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Dolly's and Ryder's F1 mini goldendoodle pups born December 24
December 27

Dolly and Ryder are proud to announce their litter of F1 mini goldendoodle pups!

After 2 days of common progressive labour (loss of appetite and restlessness), the pups started to come at 7pm on Christmas Eve! Just as soon as the evening church service was over and I checked my phone, the first pup appeared. My surveillance camera was a real treasure this holiday season!

This is Dolly’s first litter and she sure is a natural! I wish I was that good my first round!! Lol. There are 9 pups, 5 boys and 4 girls. With the help of some #heartyk9s_home followers contributing their thoughts via Instagram and after much deliberation we came up with yet another different Christmas theme (as we have had so many over the years).

The pups are named after a Swedish Christmas dinner! The boys are: Dopp i Grytan (Doop-a greet-a), Herring, Lutefisk, Meatball and Potato Sausage. The girls are called: Krum Kake (croom caw caw), Lefsa, Lingonberry and Rice Pudding. Yes, some crazy names, and maybe why we didn’t have this theme before! No worries, Doop, Croomy and Puddin’ will have new names when they get to their new homes!

I expect these pups to grow to between 25-40 lbs on average. Some may get bigger (up to 55lbs) and sometimes there's a smaller one (about 20 lbs). The pups can go home the end of February. Choosing will happen between February 9-16, most likely.

I do have several people on my waitlist wanting this size, but their timing does not work well... so there's availability in this litter!! Contact me if you're interested.

It is official... Winter gets an early retirement
November 18

I've talked about how much happier Winter is when I get to spend one on one time with him. He's a very fun, witty and smart dog. He settles well in the house and I can even take him out to an old folks home, where he is charming. Clients have loved his pups, but my heart for Winter is for him to have a family of his own who enjoy him and bring out his full potential.

I've taken the heart wrenching step to neuter him. Now I'm looking for a home for him as I don’t have the time he craves. Winter needs an active home where someone is around a lot. He looks for leadership and listens to the boundaries you give him as long as you're clear. He needs time to work on obedience and house rules, as he has only had short house visits at our place.

If you're interested in this regal standard poodle, please contact us.

Biscuit's and Yogi's F1B goldendoodle pups at 4 weeks old
November 18

Biscuit's and Yogi's pups are growing nicely. They're going out of the whelping box to toilet, are eating mush, and are also starting to crunch some kibble! These pups are very even in size, except the girl -- Decoy is 1/2 kg bigger than the rest, lol!

My guess weights for these guys is 55-75 lbs. They have a great variety of coats. Their characters are just developing and so we look forward to seeing how they'll unfold in the next few weeks!

Choosing for this litter will be the first weekend in December and the pups can start going home after December 13. Heron is presently having an issue with his right eye and he is being monitored by the vet. I'll hold him back until I know better what's going on with him... they don’t seem concerned at this time.

I have one spot available in this litter, not including Heron. Please contact me if you're interested, but also see Sales Agreement and FAQ if you haven't yet read them.

Canadian: male ~ red plaid ribbon -- ADOPTED

Duck Duck: male ~ light blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Goose: male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Heron: male ~ brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Loon: male ~ lime ribbon -- ADOPTED

Mallard: male ~ burgundy ribbon -- ADOPTED

RedHead (aka Red): male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Trumpeter (aka Swanny): male ~ dark blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Decoy: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Mr. Incredible makes a return debut!
October 29


Mr. Incredible (from Chevy's and Swede's litter born August 8) is available for adoption. His adoptive family were allergic to him and their asthma was triggered. They are simply devastated. Mr. Incredible had quickly won their hearts but now he's waiting for another family to love.

This guy knows to sit to get his pets and is good on leash. He's great in a crate at night and travels well in a crate in a vehicle. House training is coming nicely along. I guess he will weigh around the 50-55 lb mark and will likely shed some.

If you're interested in Mr. Incredible, please take the time to read through our Sales Agreement and FAQ and then contact us!

Zola's and Horton's F1B goldendoodle litter at 4 weeks
October 29

Zola's and Horton's pups are adorable! They're growing nicely, have started to toilet outside their whelping box and to eat softened food. The pups are bright and jovial and ready for play! At this stage the daily changes are huge and we look forward to seeing how they'll progress over the next few weeks.

They'll be ready to go home November 25. These pups are all spoken for. I also have a wait list for them in case someone backs out.

Case-y: male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Deutz: male ~ lime ribbon -- ADOPTED

Fendt: male ~ green/pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Johnny (Deere): male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Kubby (Kubota): male ~ orange ribbon -- ADOPTED

Allis: female ~ orange/white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Fergie: female ~ white with black/red flowers -- ADOPTED

Biscuit's and Yogi's F1B standard Goldendoodles born on October 18
October 21

Biscuit masked her labour symptoms very well. She even wanted to go for a run just hours before the pups started to arrive. But I snooped in on her frequently via our surveillance camera and she was very restless when she didn’t know I was watching.

We're so pleaseed with this litter!! What a beautiful bunch of puppies!! There are 8 boys and 1 girl in a variety of colours. Being born on my father-in-law’s birthday, I asked if he would think of a theme. He thought of ducks and geese, so I adapted from there, since it *is* hunting season. The boys' names are Canadian, Duck Duck, Goose, Heron, Loon, Mallard, Red Head (duck), Trumpeter, and the lone girl is Decoy!

