Bella's and Dayo's 5 pups born on August 12, 2009

Standard F1B Goldendoodle pups from a caf?-coloured F1 50 lb Goldendoodle dam and our 50 lb white Standard Poodle sire.

Click on the photos above to find out more about the proud parents.

The Star of the litter is still available ADOPTED!
October 5


I had a couple of people change their mind on preferences and timing so Star remains available. He's a bright handsome boy with a non-shedding type apricot coat. He is gentle and loving, not overly confident or shy, but well balanced.

Star plays well on his own, and with others, and will likely grow to be about 65 lbs. He'll be ready to go home after October 7th.

Contact me if you're interested.

Bella's four week update
September 9

Bella's and Dayo's pups are quite the exceptional group. They seem to be very advanced for their age; very interactive and already going out of their whelping box to go to the bathroom. The pups started this at 2.5 weeks old!

These cuties will be a lot of fun and seemingly very easy to train! They're all spoken for.

Constellation (Connie), the only female -- yellow collar. -- ADOPTED

Meteor is black now but may turn silver; male. -- ADOPTED

Milky Way; male -- brown collar. -- ADOPTED

Pluto; male -- blue collar. -- ADOPTED

Star; male -- black collar. -- ADOPTED

Bella births on August 12
August 14

Bella birthed 5 beautiful pups while we waited for the clouds to clear and see the meteorite shower. Well, the clouds didn't clear but it made staying up very fun as we were greeted with new life that night.

Bella is a natural, very loving, attentive mom. Her pups seem half grown, as they ranged between 0.9 - 1.2 lbs at birth. I guess they didn't have a lot of competion in utero, so they're nice and chunky to start with. Dayo's buttons are bursting!

There's one black boy in the group; the rest are creams and apricots. There is only one girl to grow up with the 4 boys. Names came easy to the kids that night. The girl is Constellation (Connie) and the boys are Meteor, Star, Pluto, and Milky Way.

I still have room for deposits on this litter. The pups will be able to go home October 7th, just before Thanksgiving!

Please read through my choosing process FAQ to understand how to get on the list and also when and how you'll be able to choose a pup.

Contact me if you're interested.

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