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Hazel's and Ryder's adorable F1B mini litter of 7 Goldendoodles born on November 2
November 4

Hazel's only sign she was in labour was that her appetite was low. When I saw her at 6 pm her demeanour was happy and her tail was a wagging. I'm convinced she had a plan to wait until chores were done as she knew I would not be hovering around her for a while. When I checked 3 hours later she was already done and her pups were dry and content.

There are 3 boys and 4 girls! Hazel's best attribute is being a great mama and she raises such confident and happy pups! This will be Hazel's fourth and last litter and we'll start to search for the perfect home for her after she's been spayed.

This litter should range between 20-45lbs and have a variety of wavy to curly, darker, apricot coats. The earliest these pups can go home is on December 28. I'm presently phoning folks on my wait list and waiting to hear back from them as they decide which litter they would like to choose a pup from. At this time I do believe I'll have availability in this litter.

Please contact me if you're interested in a pup from this litter, other litters which are due this month, or our upcoming litters.

The theme for this litter is "People and Skills needed to Harvest"

We often get a lot of questions as to what farming is like. There are not enough pups to name in this litter to entail all that happens here at harvest time, but here's a glimpse. It takes 2-6 people in a day to make things happen on our farm at harvest time. Many of us have several roles in a day.

First we have the Farmer "Boss" (Dean) who makes hundreds of decisions, organizes the team, and orchestrates the day. Our Agronomist (Robyn from COOP Ag) is an important part of our team who is a mentor and consultant in the many decisions we make in a day. We have a Swather, who cuts down our canola crops to help get them to cure and dry down in preparation to be combined (our neighbour Graeme did that for us this year, as our swather needs to be replaced).

I (Sonia) am the Combine Queen. This year we grew barley, wheat, peas and canola. We have Truckers and also grain cart operators (that includes Dean, our hired man John, and Dean's Dad Neil) whom I transfer my loads of grain from the combine to, and they haul them to the grain bins. Some years we make bales from the straw of the wheat or barley and we need a good baler (that man is Dean's dad, Neil).

Mechanic minded people need to be a part of this team (which includes everyone but myself! hence, that's why I call myself the Combine Queen -- I just know how to combine all sorts of crops in all sorts of conditions but just don't ask me to fix stuff ;) The last pup we'll call Jack, because we all need to be a Jack of all trades!

There are so many more roles each person has on our team like the grain dryer operator, fall field work operator, a sandwich chef, and someone of course to manage the dog chores when I'm on the combine! (I have the mornings to do all the main dog chores, exercising and socializing, before dew/frost is off the crops, but evening chores is either done by the truckers, a neighbour friend, and our kids when they're home from college!

Friendly neighbours are vitally important as well. We converse regularly on how wet grain has tested, the condition of the crops, ideas of what worked well and what didn't. They're an awesome source of knowledge and encouragement!

When one of us is finished combining before the others, most often we seek out someone to help who is not done yet. We've all been on the giving and receiving end of neighbours joining together to help. This year we were able to finish and then help out someone else down the road.

It was a very odd year with so much wet and cold weather. We combined over 5-6 weeks, but some weeks we were only able to combine 1-2 days because of the rain/snow and wet conditions. The shortest day we combined 4 hours, and the longest day was 24 hours straight! I can tell you, I was mighty glad that I didn't have any litters in October, but am so glad November is here now with combining done and pups on the way!

Grief at Hearty K9s
October 26

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of 2 beautiful and treasured stud dogs at Hearty K9s.

Within a very short time, Ryder and Yogi passed away due to totally unrelated circumstances. Ryder was in a very unexpected altercation with another dog, and because of the size difference, he didn't stand a chance even though I was not that far away. Yogi became ill with gastrointestinal issues and was treated in and out of the vet clinic. He looked like he was on the mend, but passed away suddenly just 12 days after Ryder did. We don't know what Yogi got into, but his gut reacted adversely. The vets assured me, after the autopsy, that they do not believe it was genetic in nature.

We're devastated. Ryder was an old man already and had over 20 litters with us over the years. He was a huge part of our family and his voice in the harmony of our dog choir is sorely missed. Ryder's genes live on in his daughters, Penny and Zola, and in his son, Swede.

Yogi was in his prime and was one of my most favourite characters. He was so docile and easy going. I called him my Casanova, as he was so charming with the female dogs in season and even gave them his treats to woo them to him! He was just so young and sadly I don't have any F1 pups from him that I have kept back for breeding, as he only had one F1 litter which sold quickly. The rest of his litters were F1Bs, which I don't keep.

