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January 26, 2023: Price change for all pups

Effective immediately we have decided to lower the prices of our all of our pups to $3000 which includes GST. Please spread the word.

The quality of our program and all we do to breed superior companions does not change. You can continue to expect amazing quality Hearty K9s!

Did you know:

Heather Arthur on Foundational Training

In our FAQ, Heather Arthur speaks on how foundational training solves many issues down the road.

The newest lowdown on Tomorrow's pups
updated January 26

The marketplace has changed in the dog breeding world. Due to many factors we constantly have to evaluate whether we breed a mama that is ready to be bred or not.

In the past I've bred my girls every other cycle and when it's their turn to breed I've just done that and have never had issues selling them over the last 19 years. If you're interested in a potential litter in tomorrow's pups or just are willing to apply and get a pup when there is a litter suitable for timing and other qualities that are important to you, please contact us and apply! This will help us know better who we will breed in the future.

We're committed to our high quality standards and have developed our puppy program over the last 18 years which breeds puppies who flourish and have amazing potentials.

The plans listed below may change due to the girls varied timing of their cycles and the demand on my waitlist at the time of their cycle.

Early Spring 2023:
Groovy and Simon F1B mini/medium goldendoodles. Due beginning of February.

Spring 2023:
Mango and Abe or Marlo for F1B mini/medium goldendoodles.

Summer 2023:
Basil and Simon for F1 mini/medium goldendoodles.
Reena and Derby for F1 mini goldendoodles.
Jelly and Marlo for F1B mini/medium goldendoodles.

Fall/early Winter 2023:
Cotton and ? for F1B goldendoodles. Depends on the demand if we go with a bigger or smaller stud.
Eliza and Marlo or Derby for F1B mini goldendoodles.

The pups can start going home when they're 8 weeks old. If you can't pick up your pup by 9 weeks of age, there's a boarding fee. See the Sales Agreement.

We have two small F1 goldendoodles who will be old enough to breed this fall after they finish their health tests. We also have a potential standard poodle stud who needs to finish more health testing and come of age. We don’t have demand on our waitlist at the moment for larger dogs but please contact me if you're wanting a 50+ lb Hearty K9 Goldendoodle!

Polly's and Abe's F1B medium goldendoodle litter born January 4/23
January 5

We're very pleased to announce a beautiful litter of pups from Polly and Abe and are very excited to have an Abe litter again. We just love his pups!

And for those who knew Horton (he just passed away at 16 years of age), he's the Grandpa to this litter (being Polly’s dad). He's a pretty special dog who we love.

Polly is a very attentive mama and is managing her litter of 8 very well. The theme we chose to name this litter after are the fishing vessels on a show called "Wicked Tuna". The boys are Fish Hawk, Hot Tuna, Moonshine, Time Flies and Wasabi. The girls: Pinwheel, Odysea and Lily.

We expect this litter to grow to weigh between 30-50 lbs. They'll be able to start going home March 1. Choosing will happen the last few days of February.

If you're interested in this litter, please take the time to read through our Sales Agreement and FAQ and then submit the adoption form!

Contact me if you have any other questions.

Eliza's and Derby's F1B mini goldendoodles at 4.5 weeks old
November 25

What a beautiful litter... oh,my heart. I'm glad I don't have to decide on just one! Lol.

The pups are enjoying softened kibble and are wandering outside of their whelping box to potty. I expect this litter to weigh 12-30 lbs full grown. They can go home just before Christmas. Choosing will happen around December 20.

I have 1-2 spots remaining in this litter. Please contact me through the website if you're interested. Please review our Sales Agreement and FAQ before submitting your application.

Brother: male ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Buddy: male ~ beige ribbon -- ADOPTED

Darlin’: male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Nugget: male ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Dolly: female ~ orange ribbon -- ADOPTED

Missy: female ~ lime ribbon -- ADOPTED

Princess: female ~ purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Sister: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Cotton's and Marlo's F1B mini/medium Goldendoodles are just under 4 weeks old
November 25

This litter has had a huge milk bar to feast from so they're a little rolley polley, but now that they can walk they'll be working off some of the extra calories!!

Such a sweet litter... these pups are all spoken for.

Candy: female -- ADOPTED

Spook: female -- ADOPTED

Jack-O-Lantern : male -- ADOPTED

Cotton's and Marlo's litter of F1B medium Goldendoodles
November 2

Cotton and Marlo are happy to announce their litter of 3 sweet babies! They were born in the afternoon of October 31. At first I thought it was a trick that there were only 3 pups, but with all the festivities of Christmas coming -- well, a litter of 3 is a treat!

There's just one boy and 2 girls. Their names are Jack-O-Lantern, Candy and Spook. I expect them to weigh between 25-45 lbs.

