Sugar's and Rumba's 8 pups born on May 14, 2010

Mini/Medium F1 North American Retriever Doodle (labra-goldendoodle) pups from our sweetheart LabXGolden dam and our 14", 12 lb mini brown Parti Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

Sugar's Swann is was available!
July 5


Swannie is such a playful and cutie pup. Her coat is soft and looks like she'll be a minimal to non-shedder. I expect she'll grow to be around 35 lbs. She's so full of personality, charm and humour!

As I was taking photos of her she decided to lay on her back in the midst of her play for a belly rub. So cute! Swann will be ready to go home on July 8th. Please contact us if you're interested in this great little pup!

Sugar's pups at 4½ weeks
June 15

Sugar's pups are growing and doing so well. What a sweet bunch of pups! They're munching away at kibble already and moving out of the whelping box into the nursery to go to the bathroom... this bunch of pups may be very easy to house train!

There is a big variety of coats and sizes in this litter... some nice, soft, wavy ones and others which are quite straight. They certainly (in general) have taken on more lab/golden traits with their broader faces and stocky bodies.

I'm still taking deposits for this litter and they'll be ready to go to their new homes by July 9th. Enjoy these photos of Sugar's pups taken at 4½ weeks!

Anna Maria: crochet collar ~ female -- CHOSEN

Barbosa: black/dark blue collar ~ male -- CHOSEN

Elizabeth: caf� colour, yellow collar ~ female -- CHOSEN

Jack: orange collar ~ male -- CHOSEN

Pearl: pink collar ~ female -- CHOSEN

Pirate: red collar ~ male -- CHOSEN

Swann: white collar ~ female -- CHOSEN

Will Turner: green collar ~ male -- CHOSEN

Sugar's pups arrive 3 days overdue
May 14

Although it seemed to take forever for Sugar to go into labour, when the pups started coming she seemed to be in a big hurry to get them out! All 8 pups were born within 2 hours in the afternoon of May 14th.

Rumba is doing a happy dance and is proud of his new little ones. There are 4 girls and 4 boys, of which 3 are black and 5 are chocolate/caf� (2 girls and 1 boy are black while the rest are chocolate/caf�). These pups will be ready to go home on July 9th.

I expect these pups will grow to range in size between 20-40 lbs. The children have decided to name this litter after the Pirates of the Caribbean. The girls are: Black Pearl, Swann, Elizabeth and Anna Maria. The boys are Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Barbosa and Pirate.

I have many deposits (18) for the 4 litters on the mini/medium list this summer. The availability of pups from these litters will depend on the number of pups born to each litter and which litters/pups will be chosen by people on the waiting list. Please see the choosing process in the FAQ for more information on how to adopt a Hearty K9.

With so many deposits on these litters we ask for everyone to please be patient as folks choose which pup and litter they'll be adopting from.

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