Both Ryder and Yogi were expecting their last litters in November. I'll be holding their pups a little tighter, and treasuring my time with them, before I let them go to their new homes.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Logistics of what now: We're searching for replacements for both studs. I've been looking for Ryder's replacement for 3 years already, and after 9 tries none have passed my health tests. I have 2 mini poodle male pups coming from Ontario the beginning of November from fully health tested parents and we hope that at least one will pass. I do have another standard pup who is very similar to Yogi's easy going personalty (and even his colour) who arrived a couple days ago, but it will take time for him to grow up. He too comes from a long line of heath tested poodles -- but he still needs to grow up and pass my standards as well.

For now we have Marlo who is a miniature poodle, Abe who is medium and throws the smaller end of mediums, and Swede who gives me generally the larger side of mediums -- up to 65 lbs. Unless I find a mature standard poodle I won't have 70+ lbs goldendoodles for a while, but trust that Swede will continue to give me 40-65 lbs pups.

Our newest Tomorrows Pups
Updated October 26

I have 20+ people on my waitlist for all sizes and timeline requests. The number of pups born in each litter will determine how much room I have for more deposits. I'll only accept more deposits if you're willing to wait while previous deposits are filled.

The current average of pups in a litter is 7-8. I don't like to take more than 5 deposits per litter until the pups are born, and when there are more than 5 pups I'll accept more deposits.

Future Pairings are not written in stone and will depend on demand/suitable mating partners. The girls are doing their own thing when it comes to their cycles. I can only guess what will happen next! Here is the latest!

Plans may change depending on when they all come into season -- hopefully not all at once!!

Bred and confirmed pregnant:
Hazel and Ryder for F1B mini/medium goldendoodles: due November 4
Dolly and Abe for F1 medium goldendoodles: due November 16
Chicky and Yogi for F1B standard goldendoodles: due November 17
Biscuit and Swede for F1B medium/standard goldendoodles: in season and should be due end of November!

Bred but not confirmed pregnant:
Penny and Marlo for F1B mini goldendoodles (this wait list is full (5) until they're born and I know how many there are): due November 18
Chevy and Marlo for F1 mini/medium goldendoodles: due November 27

Late winter or early spring planned:
Zola and Marlo for F1B mini goldendoodles (this wait list is full (5) until they're born and I know if I can take more or not)

Summer 2020 planned:
JJ and Abe for F1B medium goldendoodles
Kit and Abe for F1 medium goldendoodles
Fiddle and Swede for F1B medium to large goldendoodles

Fall/early winter 2020 planned:
Darla and Swede for F1 medium to large goldendoodles
Tess and Abe for F1 medium goldendoodles

Changes to our Sales Agreement
September 6

We've made some important changes to our sales agreement which includes changes to pricing and which outlines what you receive when you adopt a pup from us.

Please take a look! If you have any questions, please contact me!

We have some fabulous pups left in Tess' and Abe's litter!
September 3

It's hard for me not to just keep one of these pups back, because they're such great pups!!

If you're interested in these fabulous pups please see how our adoption process works. Check out the books which are required reading and then contact me!

Sombrero is an active character, comical and a lot of fun. He's short and stocky and may grow to weigh ~55-60 lbs. He has a minimal/lower shedding type coat. -- ADOPTED

Beret is a jovial interactive girly. She loves to play and also loves a good cuddle. My guess weight for her is ~50 lbs. She has a bit of a straighter coat, but will likely be a low-to-moderate shedder. -- ADOPTED

Derby is a sweet, playful girl. She has loads of character and a good amount of energy. This pup plays well with others and also plays very well on her own. My guess weight for her is ~55 lbs. Derby's coat is straighter and she'll likely be a moderate shedder. -- ADOPTED

Stetson is the tallest, biggest boy of the litter. He's a more gentle soul and easier going, but still quite playful and with a softer temperament. My guess is that he will weigh around the 60 lb mark and will be a minimal shedder. -- ADOPTED

Tess' and Abe's litter of Medium F1 Goldendoodles at 4 weeks old!
August 6

As the summer has flown by so have the infant moments of this litter! Now the pups are toddling out and about, eating kibble, and readying themselves for adventure!

This litter has been super chilled when handled. They simply relax and cuddle without a care in the world. We'll see how they mature and grow from here as their personalities are just budding!!

There's a good range of sizes in this litter. The biggest ones are twice the size of the smallest ones at this time! My guess weight for these pups is between 35-65 lbs.

Choosing for this litter will start after their vet appointment on August 26. The soonest they can go home is September 1, but I'm willing to hold them here for the month of September to help work within your schedule. I do want folks to be prepared for their new family member, as rush decisions are not a good idea.

I do have several spots available in this litter. Please contact me if you're interested in a pup and check out FAQ to see how our adoption process works.

