Hazel's and Yogi's F1B standard goldendoodles at 4 weeks
April 30

This little bunch of munchkins has certainly been a breeze to work with! They're a variety of sizes, coats and colours. Soon we'll be seeing their personalities develop, which is always an interesting adventure to behold. Hazel is an attentive mama and the pups are growing well. The pups are now starting to eat softened food and are coming out of their whelping box to explore and bathroom.

We still have several spots available in this litter. The pups will be vet checked on May 16 and choosing will happen after that. They'll be ready to go home after May 30.

Please see how our adoption process works on FAQ, and contact me if you're interested.

Al: male ~ brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Danny: male ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Earl (AKA Duke): male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Fernando: male ~ white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Jude: male ~ black ribbon -- ADOPTED

Lou: male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Caroline: female ~ watermelon ribbon -- ADOPTED

Layla: female ~ lime ribbon -- ADOPTED

Lucy: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Mickey: female ~ purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Hazel's and Yogi's F1B standard goldendoodle puppies born April 3
April 6

Hazel Grace laboured for several days off and on and finally the little critters appeared in the afternoon of April 3rd. I could hardly believe how many there were. I thought she would have 8 max and was hoping for at least 5! Her belly didn’t even rub the sides of the doggie door as she went through.

There are 6 boys and 4 girls. The theme is "Names that might make you break into song". These choices 'may' date us some, lol, but I am sure these dogs will be serenaded a lot! I may just have to print off lyrics to hang in their nursery to get all the words right!

The boys are named: You can call me AL (Paul Simon), DANNY BOY, Duke of EARL, FERNANDO (Abba), Hey JUDE, and Skip to my LOU. The girls are: Sweet CAROLINE, LAYLA (Eric Clapton unplugged), LUCY in the sky with diamonds, and Hey MICKEY you’re so fine.

I would expect these pups to weigh anywhere from 50-70 lbs as adults. Choosing will start after their vet appointment on May 16th. They can start going home after they turn 8 weeks on May 30th.

I have availability in this litter, now that I know how many I have! If you're interested please contact me. Also see how our adoption process works and peruse the required reading on FAQ.

If I had to do the same again, I would, my friend, Fernando.

Tomorrow's Pups update
March 23

I have 25 people on my waitlist for all sizes and timeline requests. The number of pups born in each litter will determine how much room I have for more deposits. I'll only accept more deposits if you're willing to wait while previous deposits are filled.

The current average of pups in a litter is 7. I don't like to take more than 5 deposits per litter until the pups are born, and when there are more than 5 pups I'll accept more deposits.

Future Pairings are not written in stone and will depend on demand/suitable mating partners. The girls are doing their own thing when it comes to their cycles. I can only guess what will happen next! Here is the latest!

Late Summer/ Early Fall Litters:
Chevy and Horton or Swede for F1 goldendoodles.
Zola and Horton for F1B mini goldendoodles. This wait list is already full for now. Until their pups are born we won't know how many there will be to go around! If we can find a mini poodle suitable for her we'll switch sires. Sadly Ziggy didn’t reach the bar we've set for a quality breeding sire. We do have an eligible stud (hopefully) coming from the states. We hope he'll be just the right match for Zola... if not this time around then the next.

Late Fall litters:
Roxy and Ryder or Horton for F1 mini/medium sized goldendoodles.
Biscuit and Ryder or Swede for F1B mini/medium sized goldendoodles.
Darla and Swede for F1 medium goldendoodles.

Winter Litters:
JJ and Ryder for F1B mini goldendoodles.
Kit and Horton for F1 medium goldendoodles.
Penny and Horton for F1B mini/medium goldendoodles.
Fiddle and Yogi or Winter for F1B standard goldendoodles.
Tess and Winter or Yogi for F1 standard goldendoodles.

We're presently searching for homes for 2 1 adult dogs. Please call me if you're interested.

Tilly, a 5 year old F1, 55 lb goldendoodle. Spayed. She does shed some. Very intelligent, outgoing and house trained. I can see her with a family with teens, or an active family. She loves little kids but can be a bit dominant. $1200.

Ziggy, a one year old neutered male mini poodle. He was raised with an elderly couple and enjoys a quieter lifestyle. He's a bit leary of strangers. A great cuddler and certainly has great entertainment value with his antics. He has been housetrained. CKC registered. $1000.

Still available puppies!!!
March 13

We presently have 2 pups available from Tess’ and Winter’s litter. Both girls should stay in that 55-60 lb mark.

Holsby is an active, confident girl. She has a more dominant character but also plays well on her own. A smart little cookie! She has a wavier coat and she'll likely turn out to be a low to non-shedder. -- ADOPTED

Venice is a wavier-coated girl. She has a little softer personality, but still has some good spunk. -- ADOPTED

If you're interested in either of these pups, please contact us. Read FAQ about how our adoption process works and read the homework as well.

