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April 28, 2022: Price change for standard poodle cross pups

Effective immediately we have decided to lower our standard poodle cross pups to $3000 which includes GST. Our prices remain at $3600 including GST for moyen and mini poodle cross pups. Please spread the word.

The quality of our program and all we do to breed superior companions does not change. You can continue to expect amazing quality Hearty K9s!

Standard poodle cross pups will grow between 40-80 lbs. The exercise they need depends more on the temperament of the dog. Standards are often the pups who are chosen for service dogs, therapy and facility placements.

If you or someone you know is in need of a service dog, please have them contact me. We're looking to donate a pup from each of Annie's and Mango's litters for anyone who is working with a certified trainer for service dog work.

April 14, 2022

We have puppies available in Annie's and Mango's litters!

Please read through our Sales Agreement, and FAQ and submit your adoption form if you're wanting a pup to enjoy this spring/summer!

Did you know:

Visitors and choosing your pup: April 2022

With restrictions opening, and with hopes it will continue so, we're allowing folks to come and choose pups again in person. With vaccines and vet visit being closer to 8 weeks of age now, and the puppy evaluation video being available to view ahead of choosing time, there will be times that choosing day and go home day will be on the same day -- as long as the families can come in the order of when I received their deposits.

You're also welcome to come and meet us and our Hearty K9 family. Just fill out your application and make an appointment. Pups are only allowed to be viewed if they're vaccinated and if you're choosing a pup from that litter (for biosecurity reasons).

Heather Arthur on Foundational Training

In our FAQ, Heather Arthur speaks on how foundational training solves many issues down the road.

The newest lowdown on Tomorrow's pups
updated August 28

The marketplace has changed in the dog breeding world. Due to many factors we constantly have to evaluate whether we breed or not.

It's a sensitive issue in these times, as on occasion we get an influx of clients and then it's quiet for extended periods.

In the past I've bred my girls every other cycle and when it's their turn to breed I've just done that, and have never had issues selling them over the last 18 years. But this year the large breed pups have not been selling as well for a variety of reasons due to post pandemic phenomena.

We've found that the majority of clients prefer dogs who are curlier and Nico seems to throw many straight coated pups. We've decided to retire him and are on the hunt for a new standard sire for future litters, trusting that the market for large breed dogs will get better in a couple of years.

We're committed to our high quality standards and have developed our puppy program over the last 18 years which breeds puppies who flourish and have amazing potentials. That will not change.

We've also retired several dogs who are looking for new homes. All are spayed/neutered and up to date with shots. Please contact me if you're interested.

Darla: 75 lb female golden retriever, 6 years old
Nico: 60 lb male standard poodle, 3 years old
Sami: 50 lb F1 female goldendooodle, 1 year old
Argus: 55 lb 1.5 year old male standard poodle, 1.5 years old.

Potential litters to go home in December:
Munchkin and Marlo for F1B mini goldendoodles. Munchkin was playing hard to get and we're uncertain if Marlo was successful in his determination. We decided not to intervene. Due date would be second week in October and would go home the second week in December.
Eliza and Derby for F1B mini goldendoodles. Due October 26 and can go home just before Christmas, but we can make arrangements to hold pups until after Christmas.

The plans listed below may change due to the girls varied timing of their cycles and the demand on my waitlist at the time of their cycle.

Winter 2023:
Jelly and Marlo for F1B mini/medium goldendoodles
Polly and Abe for F1B medium goldendoodles

Spring 2023:
Cotton and Marlo for F1B mini goldendoodles
Mango and Abe or Marlo for F1B mini/medium goldendoodles

Summer 2023:
Darla and Simon for F1 mini/medium goldendoodles
Reena and Derby for F1 mini goldendoodles

The pups can start going home when they're 8 weeks old. If you can't pick up your pup by 9 weeks of age, there's a boarding fee. See the Sales Agreement.

We have one F1 goldendoodle who will be old enough to breed this winter and a potential golden retriever in the spring, but they'll need to finish passing their health tests before then.

Reena's and Derby's F1 mini goldendoodles at 4 weeks old!
July 24

What a delightful little litter this has been! Reena has been a champ and is truly a wonderful mama. The pups have been wandering out of their whelping box since they were 2.5 weeks old. They're already starting to respond when I call out "Puppy Puppy!!" to give them their softened food.

These pups can start going to their new homes after August 24. I expect their weights to be between 15-40 lbs (these are the smallest F1s we've had for many years)!

Contact me if you're interested in one of these adorable pups.

Bean: male ~ blue collar -- ADOPTED

Biggie-Small: male ~ black collar -- ADOPTED

Chip: male ~ red collar -- ADOPTED

Sprout: male ~ green collar -- ADOPTED

Bambino: female ~ light blue collar -- ADOPTED

Button: female ~ yellow collar -- ADOPTED

Cricket: female ~ orange collar -- ADOPTED

Hiccup: female ~ white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Mouse: female ~ beige collar -- ADOPTED

Peanut: female ~ purple collar -- ADOPTED

Pixie: female ~ pink collar -- ADOPTED

Reena's and Derby's F1 mini litter of 11 born June 24
June 28

We're so excited to announce this beautiful litter of F1 minis! Reena is a lovely mama and Derby is a proud papa. This is the first litter for both of them and it will be the smallest F1s we've had for a while.

