Georgia's and Kodiak's 8 pups born on September 11, 2013

F1B mini/medium North American Retriever doodle pups from our 42 lb North American Retriever doodle dam and our 15" chocolate full Miniature Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Zarski has a blast as she awaits her new family
November 29

Zarski is having a blast in the snow, but still awaits a new family who will whisk her (whisker?) away to her forever home. She is coming along nicely with leash training and uses the doggy door to go outside to do her business. Zarski is a very friendly, happy girl and has a non-shedding type coat. My guess weight for her is around the 25-30 lb mark. -- ADOPTED

Her price is $1525 (no GST, as she is from our children's litter) and is ready to go to her new home now. Please contact us if you're interested and submit your application.

We still have a few pups available
November 3

Folks with deposits have now finished choosing the pups and we have a few pups still available. They're ready to go home any time. Please submit your application and also be ready to read a couple of books before taking your puppy home.

Zarski is a very friendly, confident, jovial girl who's just waiting for her person to play with. She has a nice, curly, non-shedding type of coat. My guess weight for her is about 23 - 26 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Auboo is an creamy apricot little girl. She has a curly, non-shedding type of coat and is a jovial, social, playful little girl. My guess weight for her is 20 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Friesen is one sweet girl whose gaze could just melt your heart. She has a straighter coat than her siblings. It's soft and longer, which means she'll still be considered a light to non-shedder. Friesen is a great snuggler and has a soft, gentle personality. Guess weight for her is 18 - 20 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Georgia's and Kodiak's pups turn 4 weeks old
October 7

Georgia's and Kodiak's pups are F1B mini-medium north american retriever doodles. Their grandma was Sugar, a labrador retriever X golden retriever. Georgia took on the goldendoodle look.

A few of their pups have longer, straighter coats and not all as curly. They'll likely grow to be 18-40 lbs. There's a lot of variety in this litter with colours and sizes. It will be interesting what these next few weeks unveil.

We're taking deposits on this litter as well. They'll be ready to go home on November 6th.

Zarski: female ~ black with orange checkered ribbon -- ADOPTED

Auboo: female ~ apricot with pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Friesen: female ~ black with cream ribbon -- ADOPTED

Brooks: male ~ black with orange ribbon -- ADOPTED

Kirwan: male ~ phantom with blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Wilson: male ~ apricot with brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Fraser: female ~ phantom-brindle with yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Paukstat: female ~ apricot with purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Georgia learns the ropes with her first litter
September 15

Georgia and Kodiak are proud parents of 8 beautiful F1B mini/medium North American Retriever doodle pups born Wednesday September 11, 2013.

We had prepared Georgia's nursery a week before her due date and just put her in on Tuesday. She had just come up to greet us very exuberantly when we started chores that Wednesday evening and then 15 minutes later we heard a new puppy cry. Georgia was very unsettled and nervous, not knowing what this whole process was about, this being her first litter. So I got a cup of tea and sat in the whelping box with her until about 1am.

It's amazing how the moms eventually figure out what's going on, and very naturally know what they need to do. Georgia is a very natural mama now and loves and dotes over her litter like a pro.

Georgia is our teenagers' dog and so they named the pups after some of their junior high teachers whom they shared over the years. There are 3 boys and 5 girls: 2 black/brown phantoms, 3 blacks and 3 light apricots. There's one boy in each colour and the rest are girls.

The boys are Brooks, Kirwan and Wilson. The girls are Auboo, Fraser, Friesen, Paukstat and Zarski. The pups are in this order on the banner photo... Sara was helping me! lol

These pups will be ready to go home on November 6. I still have room for deposits on this litter. Contact me if you're interested.

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