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As of June 8 I have 65 people on my waitlist, 37 of which are on the current pups lists.

We're waiting for JJ to have her pups to see just how many more people can get pups this summer. No further females have come into season yet and so we wait along with you. At this time I think the earliest next litters will be available to go home in possibly November.

I'll continue to breed according to the demand I have, which is in all sizes. More applications are welcome if you're willing to wait patiently for future litters with the understanding that it could be a longer wait, depending on the number of pups in each litter as they arrive.

Hearty K9 responds to COVID-19: June 8th update.

As puppy choosing starts at the end of June we're hoping to allow people to come to choose in person in our outside choosing area (using COVID-19 protocols).

Choosing over the phone with videos and photos is another option if:

In the instance of a second COVID-19 wave, and if there are further restrictions placed by the government, all choosing will happen remotely with 'curb side' pick ups for your pups.

As for pick up training sessions, we hope to have outside group sessions, or alternately group Zoom meetings, before pick up.

Second training sessions remain on hold until my vet's training centre re-opens and as booking times become available.

Please email me if you have any questions

Biscuit's and Marlo's F1B mini/medium goldendoodle litter at 4 weeks
July 2

Biscuit's sweethearts are doing so well! The pups are such a delightful bunch. They're toileting outside of the whelping box and starting to enjoy some softened kibble. I'm looking forward to see how their personalities develop over the next few weeks.

I'm telling you, there are just not enough hours in a day to enjoy all the moments with these little ones!! But I am soaking them up though! I believe the pups should weigh between 25-45 lbs and there's a nice range of colours!

All of these pups are spoken for. They'll see the vet on July 23rd. Choosing will happen July 24/25 and they can start going home on July 30th.

BP (Baking Powder): male ~ brown ribbon

Biscotti: male ~ green ribbon

Buttermilk: female ~ yellow ribbon

Crostoli: female ~ orange ribbon

Dumpling: female ~ silver ribbon

Nice: female ~ blue ribbon

Scone: female ~ burgundy ribbon

Fiddle's and Swede's medium to large F1B goldendoodles at 4 weeks
June 18

Fiddle's pups are quite the nice crew. I love seeing their personalities start to bud. There's certainly a good range of sizes and coats in this litter.

The pups are starting to enjoy their softened food and learning to keep toileting out of the whelping box. I love this 'classic' litter.

Choosing will happen starting July 9th and they can start going home after July 15. This litter is all spoken for.

Masterly: male ~ red ribbon

Prime: male ~ green ribbon

Prototype: male ~ black/red collar

Textbook: male ~ black ribbon

Vintage: male ~ plaid ribbon

Classy: female ~ yellow ribbon

Finest: female ~ blue ribbon

Genuine: female ~ light green ribbon

Model: female ~ flowered ribbon

Pristine: female ~ purple ribbon

Kit's and Abe's F1 medium/large goldendoodle pups at 4 weeks
June 14

Kit's litter has been delightful and the pups have been a joy as they grow and learn. They're a social group and already come running with the puppy call, "Here Puppies!". The pups are loving their softened food and are toileting outside of their whelping box. All too soon they'll be heading outside to do the same.

Sadly, little Ragdoll did not live past a week. This is a part of life here on occasion. It's always hard to see the mom grieve, but Kit was back to herself the next day and was focusing her efforts on the remaining 8 pups. She continues to be such a good mom.

Choosing for this litter will happen after July 3rd and they can start going home on July 13. ALL of this litter is spoken for. We hope to have more F1s coming up later this fall/winter.

Bombay: male ~ blue ribbon

Rex: male ~ red ribbon

Himalayan: male ~ green collar

Manx: male ~ black ribbon

Coon: female ~ turquoise ribbon

Munchkin: female ~ purple ribbon

Persian: female ~ pink ribbon

Siamese: female ~ black/white ribbon

JJ's and Marlo's mini F1B goldendoodle litter born June 9
June 11

JJ laboured most of Monday and through the night. She started having pups at 9:30am on Tuesday and finished with her 9th pup by 4 pm. Fortunately, I had a back up puppy doula who kept an eye on JJ and pups while I attended a CPR/ First Aid course. It was an uneventful delivery and JJ is mighty proud of her 5 boys and 4 girls.

I decided to name them after some of the terms used at the course I took: Bandage, CPR, Defibrillator, OHS, Tourniquet, ABC, Red Cross, '30 to 2' and Shock.