Although I expect the majority of the pups to weigh between 20-35 lbs, they may range more like 15-40 lbs. Some pups already have a nice wave to their coats and so we'll see how they change as they grow!

Our naming theme this time is "small" and so these are our small pups!
Bean, Biggie-Small, Chip, Sprout, Bambino, Button, Cricket, Hiccup, Mouse, Peanut and Pixie.

The pups can go home after August 24!

I have some availability left in this litter. Contact me if you're interested!

Basil's and Nic-o's F1 standard goldendoodle litter at 4 weeks
June 25

What a lovely litter of pups! I'm pleased to see them growing and developing well. Already they're finding their designated potty places, are eating softened food and their little personalities are budding out.

I expect these pups to range in weight between 50-80 lbs. Stay tuned to our Instagram page (#heartyk9s_home) to see regular updates.

Their vet visit is on July 18 and choosing will happen later that week. They can start going home after July 23.

Contact me if you're interested in this beautiful litter.

Altorado: male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Busby: male ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Fraser: male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Sirish: male ~ black ribbon -- ADOPTED

Falcon: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Oreana: female ~ flowered ribbon -- ADOPTED

Xena: female ~ striped ribbon -- ADOPTED

Basil's and Nic-o's F1 standard goldendoodle pups born May 28
June 3

We're delighted to announce a beautiful litter from our jovial golden Basil and our legendary Nic-o. I had put these 2 together before we left on holidays in March before Basil was due to cycle (near the end of May) thinking they could enjoy getting to know each other. But Basil ended up having a cycle 2 months early! So here they are!!

Had I known the market for larger pups had slowed down I would've chosen a smaller stud, but I guess these pups are just meant to be! I have homes for 2-3 of them already!

These pups are a stunning litter of 4 boys and 3 girls! They're named after different Barley varieties: Altorado, Busby, Fraser, Sirish, Falcon, Oreana, and Xena.

When fully grown, the pups should weigh between 50-75 lbs. They can go home after July 23 if things go as planned!

Contact me if you're interested in this great litter!

Mango's and Nic-o's F1B standard sized pups at 8 weeks old
May 12

Aberdeen is a softy. She quietly comes up to me to sit at my feet. This girl does not exude with confidence but she's gaining more daily! She's just a sweet companion who needs some time and patience. Aberdeen rates highly for a retired, less active person, or for folks who work -- as she entertains herself very well. She would also be good for a family with young kids. -- ADOPTED

Laddie is a human focused boy who's willing to work for his person. He has strong nerve strength, medium energy, loves cuddles, fetches, and is highly tender-hearted. This boy rates highly for an emotional support dog in a therapy sense. He's good for a retired active person but would also do well as a facility dog. -- ADOPTED

Hamish is a card! He loves loves toys! This guy comes running when you call and snuggles in for cuddles! He has a higher prey drive and loves to play! Hamish is rated good for kids over 10, a retired person, emotional support and/or a facility dog (one you can take to work). He could be used in highly emotional situations, like a funeral home dog, or as a high school mascot. Hamish loves all the snuggles but plays well on his own too. He's quite flat-coated, which means he'll have minimal coat care (but might shed). -- ADOPTED

Haggis has been a very timid boy up until he was 7 weeks old but now is nicely starting to blossom. He requires patience and time and would do best in a quieter home. Although he's now becoming more outgoing and playful, we'll see how he develops. This boy is presently rated good for a retired, less active person, or in a quieter home where people work. As he continues to gain confidence he may also do well with kids under 10. -- ADOPTED

Lassie is the smallest of her litter. She's sweet, has good nerve strength, loves cuddles, and fetches. This girl rates highly for therapy work and as an emotional support dog. She's good for an active, retired person, or for kids under 10. -- ADOPTED

Perth was feisty when she was tiny and now has mellowed out a lot, but she needs a little time to warm up to a new person. She plays well independently but also loves to snuggle. Perth is rated highly for being good for a family with kids, a less active retired person, and also for therapy work such as a comfort dog. -- ADOPTED

F1 standard goldendoodles from Annie and Nic-o!
May 7

Annie's and Nic-o's pups have been a dream to raise. They're solid, well-balanced puppies. We do puppy evaluations on them and along with what we note on a daily basis we've given a little blurb about what we see in them at this point.

We've had plenty of people on our wait list for these pups. The timing doesn't work out for so many of them, so we have these remaining. We've lowered our price for standard poodle cross pups to $3000 including GST.

Please note in FAQ that we do require you to read some books before picking up your puppy.

Check out our Instagram account for videos and more frequent updates of these pups at #heartyk9s_home!

Please submit your application if you're interested in one of these good-natured pups!.