Sombrero: male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Beret: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Sailor: male ~ turquoise ribbon -- ADOPTED

Derby: female ~ orange ribbon -- ADOPTED

Stetson: male ~ lime green star ribbon -- ADOPTED

Beanie: male ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Gatsby: male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Helmet: male ~ apple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Fedora: female ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Party: female ~ purple lace ribbon -- ADOPTED

Scally-wag: female ~ watermelon ribbon -- ADOPTED

Darla's and Yogi's F1 Standard Goldendoodle Pups at 4 weeks old
July 22

Wow! It's hard to believe that 4 weeks have passed already, but these pups are all rockin' and rollin' just the way they should be.

I can't always know when I'll get help to take photos and unfortunately they were just enjoying some food when help arrived! Lol. The pups are toileting outside of their whelping box and are starting to eat softened kibble.

There's quite a variety of coat colours and even some curly ones in this F1 litter! Darla has a very soft coat and that often means that pups will shed less, but we'll just wait and see!

Choosing for this litter will happen after August 14. The pups can go home starting as early as August 20 when they're 8 weeks old. I can hold a pup for a couple of weeks as well.

There is availability in this litter. Contact me if you're interested!

Fender: male ~ brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Gibson: male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Martin: male ~ red checkered ribbon -- ADOPTED

Seagull: male ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Yamaha: male ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Epiphone: female ~ purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Ovation: female ~ orange ribbon -- ADOPTED

Taylor: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Tess' and Abe's 11 F1 Medium Goldendoodle pups are born July 7!!
July 9

Hats off to Tess and Abe on the arrival of their stunning litter of puppies!!

These pups were born beginning at 1pm Sunday afternoon and Tess was done about 10 hours later. Tess was a real trooper and so attentive to her babes. There are 6 boys and 5 girls!

The theme for this litter is 'hats'. The boys are named: Beanie, Gatsby, Helmet, Sailor, Sombrero, and Stetson, and the girls are: Beret, Derby, Fedora, Party and Scally. My guess weight for these pups is between 35-65 lbs. There's a huge range in sizes at this time and we'll see how they grow!

The pups will have their vet check on August 26 and choosing can start after August 28. They'll be ready to go home starting after the September long weekend.

If you're interested in a pup from this litter, please contact me.

Our very, very latest Tomorrow's Pups update
July 9

Future Pairings are not written in stone and will depend on demand/suitable mating partners. The girls are doing their own thing when it comes to their cycles. I can only guess what will happen next! Here is the latest!

Plans may change depending on when they all come into season -- hopefully not all at once!!

Fall/Early Winter Litters Planned:
Chevy and Marlo or Ryder for F1 mini/medium goldendoodles
Biscuit and Yogi for F1B standard goldendoodles
Zola and Marlo for F1B mini goldendoodles
Penny and Marlo for F1B mini goldendoodles

Winter Litters Planned:
Dolly and Abe for F1 medium goldendoodles

Spring/Summer 2020 Planned:
JJ and Abe for F1B medium goldendoodles
Kit and Horton or Abe for F1 medium goldendoodles
Fiddle and Swede for F1B medium/large goldendoodles
Hazel and Yogi for F1B standard goldendoodles

Darla's and Yogi's F1 Standard Goldendoodle pups born June 25!
July 2

We've tried two other times to breed Darla and she has not conceived. She would not allow another male to mate with her (she simply sat down! lol!), nor did she conceive through artificial insemination. For those who know, this is very odd behaviour in the dog world!.

I thought that if anyone could convince her, our gentle and sweet Casanova, Yogi, could. And sure enough, they're now both very proud to announce their beautiful litter of 8 puppies; 5 boys and 3 girls.

Our theme for this litter is named after Guitar Brands: The boys are Fender, Gibson, Martin, Seagull and Yamaha. The girls are Epiphone, Ovation and Taylor. There's a large variety of colours and sizes in this litter. I believe the pups will likely grow to be 55-80 lbs.

Both Darla and Yogi are gentle-natured dogs so we'll see as time goes on how their babies turn out. These pups will go to their vet visit on August 12 and choosing will start shortly after that. They'll be 8 weeks old August 20 and I can start letting them go home starting on the 21st at the earliest.

I've done an experiment with my last four litters to allow some pups to stay here up to 12 weeks. Any pup who is going to become a service or therapy dog, or if your family has small children, or if you don't have experience with rearing puppies, this time is recommended. There's a $50 per week charge for any claimed pups staying after 10 weeks of age plus $20 for any needed shots to keep them updated.

Please contact me if you're interested in Darla's pups or if you have any questions.

Brixx in transition

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