These pups are all spoken for and I have more people waiting on my deposit list in case anyone backs out. They'll be chosen after July 29 and can start going home August 4.

Biscuit's and Marlo's F1B mini/medium goldendoodle litter born June 4
June 6

Biscuit is such a chilled character. She was more than happy to go with the other mama dogs for a slow jog around the field on Thursday morning. She didn't even slow down and didn’t look at all stressed or uncomfortable all day, but just before the pups started to come I could see was getting restless. Then she went on to have a very non-eventful delivery.

We're happy to announce that Biscuit had 7 beautiful puppies! There are 2 boys and 5 girls who are named after different kinds of biscuits! There's BP (Baking Powder), Biscotti, Buttermilk, Crostoli, Dumpling, Nice and Scone.

Choosing will happen on July 24-25 for this litter and the pups can start going home on July 30. All of this litter is spoken for. I wish there were enough pups for all those who have been hoping for one!

No matter how many pups JJ has (due next week), those too are spoken for. I'm waiting for more girls to cycle this coming month and the next litters should be available later in the fall or early winter.

Mango's and Abe's F1B medium goldendoodle litter at 4 weeks
June 5

Mango's and Abe's pups are an active group. They were early to move out of their whelping box to toilet and are already eager to get outside! We have so enjoyed this lovely group and are excited to see them growing and changing.

There's a good variety of sizes, colours and personalities developing in this litter. Choosing will happen on the June 26-27-28 weekend and when they reach 8 weeks on July 4 it will be time for them to start going home.

All of this litter is spoken for.

Bonus: male ~ blue/red striped ribbon

Benediction: male ~ blue ribbon

Gravy: male ~ brown ribbon

Hakuna: male ~ black striped ribbon

Prosper: male ~ red ribbon

Provision: male ~ yellow ribbon

Silver Lining: male ~ white/keys ribbon

Whew: male ~ green ribbon

Lavish: female ~ lime ribbon

Matata: female ~ white/black dot ribbon

Promise: female ~ pink ribbon

Serendipity: female ~ flowered ribbon

Fiddle's and Swede's medium to large F1B goldendoodles born May 20
May 22

Fiddle was very cute when I put her into her nursery in preparation for her litter. She explored and wagged in a big way, and she was so excited. I would often find her just laying quietly in her whelping box, with this excited look of anticipation in her eye while she waited for labour to start.

After long last she had the typical wane in appetite on the 19th and on the 20th things got more serious. I was pleased when she started shortly after 8pm. I would not lose as much sleep this time!! Lol.

Fiddle is a very calm and self assured mama. There was no drama with her labouring. She was quiet and attentive to all her pups and very aware of where each pup was, even when she was birthing another. She doesn't prefer an audience and waited until I had just been in to see her before she started. And when I did decide to come and investigate in person (and not only through the surveillance camera) she had the biggest smile and wag, and was so happy to show me what she'd been up to.

She loves all of our pets, but prefers to have the pups all to herself the first day or 2. I did't want to cause her unnecessary stress so I just let her be to enjoy those wonderful newborn moments.

When I took a better look later the next day I counted 5 boys and 5 girls. We named them after terms that mean "classic". Fiddle's is the second last litter we'll have of Dayo’s lineage (our beloved stud of 14 years)! Biscuit's upcoming litter will be our last. They will hold a very special place in our hearts for sure!!

The pups are called Masterly, Prime, Prototype, Textbook, Vinage, Classy, Finest, Genuine, Model, and Pristine.

Choosing for this litter will occur after July 8 and the earliest the pups can start going home is July 15. All of this litter is spoken for!

Kit's and Abe's 9 medium/large litter of F1 goldendoodles born May 18
May 20

Kit had been showing signs of labour for a few days. She lost her appetite on Friday (often the first sign of labour) but still happily participated in longer walks with Mango and Fiddle on Saturday. I thought I was going to be lucky and have a daytime birth on Sunday, but as it usually goes, things took longer than I'd hoped for.

I took her out for a few short walks. She just wanted to chill out in her nursery and labour in peace so I just kept checking my surveillance camera every 15 minutes, all day long, and physically checked in on her every couple of hours.

The funniest thing, when she was nesting she would dig at the carpet to make a heap. Then she would straighten it out and do it all over again. I've never seen a dog straighten out the carpet on their own before. It was most entertaining.