These pups will be ready and able to go home between Christmas and New Year's.

I have one spot available in this litter. You can contact me if you're interested.

Eliza's and Derby's F1B mini goldendoodle pups born on October 25
October 29

Eliza is one of those champion labourers. She does everything right and I don’t need to worry about her at all. She's an amazing mama!

Her and her little 8 pups, 4 girls and 4 boys, are growing and doing well. Some may remember that Eliza's first litter was born the same time as our first grandchild two years ago. This time Eliza is a few days early, as our next grandchild is due November 1st!

We thought this was pretty special. Our litter theme is some endearing names we often say when we're in the presence of babies. The boys: Brother, Buddy, Darling and Nugget. The girls: Dolly, Missy, Princess and Sister.

I have 3 spots remaining on this list if you're interested in some of the smallest-sized pups we raise. I expect them to weigh 12-30lb average. There are a good variety of colours, sizes and coats and we'll see how their personalities develop. They can start going home December 20.

I don't mind if a pup is a Christmas gift, but I do not allow surprises. There are books that are required reading ahead of time and I want the family to be on board and ready when the pup comes into their home. I'm also willing to hold a pup until the busy Christmas gatherings subside when life is quieter between Christmas and the New Year.

Please read through the website, especially the Sales Agreement and FAQ, before submitting your application. Contact me if you have any questions.

Reena's and Derby's F1 mini goldendoodles at 4 weeks old!
July 24

What a delightful little litter this has been! Reena has been a champ and is truly a wonderful mama. The pups have been wandering out of their whelping box since they were 2.5 weeks old. They're already starting to respond when I call out "Puppy Puppy!!" to give them their softened food.

These pups can start going to their new homes after August 24. I expect their weights to be between 15-40 lbs (these are the smallest F1s we've had for many years)!

Contact me if you're interested in one of these adorable pups.

Bean: male ~ blue collar -- ADOPTED

Biggie-Small: male ~ black collar -- ADOPTED

Chip: male ~ red collar -- ADOPTED

Sprout: male ~ green collar -- ADOPTED

Bambino: female ~ light blue collar -- ADOPTED

Button: female ~ yellow collar -- ADOPTED

Cricket: female ~ orange collar -- ADOPTED

Hiccup: female ~ white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Mouse: female ~ beige collar -- ADOPTED

Peanut: female ~ purple collar -- ADOPTED

Pixie: female ~ pink collar -- ADOPTED

Reena's and Derby's F1 mini litter of 11 born June 24
June 28

We're so excited to announce this beautiful litter of F1 minis! Reena is a lovely mama and Derby is a proud papa. This is the first litter for both of them and it will be the smallest F1s we've had for a while.

Although I expect the majority of the pups to weigh between 20-35 lbs, they may range more like 15-40 lbs. Some pups already have a nice wave to their coats and so we'll see how they change as they grow!

Our naming theme this time is "small" and so these are our small pups!
Bean, Biggie-Small, Chip, Sprout, Bambino, Button, Cricket, Hiccup, Mouse, Peanut and Pixie.

The pups can go home after August 24!

I have some availability left in this litter. Contact me if you're interested!

Basil's and Nic-o's F1 standard goldendoodle litter at 4 weeks
June 25

What a lovely litter of pups! I'm pleased to see them growing and developing well. Already they're finding their designated potty places, are eating softened food and their little personalities are budding out.

I expect these pups to range in weight between 50-80 lbs. Stay tuned to our Instagram page (#heartyk9s_home) to see regular updates.

Their vet visit is on July 18 and choosing will happen later that week. They can start going home after July 23.

Contact me if you're interested in this beautiful litter.

Altorado: male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Busby: male ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Fraser: male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Sirish: male ~ black ribbon -- ADOPTED

Falcon: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Oreana: female ~ flowered ribbon -- ADOPTED

Xena: female ~ striped ribbon -- ADOPTED

Basil's and Nic-o's F1 standard goldendoodle pups born May 28
June 3

We're delighted to announce a beautiful litter from our jovial golden Basil and our legendary Nic-o. I had put these 2 together before we left on holidays in March before Basil was due to cycle (near the end of May) thinking they could enjoy getting to know each other. But Basil ended up having a cycle 2 months early! So here they are!!

Had I known the market for larger pups had slowed down I would've chosen a smaller stud, but I guess these pups are just meant to be! I have homes for 2-3 of them already!

These pups are a stunning litter of 4 boys and 3 girls! They're named after different Barley varieties: Altorado, Busby, Fraser, Sirish, Falcon, Oreana, and Xena.

When fully grown, the pups should weigh between 50-75 lbs. They can go home after July 23 if things go as planned!

Contact me if you're interested in this great litter!

Brixx in transition

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