Camden is a fun, tender-hearted little girl who loves to work for you, has fairly good nerve strength and has medium energy. She's rated highly for a retired person or as a therapy dog! -- ADOPTED

Shard is quite the character who loves toys and has great nerve strength. She takes a little time to warm up to someone but then she shows her true colours. Shard is rated highly for an active retired person and for some therapy work as well. -- ADOPTED

My buddy Oxford is a real pal. He's more middle of the road in energy and confidence but loves snuggles and has high nerve strength. Oxford fetches and plays well on his own too. He rates highly for a retired active person, therapy work and older kids. -- ADOPTED

London is a real sweetheart!! She's middle of the road for assertiveness and energy, gives good eye contact and has very good nerve strength. London rates highly in therapy work, as a facility dog, ESA (emotional support) and also for kids under 10. -- ADOPTED

Abbey is the largest of her litter. She's not as assertive and is a quieter girl who loves all the snuggles. This girl rates high for a family with young kids, as a therapy dog and for a less active, retired person. -- ADOPTED

Wembley is highly confident, assertive and motivated to work for you. He has high nerve strength, medium energy (plays tugs and fetches) and is very tough tolerant. This guy would be the pick of the litter as a service dog. He's rated highly for therapy work, ESA (emotional support) and as a facility dog. Wembley is smart and would take a lot of time and expertise to make the most of his talents. He has a persistent will that will keep you on your toes. -- ADOPTED

Heathrow is a fun character once he warms up. He has medium assertiveness, energy and confidence with high nerve strength. This guy loves toys and is extremely tender-hearted. He would be best suited to a quieter environment such as with a retired couple, but he can still change as he grows into his potential. -- ADOPTED

Mews is a lovely medium to middle of the road pup with very good nerve strength, who is highly tough tolerant. She rates high for a family with young kids, a therapy dog, facility dog or also for a retired couple or person. -- ADOPTED

Piccadilly is a love. He's not overly assertive, has medium energy, high nerve strength and loves all the snuggles. Plus, he fetches! This guy rates highly as a kid's dog, some lines of therapy work and ESA (emotional support). -- ADOPTED

Mango's and Nic-o's F1B standard goldendoodle pups at 4 weeks
April 13

Four weeks has flown by so fast, it seems! These gorgeous pups are blossoming into some very sweet characters! They've started on softened food and are starting to wander out of their whelping box to bathroom. Some seem to have excess skin on them that they'll have to grow into, hence their furrowed brows. Lol.

The pups are stunning with their vibrant colours and white markings! Mango has always given me such nice tempered pups.

I have plenty of availability in this litter! I expect the pups will range from 45-65 lbs, although Laddie may be bigger! Lol.

Contact me if you're interested in this litter!

Aberdeen: female ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Laddie: male ~ green snowflake ribbon -- ADOPTED

Hamish: male ~ red plaid ribbon -- ADOPTED

Haggis: male ~ black ribbon -- ADOPTED

Lassie: female ~ flowered ribbon -- ADOPTED

Perth: female ~ apple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Edinburgh: male ~ keys ribbon -- ADOPTED

Rabbie: male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Scottie: male ~ red/blue/white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Bonnie: female ~ turquoise ribbon -- ADOPTED

Paisley: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Annie's and Nic-o's F1 standard goldendoodles at 4 weeks old
April 8

Annie is such a great mama. Even though this litter is more than double the size of her last litter she has more than enough milk for everyone.

There are pups with many varieties of sizes and shades of colours with personalities that are just starting to bud. I expect this litter to range in size from 50-65 lbs. They can go home the beginning of May.

I have plenty of availability in this litter. Contact me if you're interested!

Oxford: male ~ navy ribbon -- ADOPTED

Camden: female ~ blue twist ribbon -- ADOPTED

Shard: female ~ pink twist ribbon -- ADOPTED

London: female ~ lime ribbon -- ADOPTED

Abbey: female ~ yellow twist ribbon -- ADOPTED

Heathrow: male ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Wembley: male ~ yellow ribbon -- ADOPTED

Mews: female ~ purple ribbon -- ADOPTED

Piccadilly: male ~ lights ribbon -- ADOPTED

Boris: male ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Hyde Park: male ~ red/black ribbon -- ADOPTED

Thames: male ~ brown ribbon -- ADOPTED

Windsor: male ~ brown/black stripe ribbon -- ADOPTED

Cotton's and Simon's F1B medium pups at 4 weeks old!
April 1

What a sweet, pudgy litter! The pups have been enjoying their feasts at their mama's milk bar, but now that they're becoming more mobile they'll lose some of that pudge.

There are a good variety of sizes and coats in this litter. We look forward to seeing how their characters grow in the upcoming weeks. I expect that they'll grow between 25-50 lbs.

I still have a couple of spots left in this litter. Please contact me if you're interested!

Casein: male ~ red ribbon -- ADOPTED

Holstein: male ~ black/white ribbon -- ADOPTED

Hutch: male ~ blue ribbon -- ADOPTED

Lactose: male ~ lime ribbon -- ADOPTED

Heifer: female ~ pink ribbon -- ADOPTED

Whey: female ~ green ribbon -- ADOPTED

Brixx in transition

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