Zoey's and Radar's 8 pups born on September 22, 2006

Mini/Medium Goldendoodle pups from a 55 lb reddish Golden Retriever dam and our red Toy Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Radar's last litter
November 7

Sadly, we've chosen to retire Radar from siring pups. You can read more about why we chose to here.

On informing every adopting family of Radar's situation, everyone at this point has decided to go ahead and keep their chosen puppy, which will be ready to go home on November 17th. Most said, "You know, it is a risk you take with any dog, and perfection is not a realistic expectation."

But I think they see, as I do, that Radar's personality genes are precious, and to get in on them (as this is his last litter) is an opportunity which will never come again.

6 week update
November 6

Zoey's litter is all adopted. They are a fabulous bunch of pups -- relaxed just like their dad. They're goofy, and funny, and very loving... so typical of goldendoodles.

Here are their 6 week photos.

Autumn, who is a spunky, friendly, little girl with gentle eyes, is going to a family with allergies. -- ADOPTED

Cranberry is ready to be with a family with allergies and will be a playmate for 2 boys. -- ADOPTED

Crispy will be a playmate for Jesse, a little girl with allergies. -- ADOPTED

Leaf is a quiet, laid-back boy with a few tricks up his sleeve. -- ADOPTED

Pumpkin is a playful soul, gentle and sweet. -- ADOPTED

Stuffy has the straightest and shortest coat, has soulful eyes and a warm heart. -- ADOPTED

Sweet the "RED" girl is off to inner BC to live the good life. -- ADOPTED

Turk is the biggest of the litter, is quite the character, and is going to BC as well. -- ADOPTED

4 week update
October 20

Aren't these guys the cutest things!

I really don't have a lot to say about each of the pups as they are so similar at this point.

They have the calmness factor from their father and in general are easy-going. But now I see their little personalities blooming and I look forward to seeing what the next few weeks bring.

Autumn is medium-size compared to her sisters and she's very gentle and calm. -- ADOPTED

Cranberry is the middle-sized boy. -- ADOPTED

Crispy is the biggest of the litter at this point... which is a bit unusual since she's a girl. -- ADOPTED

Leaf is the smallest boy. -- ADOPTED

Pumpkin has darker red tones, a real sweetie. -- ADOPTED

Stuffy is one of the lighter-coloured girls. -- ADOPTED

Sweet is the darkest red and the smallest girl. -- ADOPTED

Turk is the biggest boy. -- ADOPTED

A Thanksgiving pumpkin batch!
September 22

I'm very excited to announce the birth of Zoey's and Radar's 8 mini goldendoodle pups! There are 5 girls and 3 boys and they're all apricot or red.

Zoey had them in a record time of 4 pups per hour and was done in just 2 evening hours. She is so loving and is a perfect, attentive mommy. Zoey really blossoms as a mom!

The names we chose come from the season. The boys are Turk(ey), (Cran)Berry and Leaf. The girls are Crispy, Autumn, Pumpkin, Sweet (potato) and Stuffy (Stuffing). Fun Fun fun.!!!!

All of these pups are spoken for, and most of KD's as well.

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