Dolly's and Simon's 2 pups born on October 24, 2020

F1 mini/medium Goldendoodle pups from our sweet-natured and obedient Golden Retriever dam and our 16" friendly and jovial moyen Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Dolly's and Simon's F1 goldendoodle pups at 4 weeks
November 21

These 2 little darlings (Him and Her) are growing and doing so very well. They're very different from each other size wise, yet are pretty good buddies. Him is 3 Kgs and Her is 2 Kgs (at 4 weeks old).

They're both spoken for and can go home December 19.

Him: male ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Her: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Dolly's and Simon's F1 mini/medium pair of goldendoodle pups born on October 24
October 26

Dolly had a day of labouring on and off on Friday. She was resting well on Friday night and the pups were active so I just kept a close eye on her through the night. By 9 am on Saturday morning she had the little girl, but then took a long break. By noon Dolly was asleep. I was concerned and called the vet for advice, but by 12:35 her bouncing baby boy was born and all was well.

She seems to be not content with just 2 pups. I wonder if she thinks there should still be more pups coming, and if I hadn't seen the X-ray I would think the same! Dolly may be a little bored with just the 2, but she'll settle in soon enough.

My daughter thought calling the pups Him and Her would be fun, so there we are! The pups are adorable, perfect and spoken for! These pups can start going home on December 19.

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