Tess' and Winter's F1 standard goldendoodle litter at 4 weeks
February 18

Tess is such a good mama and her pups are doing so very well. They're already coming out to bathroom outside the whelping box and they're literally diving into the puppy mush! There's a big variety of sizes in this litter. I assume they'll even out in size now that they're getting more than just their mama's milk.

Last year's litter ranged from 52-78 lbs. I would assume the same from this litter. It does my heart good to see how each one is growing and developing. It's fun to watch how much they take in and learn every day.

I still have 2 spots available in this litter. Choosing will happen after their vet appointment, which will likely be after March 7. The pups can start to go home on March 19.

If you're interested in a pup from Tess' litter please contact me.

Holsby: female ~ hearts ribbon -- ADOPTED

Venice: female ~ purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Amsterdam: male ~ blue/black striped ribbon -- ADOPTED

Carnforth: male ~ grey ribbon -- ADOPTED

Frankfurt: male ~ brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Glasgow: male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Manchester: male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

York: male ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Cologne: female ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Dusseldorf: female ~ watermelon ribbon -- ADOPTED

London: female ~ lime ribbon -- ADOPTED

Paris: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Pirelli is available from Tilly’s litter
February 5


Pirelli is very social and loves people. She has a very sweet demeanour, is a confident pup, and is waiting for just the right home. Her coat will likely not shed. Her siblings will start going home February 10.

If you're interested in her please send in your application and take time to read through our website, especially FAQ. She is $2300 and this includes 3 hours of puppy classes with her new family.

Fiddle's and Yogi's F1B standard goldendoodles at 4 weeks!
February 5

Fiddle and Yogi are proud parents of this delightful litter of standard goldendoodles. They're growing quickly (and by the way) they're not taking on the characteristics of their names -- which I am quite pleased about!! Lol.

I really have enjoyed the variety of colours that have come from Yogi’s pups! Anything from cream, silver beige, or various shades of apricots with splashes of white on some chests, faces and toes!

I still have availability in this litter. Choosing will likely start the weekend of February 25. The pups can go home starting March 6.

Contact me if you're interested in this or other litters.

Bashful: male ~ light blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Doc: male ~ dark blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Dopey: male ~ white nosed -- ADOPTED

Grumpy: male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Happy: male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Sleepy: male ~ beige ribbon -- ADOPTED
We're so thankful for the extra help that we receive socializing the pups now that we're empty nesters!

Sneezy: male ~ green/red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Snow White: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Available puppies!!!
January 26

Tilly's & Yogi's litter: Jinyu and Pirelli (adopted). Goes home starting February 10.
Penny's & Horton's litter: One spot remains. Choosing is yet to happen starting February 9. Goes home starting February 23.
Fiddle's & Yogi's litter: Three spots remaining. Choosing will start to happen starting February 21. Goes home starting March 6.
Tess' & Winter's litter: Four spots remaining. Choosing will start after March 5. Goes home starting March 19.

Please contact me if you're interested in one of these litters.

Penny's and Horton's F1B mini/medium goldendoodle pups at 4 weeks
January 26

Penny's pups are a cute bunch. There's a nice variety of bigger and smaller sizes with curly and straighter coats. Their personalities are just starting to bud and they're toddling out of their whelping box to investigate their nursery rooms to toilet and eat.

I do have one spot left in this litter that's not spoken for. Choosing for this litter will start after February 9 and they can start going home February 23.

Contact me if you're interested in a pup from Penny’s litter.

Arctic: male ~ black ribbon -- ADOPTED

Frigid: male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Siberian: male ~ brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Windchill: male ~ white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Brisk: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Glacier: female ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Icicle: female ~ purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Wintry: female ~ green flowered ribbon -- ADOPTED

Tess' and Winter's 2nd debut of F1 standard goldendoodle pups born on January 22!
January 24

Tess and Winter are very proud parents of 6 boys and 6 girls! Poor Tess was getting so huge she could barely fit through the doggy doors! She started to whelp at 5am and was done about 4pm. The pups are all of a good size, except one girl who is small. It looks like she's a little premature and was likely conceived at the end of Tess’ cycle. She's a fighter though, so we'll see how this next while goes.

Tess seems to have a system she started on the evening of the 22nd. She separates the pups, allowing 1/2 to feed while she puts the other 1/2 between her front legs. I was very impressed!! Once I noticed she separated them according to dark and light apricot! Lol. But when she's tired and needs to sleep, she lays back and it's a free for all.

These pups were born on my youngest daughter’s 19th birthday. Sara is away at Capernwray Hall, a Bible School in England, so I asked if she wanted to think of a theme. She sent me the places she has been so far and also where she's still planning to go! She's certainly living the dream!

The boys are: Amsterdam, Carnforth, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Manchester, and York. The girls are: Cologne, Dusseldorf, Holsby, London, Paris and Venice. I'll be updating the pups' photos at 4 weeks old. Their vet visit is Monday March 5 and choosing will begin after that. They can go home starting March 19.

I do have availability in this litter. Please contact me if you're interested. See how our adoption process works on FAQ.

Brixx in transition

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