentive mama and so proud of her 3 little girls. The sisters vary from dark apricot to creamy coloured! They're named after the Olympic Medals. Our most decorated litter... Gold, Silver and Bronze! :D

They'll be ready to go home on October 3rd.

These girls are close to the same size now but will likely vary as they get older; 25-45 lbs... we will see. Because there are only 3 pups we have more than enough deposits already, so these pups are all spoken for.

Our next planned F1 mini/medium litter will be from Brio and Ryder this winter.

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