Before I crashed in my own bed at 1am I'd screwed the carpet down for safety, gave her one more little massage, and said goodnight. But she still managed to break one corner free in just a few minutes with all her digging and then started having pups right after I went to bed! I think she was waiting for me to leave her alone! Lol!

She was content and happy caring for her newborns and birthing on her own, so I slept (kind of), and by 6am she had 9 of the most gorgeous pups! By the time I was out to run the other dogs at 8am, she was ready to come and join them (even though she was not allowed! Lol :). I feel like my 'puppy hangover' is taking longer to recover from than Kit's labour and delivery!

There are 5 girls and 4 boys. Kit's nickname is Kitty, so I thought I would name her litter of pups after varieties of cats, just for fun! The boys are Bombay, Deven Rex, Himalayan and Manx. The girls are Maine "Coon", Munchkin, Persian, Ragdoll, and Siamese.

These pups are all spoken for. Their vet appointment is July 6 and choosing can start to happen after that. They can start going on home on July 13 at 8 weeks old.

Please check our Instagram account (#heartyk9s_home) for daily glimpses into our lives here at Hearty K9s.

Mango's and Abe's F1B medium goldendoodle pups born May 9
May 12

Mango laboured Saturday May 9 and finally began birthing at 8pm into the night. She needed a little bit of orientation for the delivery process as this was her first litter. Mango is such a good mama and has taken to motherhood with much passion and pride.

There are 12 pups; 8 boys and 4 girls. I expect their sizes to range from 30-50 lbs. They're all spoken for. This litter is very special to me in many ways. Over two years ago, when Mango and Abe came into our lives, I was match making and hoping for them to one day pass on their mothers' parti genes.

I'm super pleased with this litter as there's a good variation of partis and one solid, but most have white on their chest, toes and some with little tufts on their heads.

Also, this litter has a bit of a story. As much as I had wanted this litter, when covid-19 hit I took Mango away from Abe as I didn’t want to breed too many litters not knowing what the demand for pups would be. But, low and behold, Mango was discrete with her cycle (which is not easy to do). The 2 of them found some private moments together before I separated them. None of us here had witnessed their mating and we didn’t know until her belly was showing.

Now, with a high demand for pups, we can see God’s provision and we're so thankful! My sister and I had some bonding moments coming up with a theme for this litter to portray that! Bonus, Benediction, Gravy, Hakuna, Matata, Prosper, Provision, Silver(lining), Whew, Lavish, Promise and Serendipity.

Choosing for this litter will occur on the June 27/28 weekend and the pups can start going home July 4 at 8 weeks old.

Folks choose in the order that I receive their deposits. Normally you have one hour allotted to choose. Depending on covid-19 restrictions choosing may have to be done via texts/videos/photos/phone calls or traditionally with one family (limited numbers) visiting at a time, using proper distancing and current covid-19 protocols. We would also give the option for you to choose any of these options even if restrictions are lifted.

Tomorrow's Pups -- our newest plans
Updated June 8

I have 20+ people on my waitlist for all sizes and timeline requests after present litters are chosen. The number of pups born in each litter will determine how much room I have for more deposits. I'll only accept more deposits if you're willing to wait while previous deposits are filled.

The current average of pups in a litter is 7-8. I don't like to take more than 5 deposits per litter until the pups are born, and when there are more than 5 pups I'll accept more deposits for a specific litter. Generally, most people put in a deposit and wait for a call when a litter is born that meets their preferences.

Future Pairings are not written in stone and will depend on demand/suitable mating partners. The girls are doing their own thing when it comes to their cycles. I can only guess what will happen next! Here is the latest!

Plans may change depending on when they all come into season.

Fall/early Winter 2020 planned:
Darla and Swede for F1 medium/large goldendoodles
Tess and Abe for F1 medium goldendoodles

Winter 2020 /Spring 2021 planned:
Annie and Marlo for F1 mini/medium goldendoodles
Chicky and Swede for F1B medium/larger goldendoodles
Dolly and Abe for F1 medium goldendoodles
Penny and Marlo for F1B mini goldendoodles -- this wait list is full

Spring/Summer 2021 planned:
Mango and Abe for F1B medium goldendoodles
Kit and Marlo or Abe for F1 mini/medium goldendoodles

There will likely be some new litters added to our breeding plans once our new K9s are old enough to have finished their health testing. We're hoping for one litter in the winter and two in spring 2021.

Brixx in transition

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