Choosing for this litter will occur after November 29 and the pups can start going home on December 13. If you are interested in this litter, I do have some spots available... likely for a boy! Lol.

Please read through our sales agreement, and Preparing for your pup on FAQ. Then contact us if you're interested in a pup from this litter.

Because this litter is available close to Christmas, I want to point out that my policy is "no surprises". All the family must be on board and have books read before getting a puppy from Hearty K9s!

Anne and Violet are looking for homes!
October 15

Anne is a beautiful corgipoo who is available for adoption! Loaded with lots of spunk and smarts, and a full measure of sweetness, she loves to play, explore and simply enjoy life. Anne will likely end up with a slight wave to her coat, and therefore will likely also shed a little. I think she'll stay around 15-18 lbs and come to around 12-13" at the shoulder. She's ready to go. $2000. -- ADOPTED

Please see Preparing for your pup on FAQ if you're interested in adopting her.

Violet is an F1 medium goldendoodle available for adoption! She's a confident pup, sweet-natured, playful, and still likes her cuddles. Violet has a soft shorter coat at this time. She'll likely end up with loose curls eventually and may shed some. My guess weight for her is 50 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Please contact me if you're interested in adopting Violet. She's ready to go. $2500.

Zola's and Horton's F1B mini Goldendoodle pups born September 30
October 2

Zola's only indication she was labouring on Saturday was that she was shivering (their body temperature goes down before they have pups). Saturday was a cold day, we were all shivering, but I could see it in her eyes and feel by her contracting belly that the time was coming! Sure enough an all night endeavour brought forth 7 beautiful puppies!!

This being Zola's first litter, she did marvellous. She is super protective of her little pack and didn’t at all like the gender reveal moments when I checked everyone over. This is normal behaviour and she'll learn to relax as I work with the pups.

There are 5 boys and 2 girls. We don't get goldendoodles so small very often. They're only 200 to 240 grams at this time. The theme for this litter is tractors. The boys are Case, Deutz, Fendt, John Deere and Kubota. The girls are Allis Chalmers, and Massey Ferguson.

Choosing will happen for this litter after November 15 and pick up can start on or after November 25. These pups are all spoken for, as my waitlist is long for minis.

We presently have the following pups available at Hearty K9s!
September 25

Dory's and Chewy's F1 mini corgidoodles are ready to go. Chevy's and Swede's F1 medium goldendoodles can start going home after October 3.

Please contact us if you're interested in one of these pups.

Dory's mini corgidoodles:

Anne has an "I want to play" attitude! She has great social skills and is energetic to boot, not to mention her cuteness factor!! I did not "do" her hair... that's all natural baby! I expect she'll be a minimal shedder and my guess weight for her is around 15 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Joy is a doll who loves to play, and cuddle too! I find her personality to be most like her mom, Dory -- very intelligent and tries to anticipate what you want. She learns quickly and is very personable. She has a flatter coat now but will become more shaggy (not curly) when she grows up. I expect she may become a minimal to moderate shedder. My guess weight for her is around 14 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Nels is the largest corgidoodle available and has a beautiful, faithful temperament. He's confident in nature and loves to play (independently and also with people and other dogs), yet he'll lay down at your feet when it's time to rest. Nels has a less likely to shed coat and will likely grow to be around the 20 lb mark. -- ADOPTED

Stephen is the smallest boy available. He has a crazy shaggy coat that will likely shed very little. His nature is a bit softer, not dominant, and hesitates a bit when there is too much new commotion... but is gaining confidence daily. He didn't mind this new log obstacle course today at all! My guess is that he'll grow between 12-15 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Chevy's medium golendoodles:

Violet has an easy-going, playful nature and plays well with others (and on her own too). She has more of a flat coat and may be a minimal to moderate shedder. My guess weight for her is 50ish lbs. -- ADOPTED

Evelyn is the biggest female. We caught her playing in the melting snow in her pen just before the photo shoot... she didn’t get the memo I guess. Evelyn is a calm, sweet-natured, adorable girl. She's gentle in her approach, not forceful, plays well on her own and with others. She will likely not be a shedder and I guess her adult weight will be around 60 lbs. -- ADOPTED

Mr. Incredible is a playful, energetic, sweet-natured comical boy. He's not dominant nor submissive, just somewhere in between. I would guess that he'll end up being a minimal shedder and around the 50 lb mark. -- ADOPTED

Our latest Tomorrow's Pups update
September 23

Sadly JJ didn’t conceive this time, but Zola has a nice round belly and we're looking forward to seeing her puppies the beginning of October.

Future Pairings are not written in stone and will depend on demand/suitable mating partners. The girls are doing their own thing when it comes to their cycles. I can only guess what will happen next! Here is the latest!

Fall Litters: BRED!
Zola and Horton for F1B mini goldendoodles. This wait list is already full for now. Due beginning of October.
Biscuit and Yogi for F1B standard goldendoodles. This wait list may be full since Roxy didn't have pups. Due middle of October. Biscuit's belly is growing as well.

Winter litters:
Darla and Winter or Yogi for F1 standard goldendoodles.
Dolly and Swede or Marlo for F1 mini/medium goldendoodles.

Spring Litters:
Kit and Horton for F1 medium goldendoodles.
Penny and Horton for F1B mini/medium goldendoodles.
Fiddle and Yogi or Winter for F1B standard goldendoodles.
Tess and Winter or Yogi for F1 standard goldendoodles.
Hazel and Swede or Yogi for F1B medium/standard goldendoodles.

Brixx in transition

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